How to Ride an Electric Bike Safely – [ All You Need | 2022 ]

Riding an electric bike is not only fun and adventurous but can improve your health and is considered a serviceable outdoor activity. With hill climbing, shocking turns, and thrilling experiences, you can enjoy your life fully with these electric bikes that are usually convenient to use and come in different sizes. However, knowing how to ride an electric bike is as important as possessing one. This can help you better with the overall safety and a better knowledge of a smooth ride.

Thereby, this article offers an insight on how to ride an electric bike based on some safety tips to avoid any accident and a step-to-step guide that can help you comprehend how it is different from a conventional bike.

How to Ride an Electric Bike – Tips Before you Hit the Road

There are certain things which you need to check before hitting the road.

Make Sure the Battery is Fully Charged

What makes the electronic bike different from others is its capability that comes with pedal assistance, motor, and specifically, the battery. To make the bike work better with high efficiency, you must understand the importance of the battery. Hence, always make sure you have your bike fully charged for the trip that is generally considered as a practice that can facilitate you. Especially when you are using a turbo mode for extra speed, you need a fully charged battery that can support you for a longer time.

Take Time and Adjust the Helmet

To enhance your ride’s comfort and convenience, you need a bike that can make the operations effortless, getting on and off easily with improved safety. Here, a helmet is of prime importance like any other feature. Hence, before going for your trip, always adjust the helmet as it can help you with safety and protect your skill in case of any crash or injuries. Additionally, if you have a habit of drinking water when exhausted, consider checking the water bottle as it is full and packed for the ride.

Pay Attention to the Tire Pressure

Another tip that can help you in the E-bike ride is checking the tire pressure before you set for the journey. As non-inflated tires are not safe to ride and offer a great threat of crashes or injuries, you must examine the pressure of each tire with extreme care. Furthermore, it can interfere with the speed and efficiency of the whole ride even if the battery is high. You will have to add a lot of struggle in a poorly inflated tire that can lead to a lack of effective operations. Here, the standard pressure is considered 2-2.4 bars that are 35-40 psi, so try to maintain this value.

Always Consider a Backup

After you have carefully checked everything before you set out for the journey, there is still a need for a plan B that can help you when there is no other chance. Therefore, it is recommended to have an air pump and emergency kit to effectively support you during your trip. So, pack your bags and enjoy the ride.

Switching On/ Using the Electric Assistance

Now, if you are done examining all the features and are ready for this adventurous trip, let’s start the bike. In order to start, you must understand how to use electric assistance. Thereby, in order to rotate your electric wheels, first of all, switch this electric button that is usually placed on the battery. After pressing it, an LED light on the battery will send the signal that the power activation system and battery are now connected. For further convenience, this is displayed on the control panel that is present on the handlebar, and now, you are well aware of how to start the electric assistance.

Coming to using the electric assistance, you need to turn the system on first, and then you can begin with the gearing feature. After this, start the pedaling process that can turn off the Eco mode, and you will soon realize that your pedals are working with the motor power. Depending on your advanced E-bike type, the electric assistance varies from 3-4 and 6-9 levels, where other intermediate bikes usually have 4-5 assistance settings. At the same time, you must consider that with an upgrade in the electric assistance level, you are increasing the efficiency yet with the loss of battery at a fast rate.

Switching the Gears

The electric bikes, similar to the conventional cycles, have mechanical gears for each electric assistance that are usually present on the left and right sides of the handlebar. The number of these gears usually signifies the number of mechanical speeds you are getting. For instance, if your bike has eight gears for five electric assists, you can adjust your bike at eight different speeds. Here, even on power and energy-saving eco mode, you can utilize these eight different mechanical speed settings for better working and efficiency based on the skill level of the cyclist and the terrain available.

Always Make the Seating Comfortable

While learning how to ride an electric bike, it is of extreme importance to maintain the seating position that can help you have a better experience. The electric assistance adjusts the rotation of wheels assisted by the power mode. This requires fast pedal movement that in turn demands a well-seated position while riding. Hence, to make the bike work properly and make the motor efficient, you need a strong and comfortable seating position that can aid you in fast pedaling. Also, you should not stand up during the ride as it can eventually lead to an erratic and un-directional pedal movement that can confuse the motor system and can make your bike slow with a constant lag.

Maintaining the Traction

Another tip that can change the whole game of your E-biking is the traction of both wheels. While you are riding your bike in the hills, the overall criteria is different for the traction. For ground trips, maintaining the traction of both wheels is a condition that makes sense as it has to do with the weight distribution and electric power. Specifically, in the case of an E-bike, one tire is set for the electric motor, and the other is for the distribution of weight. Hence, balance is required as a violation of this can lead to lagging operations and destabilization. The best e-bikes in the market offer more traction than typical ones.

Making the Turns While Riding

Although electric bikes are similar to conventional cycles when it comes to overall operations, the center of gravity remains lower in e-bikes as the motor in these units is located in the lower center below the seating and closer to the ground. So, turning your bikes at a low speed is no problem where you just have to make sure of the pedaling and seating position. At the same time, the high speed requires complex mechanisms and expertise. Hence, while going for high-speed turns, make sure you are a little up from the sitting position and start pedaling as you make a turn. This will make your Ebike naturally follow the curve, and after this, you can sit down and carry on with the ride.

Mounting your E-Bike

If you are going uphill and want to de-mount, the process can be challenging and requires a lot of expertise. Hence, following these steps can ensure the perfect mounting of your E-bike.

  • Put your bike in the position of 45 degrees while going upward.
  • Place one pedal at the range of 13 hours and the other one down.
  • On the top pedal, place your foot.
  • After this, switch to the turbo mode and start power assistance.
  • Now, mount your E-bike while pushing your top pedal.

Now, you are done and have much knowledge about the operations of an electric bike.

How to Ride an Electric-Bike Safely

Safety is a foremost requirement on any ride and specifically an E-bike ride that involves a large possibility for injuries and crashes. To make the whole process safe and sound, follow these tips and don’t worry about the rest.

Attention to Traffic is a Must

First and foremost, while riding an E-Bike, it is of paramount importance to consider the flow of traffic that can hugely mitigate the chances of any crash. Although it is a common practice while driving, riding an E-Bike is especially dangerous considering fewer security measures and fast speed.

Here, another significant factor is how you are perceived by the cyclists on the road. Thereby, you will have to make yourself seen by others with the right outfit and shoes. Additionally, you can add a light and a bell that can support you in dark or dim situations. Hence, this can help other cyclists to notice you with a polite warning.

Consider the Speed after Small Intervals

Using the right speed can assist the cyclist in the best manner. Using a faster cadence while you are riding your E-Bike can help you with speed, safety, and efficiency alike. Hence, when climbing hills or going to the rocky and bumpy path, the E-bike is generally known to serve you well with high speed and faster rhythm. Moreover, these bikes support a long battery life with fast pedaling and high speed. In this way, you are getting a better battery with enhanced efficiency.

Using and Understanding the Brakes

Another factor you must consider while riding an electric bike is the brakes. Using the brakes earlier can save you from a lot of struggle and crashes. Because these machines are a lot heavier and operate really fast, it is effective to use the brakes before your landing. It comes with a pedal-assist power that undermines the heaviness and extra-fast speed of the electronic bike. This Pedelec or pedal-assist feature is usually considered a safe option because it has a longer range than many other throttle bicycles.

Similarly, another consideration that can help you in the bicycle adventure is the extra attention while mounting and dismounting. While mounting and mobilizing the unit, many newcomers or even users with an intermediate level of skills can have injuries with a crash because of the extra weight and complexities involved. Hence, while buying the electronic bike, you must make sure the weight, as well as the comfort level, are suitable. If you are able to get on and off conveniently from your e-bike, you should buy one because it ensures the comfort level of your ride and the overall effectiveness of mounting and dismounting despite the difficulties involved.

Using the Motor Effectively

Using the motor wisely is one of the most significant factors while riding an E-Bike. These motors usually come as echo or turbo engines that directly work on the battery. The riding range depends on the battery life and the skill level. Hence, if you are an intermediate cyclist, always use the eco mode that helps to maintain efficiency with less power consumption and provides high energy efficiency. At the same time, if you want to get the extra thrill with your advanced-level skills, go for the turbo engine that is highly popular for its fast speed and unmatched effectiveness.

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How to turn the electronic bike while riding?

Making a turn can be difficult in the case of an electric bike as it has a lower center of gravity and is generally faster. Hence, for this purpose, pedal faster and go a little up than the sitting position. Now, keep on pedaling as you make a turn, this will help you make a smooth turn without any lag, and after this, you can carry on with your ride.

How can you make the center of gravity higher for a better breaking experience?

As the center of gravity is low in this case, try to stand up and put all the weight on the handlebar that will help to maximize the balance. Hence, similar to the conventional bikes the center of gravity will become higher, so you will break easily.

What are E-bikes speed limits?

The speed limit varies for each electric assistance. However, these bikes usually have a pre-decided speed range for different modes. For an eco mode, 10 km/h is the set criteria that can be different for each model. Additionally, for Tour and Turbo mode, approximately 15 and 20 km/h is used, respectively.

How can you easily climb the hill with an electric bike?

In order to climb the hill conveniently with the electric bike, it is advised to use the pedals faster, which can increase the movement and power of the motor. After this, use the mechanical gears and adjust the speed limit in accordance with your gear. This way, you will give more power to the motor that can help you climb easily and effectively.

Final Thoughts

Riding on an electric bike is pure fun and a thrilling adventure. Yet, you must have comprehensive knowledge on how to ride an electric bike and how it differs from the conventional bikes out there. So, make a few preparations, always maintain a space for Plan B, and pay attention to the nuances. With all the knowledge about turns and breaks, you can passionately start the trip with full energy and enthusiasm.

In the end, you are all set for the new adventure.

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