Tomoloo Hoverboard Review – [ Pros/Cons & Specs in 2022 ]

Everybody loves hoverboards, whether they’re kids or adults. Whenever some innovative technological product comes to the market, we want to buy it because of its cool and unique features. A hoverboard is one of them and this hoverboard is beginner friendly as well. They are new to the market and have been selling crazily. Though we all love skateboards, hoverboards surpass them all.

Do you want to give your loved ones a cool hoverboard? Or did you buy a Tomoloo hoverboard and not sure if it was a right choice ? Then surely, you are on the right path. We will give you a thorough review of the Tomoloo hoverboard, which will solve all your problems. Therefore, keep playing cool tricks on your favorite hoverboard!

What Is a Hoverboard?

A hoverboard is a mind-blowing, self-balancing scooter that is used as personal transportation. It consists of two wheels that resemble a skateboard in size as well as shape. It functions with the help of a battery. That’s why you don’t need to push it like a skateboard.

A gyroscope incorporated in a hoverboard helps riders to balance their movement. Hence they can easily turn around, go back and forth however they like.

How Do Hoverboards Work?

Riding a hoverboard feels like magic as if you are flying through a sky. A hoverboard operates with the help of a motor, tilt sensors, and a logic board. Just like a human brain, the logic board resembles a brain.

A smartboard has two infrared sensors beneath it. When you are about to move, sensors will detect that position, and it will send signals to the main processor, known as a logic board. Your speed of the wheels or tilting position is all being enumerated in a logic board. The light and sensors are interconnected with each other. If a sensor detects light, the self-control scooter will stay still.

The main logic to balance yourself is to remain in the upright position. If you want to move forward by leaning forward, the sensor will detect a leaning position, and as a result, the hoverboard will move forward. It will only move forward when the light gets disrupted. Then the logic board will play its role. The sensor will send a signal to the logic board, and as a result, the wheels will start to move forward.

Moreover, the speed sensors will detect your speed, like how much speed you are moving with. Similarly, the gyroscope will determine your overall balancing position. With the help of a gyroscope, you can move forward, backward, or you can go in circles and so on. To master a hoverboard like a pro, you need to practice again and again.

Tomoloo Hoverboard

Rating: 4.5/ 5

Tomoloo hoverboard review

If you want to ride across your neighborhood, desire to go to your favorite destination or want to go to a nearby school, a hoverboard can fulfill all your desires. Tomoloo company is offering you a cool hoverboard that is suitable for all ages.

Tomoloo hoverboard is a certified self-controlling scooter that operates with the help of UN38.3 and UL2271 batteries. It weighs around 17.6 pounds. Likewise, it comes with a cool design and features that you can’t help but buy. It contains a Bluetooth system, with the help of which you can listen to your favorite music. So you can do multiple things at the same time.

Likewise, it contains RED lights that provide colorful lights. Hence, it looks as if you are in a disco club with colorful lighting and speakers. It also changes its color whenever you will play new music. Hence, it gives you a cool and terrific look. Additionally, with all of its futuristic design, it comes with a guaranteed battery, so you can easily travel up to 12km/h.

This UL-certified hoverboard offers a cool feature. You can experience the best stereo music system just by connecting your device with Bluetooth. Cool, isn’t it? Furthermore, it is easy to ride. You just need a little practice, and you can ride like a pro within a few days.

Tomoloo hoverboard gives you a stable ride and is durable because of its solid plastic rubber wheels. Hence, It can entertain you all day long. Further, it has a durable battery that lasts for hours. Also, this hoverboard is resistant to high temperature and fire, so you can easily ride across different varied weather conditions. So, let your kid enjoy his favorite ride with the best in-built speaker features. You won’t regret buying it.

  • Built-in speakers with 4.1 Bluetooth system
  • High-temperature and fire resistance
  • Flashy RGB LED colorful lights
  • Easy to control
  • Expensive

Why Hoverboards Are So Eyecatching?

First of all, it offers unique technology. It makes you feel as if you are traveling to the future. You can easily control your movements in whatever direction you want. Though you can easily travel from one destination to another, you can now perform cool tricks with the help of a hoverboard.

Besides, it is a good way to exercise. You can improve your overall body’s balance. It gives you flexibility, excellent balance, and enhances concentration. Opt for this product and discover its unique features yourself!


How fast does a Tomoloo hoverboard go?

Tomoloo hoverboard speed usually depends on the individual’s weight. Its excellent motor watt can travel in-between 7.5 miles per hour to 12 km/hr.

Can you replace hoverboard batteries?

Yes! If your hoverboard stops after every minute, you need to charge the battery. But if it still doesn’t work, then you can either replace it by contacting the repairing shop, or you can buy a new one.

Should you wear a helmet with a hoverboard?

Whenever we are riding any vehicle, it is always recommended to wear a helmet. It can keep you safe from all sorts of injuries. Beginners or amateurs are highly instructed to wear a helmet because they are at a greater risk of getting hurt.

Wrapping It Up

Tomoloo hoverboard gives you a cool futuristic design. Either it’s a gravel road, steep path, or muddy road, it gives you a smooth run. This self-control scooter permits you to control your body movements however you want. Though it’s a bit expensive, it is worth every penny. Give your close ones a cool gift and make their day memorable!

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