How to Change ( Replace ) or Remove Electric Bike Battery

If you are worried that your finest electric bike will stop while riding it then you must look into the battery because it can be an issue with the battery of your electric bike. You must have reached the limit of the lifespan of an e-bike. To solve this issue you need to change your electric bike’s battery. For careful replacement of your bike’s battery, you need to follow the given instructions accurately.

How to Replace Electric Bike Battery

To change the battery of an electric bike is tricky like the installation of a newer battery. The disassembly of an older battery is also highly tricky. Every electric bike is different from the other in its makeup and in purpose as well. There can be slight differences in the ways to change or replace the battery but the major steps are the same in all sorts of e-bikes.

1. Steps To Disassemble The Battery Of E-Bikes

These simple steps will allow you to remove your older battery from your electric bike.

  1. Unlock your battery using keys or by loosening the screws of your battery from the battery holder of your electric bike.
  2. Disassemble any wire attached to your battery.
  3. If any clamps are used to hold the battery, lose them too.
  4. By using the thumb of your hand, detach your battery from the bike.
  5. Take it out and place it somewhere dry and safe.

2. Steps To Place New Battery

To place a new battery these steps should be followed.

  1. Place a new battery in the battery holder or a frame.
  2. Fix all the clamps to fix the battery in the battery frame.
  3. Connect all the wires to the new battery.
  4. Lift a battery to check whether it has connected to the frame properly or not.
  5. Remove the unlock position and lock it again. You can use keys for this purpose as well as a screwdriver to lock the screws in the battery.

In short, a careful disassembly and assembly of both older and newer batteries for your electric bikes are necessary. If any of the wire remains connected to the older battery, you would not be able to disassemble it completely. The same is the case with the installation of a newer battery that if you have not connected even a simple wire to it, you would not be able to enjoy your bike rides and your bike would not even move.

Reasons to Change Electric Bike Battery

There can be many reasons where you need to change your electric bike battery because you are unable to get the best results out of it.

1. Age of Your Battery

Before buying any battery, you must check its lifespan or its age. Batteries need to be changed when they reach the limit of their lifespan. Some batteries have longer lifespans while others have shorter ones. The bad movability or sudden stops while riding your bike can be the signals that your battery needs to be changed. It is not the only criteria but sometimes other factors can decrease the lifespan of your bike.

There can be many reasons which are responsible for the decline in the age of your electric bike battery. Riding bikes on rough roads can decrease the battery’s life. You can clearly see the difference in the battery of bikes which is used on smooth roads and rough roads. Another reason can be the extreme temperature around you. These factors decrease the age of your bike’s battery.

2. Charging Issues

Batteries used in electric bikes have mostly charging issues. Sometimes batteries take a longer period to charge but they expire in no time. You are unable to enjoy long rides using these electric bikes. If you are facing such issues then you must change your electric bike’s battery.

Many other charging issues can also be faced by bike riders. If your battery is already dead then it would not get charged no matter how much you try. If you can not understand the major issues with your battery, you must take it to some professional. Professionals will help you out to figure what the real issue is with your battery. If they can get resolved, it is good, but if not then you must change your battery soon.

3. Distortion of Batteries

If you are seeing any irregularities in the shape or structure of the battery of your electric bike then you must change your bike’s battery. Distortion or swelling of the battery can be the reason for the improper chemical reactions inside the battery. The swelling of the battery can be caused by the leaking of gases during these irregular chemical reactions.

Distortion of the battery can be a cause of any physical damage to your bike or to the battery itself. If you have gotten into an accident and have damaged the structure of your bike then it can also affect your battery structure. Try to change your damaged battery as soon as possible to avoid any further complications.

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What to do if you are smelling any bad smell from your battery?

Batteries can sometimes produce a highly bad smell like a rotten egg due to many reasons. If you have overcharged your battery, it can produce such a smell. Most of the batteries used a mixture of water and Sulfuric acid. The overheating of this solution in the battery can be a cause of this bad smell. Try to change such batteries soon because this can get serious to the point that you would see the smoke releasing from these batteries.

Wrapping It Up

To wrap it up, there are many reasons that can be a cause of your electric bike battery failure. You must figure out first the issue with the battery and then try to solve it without changing the whole battery. But if you are unable to get satisfactory results out of such batteries then try to change them sooner. You can see the clear impact of a newer battery while riding your bike. You would get extra power for the faster speed of your electric bike by changing its battery.

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