How to Waterproof Electric Skateboard – DIY in 2022

It is another day with another invention that is expected since we live in a golden age of ridable technology. Means of transportation are being upgraded day by day for the sake of people’s convenience. Among such categories falls skateboards that are modified into electric ones. The electric skateboard has piqued people’s attention towards itself, so much so that they purchase it.

However, many people wonder about the relevant concern: the waterproofing of electric skateboards so you can ride them through puddles. However, if you have purchased an electric skateboard that is not waterproof or is water-resistant, in that case, you do not need to worry, as in this article, I will show you how to waterproof the electric skateboard. Compared to traditional skateboarding, electric skateboards have features like computing, improved speed, brakes, and riding uphill with ease.

How To Waterproof Electric Skateboard

Both conventional and electric skateboards come in various designs and colors, but the electric skateboard also features LED lights to make your skateboard stand out more. Other than that, electric skateboards are more suitable for covering smaller road distances for kids that are going to the market, a grocery store, parks, school, or racing on electric skateboards with friends.

Waterproof Vs. Water-Resistant Electric Skateboard

Waterproof and water-resistant are different terms. However, these two words can be misleading. When an electric skateboard claims to be water-resistant, it prevents sensitive areas such as ESC compartments or batteries from water penetration. So you can ride water-resistant skateboards through light rain and slightly wet surfaces.

While the term waterproof means that electric skateboards are entirely impermeable to water and allow you to ride through shallows puddles without damaging the electric instruments. One thing which waterproof and water-resistant electric skateboards have in common is the hub motor. The hub motor is oriented between the hub of the wheels and is secured with a rubber seal to prevent the penetration of water into the wheels from harming the hub motor.

The majority of electric skateboards are not waterproof, but they are water-resistant to some extent. You should read the features and specifications of an electric skateboard before you intend to buy it. To buy the best waterproof electric skateboard, you need to notice some features of an e-board. Such an electric board must have fiberglass coverage on the deck along with trucks and tires, while the battery’s lid must be of metal material to resist water penetration in the battery.

Material Requirements For WaterProofing The Electric Skateboard

You can ride your electric skateboard even if it is not waterproof or water-resistant. However, the feature of waterproof or water-resistance ensures the safety of your electric skateboard. Otherwise, there is a high risk of damaging the electric instruments of your skateboard when you run over puddles or ride in light rain. So waterproof on an electric depends on your choice.

It is a temporary process. For permanent waterproofing, you need to have an extensive alteration. Here is a list of materials you will require for waterproofing the electric board, such as grip tape, heat shrink wrap, thicker shrink plastic, waterproof sealant, and spray paint. These items are readily available in the market.


You can make your electric skateboard waterproof at home effortlessly, for which you require some heat-shrink wrapping cover which in winters act like a window treatment. A grip tape to make impermeable water penetrate. And lastly, spray paint. Following are the steps of waterproofing an electric skateboard. To achieve good results, observe these steps. Use heat-shrink wrapping sheets and wrap each battery of the board.

Next, with the help of a thicker shrink sheet, cover the entire deck upside down. Ensure you must tighten the sheet to eliminate any chance space through which water can penetrate and damage the battery or board. For more reliability and extra coverage, with the help of grip glue, tape down the edges of your electric skateboard.

The last step is to coat down the entire board with spray paint with a metallic black shade that is water-resistant. It will provide double safety to your skateboard from the puddles and rain. Another way of waterproofing an electric skateboard is to line the battery and the board with waterproof sealant. However, this method is costly.

By lining the battery and the board, you can prevent water from making its way towards the battery. You can apply this method of waterproofing an electric skateboard only if you own fiberglass coverage boards. You can use a waterproof sealant on a wooden deck board too. Some electric skateboard decks are made with maple wood or Canadian wood.

Such types of deck are not easy to use in the rain. Boards that feature an extra fiberglass coverage tend to be water-resistant. However, in the absence of additional fiberglass coverage, it is necessary to waterproof your electric skateboard by following the steps mentioned above to secure its electric parts. There are several methods to waterproof your electric skateboard. Nonetheless, it is the most straightforward and convenient one.

Why It Is Important To Dry Your Wet Electric Skateboard

An essential step after the wet ride is to dry your electric skateboard, which people usually ignore. Exposing your skateboard to wet conditions repeatedly can damage the electronic instruments such as hub motor, battery, bearings, etc. you can dry your skateboard with a towel or a hairdryer. Another conventional way of drying is to place your wet skateboard in the sun. Ensure that all the electronic components are dry before re-installing them. Similarly, maintenance of bearings is also essential. Dry the bearings when they wet and prevent the bearings from being exposed to moisture as they will get rusted. Grease the bearings every time you dry them out.

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To Conclude

This was a detailed review about how to waterproof an electric skateboard. Just follow the simple steps of waterproofing mentioned above to achieve excellent results and secure your electric skateboard from water exposure to extend its life span. Try to avoid wet rides since they might lead to accidents and injuries.

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