10 Best Longboards for Tricks – [ Top Freestyle 2021 Picks ]

Best Longboards for Tricks

Are you looking for the best longboards for tricks in 2021? Longboards are suitable for a variety of activities. Most consumers use longboards for tricks, but others also prefer them for dancing or performing skating tricks. Skating tricks are different from longboard dancing and require a perfect balance while performing them. Famous skating tricks include … Read more

Are Longboards Good for Beginners?

Are Longboards Good for Beginners

Longboards are the best present to give on Christmas or birthdays to your loved ones. But sometimes, longboarding can be scary for those who had never ridden it before. So are you thinking about learning to longboard? Absolutely yes! It can be daunting and fun at the same time. You have bought the longboard, but … Read more

Longboard Vs Cruiser – What’s the Difference & Pros/Cons

Longboard Vs Cruiser

In this fast-paced life where everyone is running after success and is involved in their jobs or work, we need some recreational activities. Not just adults but kids as well. They are either busy in their studies all day or get involved in video games or watch television. We need some recreational activities and hobbies … Read more

How Longboards Are Made – ( The Ultimate Guide of 2021 )

How Longboards Are Made

Do you ever wonder how longboards are made? Is it possible to make a longboard by yourself? In the past, longboards were usually homemade. Either made by some wood artists or teenagers who love longboarding. Fun-loving teenagers made some early longboards by attaching long wood decks with old trucks of roller skaters. There have been … Read more