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Electric bikes nowadays are piquing the interest of people and are replacing traditional manual bikes. Manufacturers like Bosch are known for their great electric bikes with unique features in the world of e-bikes. Due to their durable, reliable equipment, they have achieved a dominant reputation in the mid-drive e-bikes. Bosch does not manufacture bikes. However, they produce conversion kits.

The conversion kit includes parts or components that transform a traditional bike into an electric bike. After installing the conversion kit, you may want to change or reset some of the battery and time, display setting, etc. In this review, I will show you how you can reset the settings of the Bosch electric bike. You must know which kind of Bosch electric bike controller, displays, and motor you are using since each e-bike has a different way of resetting.

There are five options such as Intuvia, Nyon, Purion, Cobi, and Kiox. Out of these five, intuvia is a standard onboard computer with a Bosch motor system. It offers preliminary information, and you can scroll through the information button pretty effortlessly. It does not feature GPS, Bluetooth, mapping, and wifi connectivity as it is a cycle computer.

However, it does include a micro USB port. In comparison to Intuvia, Purion Bosch e-bike onboard computer is the simplest and comes with minimalist features. A controller on the left handlebar is present, which shows basic information. Mountain electric bikes usually fall under Purion Bosch e-bike.

How To Reset Bosch Electric Bike

Intuvia Bosch Electric Bikes

The Bosch intuvia’s control center allows you basic information about the functionality and assistance in resetting your electric bike keys. This onboard computer comes with a motor system that supplies you with ride features like average and current speed, e-assist level, trip distance, and also show current settings. You can change your e-assist level with a single press button.

The intuvia display is situated on the center of the handlebar towards the left side, while the controller can be found near the left handle grip and towards the life side of the display. The controller’s location proves to be convenient as you can press the controller buttons with your left thumb even when you are riding the bike.

Intuvia Bosch Electric Bike Display Setting

The Intuvia display includes four buttons: the On/Off button ignites and turns off your e-bike. An “i” button stands for information, meaning that this button provides you with essential information about trip statistics and displays modes of the bike with a single press. It also includes a reset button that allows you to change and reset some trip statistics such as maximum speed, trip distance, average speed, and trip time.

Lastly, light buttons are integrated to turn on/off the lighting system of the e-bike. The controller, however, includes three buttons oriented on to the left of the handlebars in a vertical position. Through the bike’s e-assist modes such as turbo, eco, sport, tour, and off, you can cycle up and down by using “+” and “-” buttons situated on the top and bottom of the controller.

The controller also features an “i” button whose function is similar to that of the display’s “i” button to convey information and shift between various display modes. The rubberized “i” button is raised a little for convenience, and you use the button while riding on the road without bothering to look down.

How To Reset Display Settings

You can reset certain Intuvia display settings, such as shifting from kilometer to millimeter or from imperial units to metric units. The setting of the clock, for instance, changing time from PM to AM. If you want to rest any of the options mentioned above, then follow these simple steps. First of all, long-press the “i” button and Reset button at the same time.

This allows the configuration menu to appear on the screen. Then you can press the “+” and “-” buttons, which will allow you to make desired adjustments. If you own a GSD R14 Intuvia Bosch electric bike, you can reset, activate and deactivate the auto-downshifting function. Start the resetting process by turning on the e-bike system. The next step is to press the Reset button and “i” buttons simultaneously.

On the screen, you will see “settings.” Scroll down until you see the option of “Start gear” on the display screen. With the help of the “+” and “-” buttons, you can scroll up and down and choose the start gear you desire. After selecting the desired start gear, the next step is to save it, and for that, press the reset button for about three seconds.

To Reset The Time and Battery On A Bosch Intuvia Display

Turn on the electric bike’s system. Make sure that the head unit is attached and the battery is fully charged connected to the bike. Wait about five seconds before starting the process. Press the “i” button and Reset button simultaneously on the head unit until the configuration menu appears on the screen or for five good seconds.

On the menu screen, locate the settings option. Use “+” and “-” buttons oriented on the handlebars to scroll up and down and locate the time screen by pressing the “i” button. Or press the “i” button to change the setting screen to reset the time format. After selecting, press the Reset button to save the desired time format for about three to five seconds.

To restore the full functionality of the Bosch battery pack, you need to reset it by following these simple and straightforward steps. First, from the battery mount, remove the battery pack. Then for about ten seconds, hold the On/Off button on the battery option. The battery management system will now be reset with this process. The last step is to place the battery pack again and turn the electric bike on.

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To Conclude

This was a detailed review about resetting the Bosch electric bike to experience optimal riding by resetting specific options according to your choice. You can also take help from the manual provided with the electric bike. However, Bosch features electric bikes with different onboard computers, and each has a different manual with different ways of resetting processes.

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