Longboard Vs Cruiser – What’s the Difference & Pros/Cons

In this fast-paced life where everyone is running after success and is involved in their jobs or work, we need some recreational activities. Not just adults but kids as well. They are either busy in their studies all day or get involved in video games or watch television. We need some recreational activities and hobbies in our life.

One of many popular recreational activities is surfing or skating; this sport attracts many people. Are you also one of them? But you are confused about longboarding and cruisers. While looking at them both, the difference you usually notice is in size. Still, there are many aspects and features that they differ in. In this article, we will give you in-depth information about both longboard and cruiser and tell you which one is better.

Longboard Vs. Cruiser

Let’s first look into how the longboard and cruiser differ. For that, we will discuss the size, stability, the tricks you can apply on a board, portability, and designs of both the longboard and the cruiser. After that, it might help you to reach a conclusion yourself that which one is better and best for you.


There is an evident and apparent size difference in longboard and cruiser. The longboard, as you can tell by the name, is a skating board which is long. The size of a longboard varies from 32 to 59 inches. It is even longer than a regular skating board.

Whereas a cruiser is a shortboard of 22 to 30 inches in size. A cruiser is a shorter skateboard and is usually very lightweight. The logic is hidden in their names, and you will get very clear about the contrast. The “longboard” is for a much longer board while “cruiser” is for cruising, so it is a shortboard.


Longboard has a taller and broader deck which means more area for your feet. The broader and longer deck also means that the wheels are more evenly and stably placed at the bottom, making the board very stable and providing full support to your body. The wheels of the longboard are also bigger as compared to a cruiser. They are softer too than the traditional skateboard. Considering all these features, it makes a longboard more stable than a cruiser.

On the other hand, cruisers can be a bit challenging. It takes time to get stable on the cruiser. The deck is short, and the wheels of the cruiser are also smaller compared to the longboard. That is why it can be difficult for beginners. This feature makes the longboard more beginner’s friendly than a cruiser.


The other feature which matters in a skateboard is its flex. “Flex” means the ability to bend. By flexibility of the board, we mean how bendy a board is and how easy it will take turns. Longboards are comparatively more flexible than cruisers; it has a greater degree of flex and can carve around the edges and comfortably take a turn.

Whereas you should never risk applying too much flex on the cruiser board. It can be dangerous because of its small size, and the flex degree also decreases. If you use too much pressure on the board to take turns, you will lose stability and fall.

All in all, you can take a long turn with a longboard but not with a cruiser. A longboard is a more appropriate board for your downhill skating adventures. In contrast, a cruiser is meant for plain ground surfing. You can enjoy skating with a cruiser in an open place without turns and bumps.

Turning Radius

The flexibility and turning radius of the board are related. The longer the board, the bigger the turning radius it will have. This means it will be easier for you to take turns; you can lean and swiftly turn around with a longboard. With better turning agility, the stability of the board also increases. The deck length and wider truck of the longboard make it all possible. However, cruisers with it’s smaller deck and narrow trucks don’t have a wide turning radius.


Talking of being portable, the cruiser wins here, with its small size and lightweight are very portable. The average weight of a cruiser is around 2.5 kg. Whereas, given the features of a longboard, it is pretty heavy with an average weight of 4.5 kgs. Cruiser is much more portable, giving it an upper hand. You can easily carry it around. If you are going to school or a restaurant to meet a friend you can fit it under your desk. In short, a cruiser is ready to go, board.

Design And Shapes

Both longboard and cruisers come in different shapes; the shape and design of both are made keeping in mind their purpose of use. The design of a longboard makes it a skateboard which is meant for long-distance traveling, carving, and downhill skating experience. Its stability and flexibility provide it the power to pick up speed so you can easily surf with it for a longer distance.

In comparison, cruisers are designed for short-distance traveling, its portable design is meant for comfortably riding it over a plain surface. Cruisers are not a good match for carving and downhills. However, it also provides you good speed and acceleration to enjoy it. You can easily put it in your bag, under a table, and carry it with you on a bus or other transport. It won’t burden you at all.

Tricks And Stunts

Looking at all the aspects discussed above, you can tell which one is more suitable for tricks and which one is not. The longboard enables you to apply many tricks like Tiger Claw, 180 No Comply, and even kicktails on both ends. There are different designs and shapes in longboards and cruisers separately too. The design determines which tricks you can apply on the longboard. Longboards are more like freestyle boards. You can even do dance tricks on it and other cool tricks. In contrast, cruisers are not meant for tricks. The cruisers are not designed for tricks; you can not enjoy curbs or ollie on a cruiser. It is for basic short-distance fun riding. Here are some amazing longboards for tricks.

Longboard or a Cruiser?

Choosing between a longboard or a cruiser completely depends on your preferences and wants. It depends on your style of skating. Whether you want to do cruising, carving, freestyling, tricks, travel downhills, ride over longer distances or shorter distances. These preferences will help you choose between the two. If you are looking for a board for cruising around and can easily carry around with you or ride on to your school, your choice will be a cruiser. A cruiser is meant to transport you from one place to other. But for your tricks and stunts and a wide variety of experiences, you should prefer a longboard.


After looking at the qualities of them individually, longboarding has many benefits if we generally look at it. It is more suitable for you if you are a beginner. Providing you the right stability and flexibility, you can easily learn to skate and then gradually try different tricks too and have fun around the city. This feature is lacking in cruisers. If you are new to the skating game, you can not start with a cruiser. It will give you a tough time and can be dangerous as well. With a cruiser, you can calmly and comfortably cruise around on a plain area. In case you want to buy one, here are great longboards for beginners for the year.

Benefits Of Skateboarding

No matter which one of you choose, there are endless benefits bound with all kinds of skateboarding. Let’s look into some of the benefits, and you will realize why you need to add this sport to your hobbies to have a healthy lifestyle. This sport is a bit tricky and tough to learn, but it is entertaining once you master it. Following are the benefits of skateboarding.


Skate all your calories out. There is no other handy workout than skating. With skating, you not just surf around your street, but you put your whole body under work. Your hands, legs, feet, and body are all working to find the right balance and stability. This working of your body provides it movement and becomes a full-body workout. You don’t even realize how helpful it is for your body.


Not only just fitness, but you also achieve a lot of flexibility in your body too. At the same time, balancing yourself on a skateboard, trying different positions, and bending and lifting your body while trying out tricks is a complete workout. In skateboarding, all your body parts are involved; you learn to use your body parts in coordination. Your body gets flexible. Your skateboard doesn’t get bendy alone at the end of the day, but your body also does.

Learn Patience And Burn Calories

The other benefit of skateboarding is that it helps you burn all your extra calories. The average amount of calories reported according to different studies is 150-500 calories per hour. Besides, burning calories in this sport makes you learn to endure and have patience. Learning to skateboard is a pretty difficult job. You fall hundreds of times trying out different tricks and stunts that make you learn patience.

Easy Transportation

Isn’t skateboarding fascinating that you don’t have to go through the hurdle of waiting for a bus or buying a ticket or driving on a car or bike, which then you have to worry about parking. There is a simple skateboard you ride on it, reach your destiny, simply place your skateboard in a mini space and enjoy your time, then ride back on it to your home: no troubles, no worries, a comfortable free of cost, and easy portable ride.

Stress Relief

Skateboarding helps in relieving your stress as well. Like any other physical activity, it is very beneficial to indulge yourself in skateboarding. It gives you a sense of freedom and relief, and while cruising around on your skateboard, your mind gets relaxed; you forget about your worries and are occupied by the process of balancing and managing your board well. Overall, this is an enjoyable and relieving recreational activity.

Help You In Other Sports

Once you master skateboarding, you know the basics of any boarding game; you cannot even apply the rules and tricks on other variety of skateboards, but you can also learn surfing, snowboarding easily. You will have the knowledge about how to balance your body, and it will help you out in other board-related sports as well.


Is a cruiser or longboard easier?

Anything can be easy or hard, depending on your effort and input. However, the longboard is easy to ride on due to its wider deck. It is easy to learn balance on a longboard than on a cruiser. So if you a beginner, you can learn longboarding more easily than a cruiser.

What is a cruiser skateboard good for?

A cruiser skateboard is good for daily commute. It is easy to push and smooth ride around. If you are a student and your college is around the corner, a cruiser is the best transport choice for you. It is designed to travel over small distances and on plain surfaces without any trouble or issue. Apart from it, the cruiser provides great speed; it is quick and smooth.

Summing It Up

Looking at all the features of both a longboard and a cruiser, we realize that both stand perfect on their own grounds. Both have their own pros and cons. However, I personally have to choose one out of both. In my opinion, longboard has more benefits and is more beginner-friendly, and provides more fun and space to apply and try out tricks.

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