How to Make Your Hoverboard Battery Last Longer – 2022

A new and excellent Hoverboard is so much fun to ride; a regular bicycle or scooter doesn’t even get close, right? The thrill doesn’t come for free though, the hoverboard is demanding in terms of maintenance. Since it doesn’t work like regular rides, it runs on a battery and needs to be charged; you have to take care of the battery as well, along with the device itself.

How long does the battery last, you ask? Longer than expected if used and taken care of properly. This is extremely important to keep your hoverboard performing smoothly and for your fun to remain unspoiled. There are so many things you need to do if you wish to make your hoverboard battery last longer.

How to Make Your Hoverboard Battery Last Longer

This article is dedicated to giving you all that information; the multiple factors and tips, and tricks to extend the battery’s life are mentioned below. Keep reading to find them all out and for your good times to prevail.

1. Weight of the Rider

All the hoverboards have a weight limit that needs to be complied with in order for the hoverboard to perform properly. The weight limit varies in each hoverboard; what’s constant is the damage done to the battery if that limit is exceeded. The farthest that weight range is pushed, the quicker the battery will die out.

If you burden the board with the overweight, the battery will be strained and forced to use more power, more than its capacity. Hence the speed will be slower, and the battery will run out faster than expected. So, never push that weight limit; it is risky for so many reasons. Not just the battery life will die out sooner, the rider (or riders) will also be unsafe, prone to injury, plus the potential damage to the hoverboard. Thus, ride solo, don’t exceed the weight limit with all your backpacks and other carried things.

2. Check the Battery Before Use

Make it a habit to check the charging of the hoverboard every time before using it. A low and not fully charged battery is indicated by a red and orange indicator light, respectively, while the green light ensures a fully charged one, and that should be your cue. It’s common for users, kids particularly, not to wait till the battery is fully charged and go out for the ride.

Not only will the board come to a halt in the middle due to the run-out battery, the momentary impatience can also cause damage to the battery. Using the hoverboard at a low charge can affect the battery life and its capacity. So, make sure to charge the board frequently, don’t wait, and keep riding once the battery indicator turns red. Otherwise, it can result in the failure of the battery to charge at all and shorten its lifespan.

3. Area Where You Ride

A tip that might seem bizarre to some but is important nonetheless for the battery life to last longer is to ride in wide and open areas. Areas where the rider doesn’t need to keep stopping and starting again, frequently, because of the people or other obstructions in the path. Every time the board starts, it pulls out more power from the battery, and the frequent stop and start multiplies that; hence battery life cuts short.

Also, riding in open areas, without any restriction in the path to stop you, doubles the fun and thrill right. Not to mention that it’s also safer. Well, luckily, it also plays in favor of your hoverboard’s battery. Riding in such areas, it’s possible to keep the speed constant, with no need to slow down or stop, which prolongs the battery life.

The surface where you are also riding matters. Now it’s not some science that rough terrains and steep inclinations tend to demand more power from the hoverboard. The test can exceed its capacity since the battery is only able to perform at a certain power level; after that, it will enter the power-saving mode. So it’s best to ride on smoother surfaces where the board can perform well and not push it to perform where it is not meant to do.

4. Temperature

Another factor that can affect the battery, damaging it, is the extreme temperature. Both excessively high and low temperatures can cause the battery to drain faster. In winters, the hoverboard battery becomes sluggish. The cold temperature slows down or stops the chemical reactions that happen inside the battery to keep it running. Hence it cant provide enough power to the board.

Too much hot temperature also causes the battery to die out faster. High temperatures increase the discharge rate of the battery and reduce its capacity. If, while charging, either the battery or the charger gets too hot, turn the power off, and let them cool down before charging again.

Try to keep the battery and the charger at room temperature, eliminating any chance of extreme temperatures to avoid damage. The battery components inside get affected by such extreme environmental conditions, like the circuit board. The recommended temperature range to store the hoverboard battery is between 20 to 40 degrees celsius.

Other Tips to Make Your Hoverboard Battery Last Longer

  • Keep the board far away from inflammable, not just the battery dies out quickly, but it also risks exploding.
  • Always use the original charger of the board; they are manufactured particularly for the device.
  • Charge the battery daily that will extend its life span.
  • Pay attention to the battery while charging to see if it’s overheated; if it gets overheated, allow it to cool down and then resume the charging. It’s best to charge in a ventilated room or area.
  • Don’t let the battery overcharge; unplug it quickly after it’s fully charged. Otherwise, it risks getting overheated and reducing its life span.
  • Never store the board in a wet or humid place; the moisture can seep into the device, killing the battery.

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To preserve the life span of the hoverboard battery, you need to make the above-mentioned precautions a habit. The caution and extra care will go a long way. For how long your hoverboard’s battery is going to last depends on a number of factors, including the model and the brand. Most of those, though, are well within your control, depending on how you maintain the device and the battery. The information this article provides is sure to guide you on how to maintain and use your hoverboard for its battery to last longer.

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