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Are you experiencing immense difficulty in finding the right mountain bike that you desire for yourself? Are you wondering if it would be rather easier and cheaper to build your own bike just the way you want, down to every little detail?

Or maybe you have got some unused spare parts of a bike. So as a biker, you want to experience what it takes to build your own bike. The thought might be tempting as well as questionable for you, mostly because you wonder if that’s possible without breaking a bank.

If that’s the case, then you will have arrived at a conclusion by the end of reading this article. The question of whether it’s cheaper to build your own bike might have confused and double-minded you for a long time. In this article, you’ll find the answer to that and the considerations and plannings you need to make before you start building your own bike.

Is Building a Bike Yourself Worth it

With countless manufacturers and companies available in the market, looking for your desired mountain bike can be extremely frustrating and difficult. While some bikers get easily satisfied with the necessary perks their purchased bike offers, some are pretty choosy and desire the best of all.

Most of the time, you end up getting one thing you like at the cost of compromising over some other feature. In pursuit of perfection in terms of strength, lightness, speed, and comfort, all at once, chances are you will be left empty-handed. For those discontented bikers, the idea of building a bike for themselves is definitely worth considering.

Building a bike yourself offers you complete control over everything about the machine. You can exercise your own will and choices, just the way you like. Yes, the cranks of your bike can be just the right size ideal for your height. You can choose the handlebars, whether you want higher speed or more stability from them. Tempting enough?

build your own bike

The saddle can be the perfect size for your body, offering maximum comfort. Every little detail will be as per your liking. You get to choose the color you want for the frame. Even if you have to compromise over something, it will be your call to choose what that will be.

How to Build a Budget-Friendly Mountain Bike

When it comes to building a bike, the most popularly asked question is that is it cheaper to build your own bike? While the prevailing conception is that building a bike on your own costs more than buying a built-up one. This is not some undisputed rule; contradictions exist.

You can build a bike yourself without attempting a daylight robbery. You just need to make a couple of considerations for that. Usually, what costs bikers the most money while building a bike is the parts of the bike. That’s because the idea of getting the top-notch, branded parts for the bike is compelling.

However, as compelling as it is, it is wiser to go for simpler and affordable parts. Normally parts without some brand’s tag cost much less and so are a wise choice. If you are a newbie, then it’s best for you to begin with simpler, reasonable parts for your bike to refine your skills. After a full-blown understanding of all the parts, you can gradually make upgrades.

You can compare the parts from different manufacturers and then get those most favorable to your budget. Another cheaper yet reliable alternative requires some patience on your part. That is waiting for the parts you need to go on a sale and get on wholesale prices. This is going to cost you much cheaper than investing in a brand new all-built bike.

Other than that, there is a rise of second-hand cycling parts marketplace, from which you can greatly benefit. Shortly used parts are available in attractive deals, providing you a cheaper option. You can choose which components you could do with being used and which you couldn’t since some of them are better off when brand new.

You can work on fixing the used components, and they will be nearly renewed. Another cost-effective alternative is striping the good quality parts off of your current bike and then using them in your new build. Hence, well thought out and economical use of both second-hand and brand new parts in your build could make it cheaper to build your own bike.

Mechanical Knowledge

Mechanical expertise is what the bikers find most challenging when it comes to building a bike. While having some familiarity and knowledge is essential, building a bike is not as difficult as you think. However, you need to have some patience and determination while you are at it.

You need the necessary tools and knowledge about their usage to assemble all the parts. As for learning about them, it’s not really a big deal in the age we are living in. Countless guides and tutorials available on the internet or youtube are just a few taps away.

Despite all this, you are bound to come across challenges, errors, and setbacks in the journey. It’s highly unlikely for your first attempt to be smooth, although it will be, eventually, if you don’t make it your last one.

Expert Guidance

Although building a bike is not rocket science, it’s best to have guidance from the experts. Having a watchful eye of someone with expertise in the industry could minimize the mistakes which could otherwise unnecessarily prolong the process.

Experienced bikers can offer good guidance in this regard. Heading to bike shops and referring to the mechanics there is also a wise move, for obvious reasons. You may have the knowledge about the tools and their usage, but the bike shop mechanics surpass you in this regard.

They can offer you helpful tips and may as well free use of their tools. The biggest perk is that you might be lacking some essential tools to build your bike, which could be too expensive, but you may avail yourself of them for free in a bike shop. You could also find some used parts for your bike in a bike shop.

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While it’s a big decision, and a pretty demanding task, to build your own bike, the outcome will come just as rewarding. Prior to making the decision, you need to go through a number of considerations, plan ahead, and set up a positive mindset.

With the strategies and methods mentioned in this article, you can build your own bike cheaper without compromising the quality. It is possible to assemble a customized ride with similar, if not better, features that high-end brands promise.

Not just can you implement your own preferences and choices but building your own bike can also end up being cheaper than buying a new one. It is going to take lots of time, effort, and dedication, but in the end, it’s all worth it. The sense of accomplishment, that incredible feeling of joy and satisfaction, is something you’ll never forget.

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