How to Clean Skateboard & Longboard Grip Tape? – at Home

How to Clean Skateboard Grip Tape

Cleaning a skateboard grip tape can be tricky at times, especially if you are doing it for the first time. The process itself is simple but requires a lot of attention as slight negligence might damage the tape to a great extent. Here are some of the best skateboards available for 500 dollars in market. … Read more

How to clean Skateboard Wheels? – Ultimate 2021 Guide

How to clean Skateboard Wheels

Skating on sandy beaches and hilly areas will definitely pollute the wheels of your skateboards. Wheels possess high porosity and, thus, can easily absorb dirt and debris from the surroundings. Dust and dirt built-up does not only impact the performance of the tool but also become a hassle for the majority. How to Clean Skateboard … Read more

How to Clean Skateboard Bearings? – What & When to Clean

How to Clean Skateboard Bearings

Regular maintenance often feels like a hassle to most skateboarders and often guides their final choice when selecting a product. The build-up of dust around the skateboard bearings is an inevitable phenomenon. Thus, instead of fretting over the issue, it is advised to adopt regular cleaning practices that will improve the performance as well as … Read more

How to make a Skateboard Ramp – Easy & Quiet at Home

How to make a Skateboard Ramp

Here are some easy tips and methods that can help you to build a nice skateboard ramp at home so that you can save some money. In case you haven’t decided which skateboard to get, here are some cool e-skateboards you can buy for your ramp. DIY Skateboard Ramp Tips Looking for a few useful … Read more

How to Make Skateboard Wheels Faster – [ Smoother – 2021 ]

How to Make Skateboard Wheels Faster

Do you want to make your skateboard wheel faster? There are ways that can help you fix this problem without changing your favorite skateboard. Moreover, you can perform different tricks, and your skateboard will have better transportation. A skateboard structure is pretty simple. It consists of a deck made up of Maplewood, grip tape, hardware, … Read more

How to Inline Skate | Do it Like a Pro [ 4 Easy Ways – 2021 ]

How to Inline Skate

The Inline Skates are an evolution of roller skates and other traditional skates which people have used before. The old-style skates were not compatible, some of those were hard, or others were unstable. But this new advancement has made skating more fun and enjoyable because of new tactics that deal with good stability, speed, and … Read more

How To Get Better At Skateboarding – ( Improve Today )

How To Get Better At Skateboarding

Are you new to skateboarding and find it difficult to perform even the simplest tricks? Is your skateboard gathering dust because you don’t feel confident enough in your skateboarding abilities to use it? Well, you have come to the right place because, in this article, we will be discussing the various tips and tricks through … Read more

7 Best Skateboards Under 100 – [ Top 2021 Picks & Guide ]

Best Skateboards Under 100

Love skateboarding but don’t want to spend much on skateboards? Looking for a skateboard that gives an amazing performance yet is still within your budget? Well, then you have come to the right place because we are going to be providing you with a list of seven best skateboards under $100. With the help of … Read more

How to Grip Tape a Skateboard or Longboard – ( 2021 DIY )

How to Grip Tape a Skateboard

Replacing the grip tape or installing a new one to provide a thick base for your footing is critical for using the skateboard. The application of grip tape is crucial in the skateboard business, whether you are a newcomer or a long-running player in the field. The grip tape offers the perfect resistance between the … Read more

How to Customize Your Skateboard – ( Basics & Easy Steps )

How to Customize Your Skateboard

Customizing an old or simple skateboard is a fairly simple, easy, and inexpensive process. If you are a happy parent of fun-loving kids, you can save your extra bucks by turning an old or inexpensive skateboard into a beautifully painted cool skateboard. How to Customize Your Skateboard? You may also want to customize your skateboard … Read more

15 Best Electric Skateboards – [ Top 2021 Picks & Guide ]

best electric skateboards

Who would have thought we would have an electric skateboard to use? Certainly, nobody! But technology will always startle you with its jaw-dropping innovations. The former, simpler skateboards having no electrical components whatsoever have been transformed into more refined devices. Electric skateboards, just like hoverboards, provide a get away from the busy world and opens … Read more

10 Best Electric Skateboards Under 500 – [ Top 2021 Picks ]

best electric skateboards under 500

The diversity of technology has also reached the column of the skateboard in the market and leading to the introduction of electric ones which work on a battery. From the numerous products, we have gathered some best ones for you which offer great versatility and specifications with efficient performance. Considering the price tag, all these … Read more

5 Best Electric Skateboards Under 1000 – [ Top 2021 Picks ]

Best Electric Skateboards Under 1000

Electric skateboards are trendy vehicles that use electric motors for power instead of diesel or fuel. They have become so popular among masses in the past few years as they provide excellent stability, flexibility, and comfort. They are an excellent means of transport, commuting to work or around campus and taking a ride for adventure. … Read more

5 Best Electric Skateboards Under 200 – [ Top 2021 Picks ]

Best Electric Skateboards Under 200

If you want a quality e-skateboard ride under budget. Then this quote might capture your mind; “you get what you pay for!” Remember all that glitters is not gold. When you test, practically an inexpensive electric skateboard may deliver the same quality or even better than an ultra-expensive one. Initially, when electric skateboards were launched, … Read more

7 Best Electric Skateboards Under 300 – [ Top 2021 Picks ]

Best Electric Skateboards Under 300

Traveling by skateboard to your place of commute has become quite common, especially if you live in a city where there is always a heavy rush hour. Skateboarding can save you cab fare and make your mornings enjoyable. There are so many electric skateboards available on the market. But most of them carry a high … Read more