How to Replace Skateboard Wheels and Grip Tape – DIY

Skateboarding has always been the best fun activity and best for short commutations. If you are new in the skateboarding world, replacing the skateboard wheels and grip can be daunting. Moreover, when your skateboard is not functioning correctly, or some parts have become defective, you might need to replace the parts.

Also, skateboard wheels, trucks, or grip tape can wear down as time passes. Hence, rather than buying a new skateboard, you can simply substitute the essential part by yourself. You can remove these parts flawlessly with quick and simple steps. Keeping your skateboard in good shape is very important. So, get your necessary tools and get ready for some fun and easy assemblage.

How to Replace Skateboard Wheels and Grip Tape?

Following are the quick and straightforward steps that are really convenient and simple to follow. So gather your skate tools and get ready to follow these quick steps.

Replacing Wheels

Everything is bound to get defective or damaged over time. Hence, skateboarding is one such product. Moreover, its wheels can wear down quickly if you use it for an advanced level technique or if you are skateboarding every day. Therefore, getting the right size wheels is really essential; otherwise, wrong and cheap wheels can slow down the speed of the skateboards.

Let’s see these drastically quick and easy steps.

Step 1

First of all, gather all the necessary tools for replacement. You will need skate tools or wrenches, wheels, and bearings. You can also buy them from skateboard stores. Now place your skateboard in a sideways position. Remove or lose the damaged wheel nut with the help of a wrench. Make sure to remove both the wheels and their nuts.

Step 2

Make sure you have the correct size wrench for removing the axle nut. The wrong size wrench can damage the nut. Also, if you are worried about losing the hardware or nuts, you can put them in a small tray for convenience.

Step 3

You can either take your old wheels to a local skateboard to find the correct size wheel for your skateboard and ask them to remove the bearings from the wheels. Then, employers can adjust or install these bearings in your new wheels.

Or you can remove the bearings at home. Just slide the wheel on the axle, and it will pry the bearing out of the wheel.  Then, while you twist the wheel on the axle in the outward position, it will pry the bearing from the inside. Make sure to repeat the process for the other wheels.

Step 4

Now slide the two bearings on the skateboard’s axle. Press the wheel on the top of these bearings so they can perfectly fit in the wheels. Ensure to put some pressure on the wheels so that bearings are perfectly seated on the wheels.

Step 5

You can now put the new wheel on the skateboard truck’s axle. Place the nut afterward and thread or tighten it up with the wrench or skate tools. Avoid over-tightening it; otherwise, the wheels will not spin smoothly. Repeat the process for the other three wheels.

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Replacing Grip Tape

Like wheels, grip tape can also wear down quickly. But rest assured! You can easily substitute them with some quick and easy steps.

Step 1

First of all, gather all the essential tools. You will need a razor blade and a hairdryer. Then, take off the skateboard trucks with the help of skate tools. Place all the nuts or other components in a tray, so you can’t lose them.

Step 2

Now you need to remove that worn-odd grip tape from the skateboard. Get the hair dryer and heat the one end of a skateboard. This will make the adhesive peel off quickly. When the adhesive loosens up, you can easily slide the knife or razor underneath a grip tape.

Step 3

After that, take the edge and start peeling off the grip tape with the help of a razor. Keep reheating the grip tape so that it melts quickly. Don’t forcefully remove the grip tape; otherwise, it will get torn. Instead, do it calmly, carefully, and patiently.

Step 4

Grab the one big chunk of grip tape and start peeling it off. Make sure to put on foot on the deck, so you can easily peel it off. If any scraps are left behind, you can tidy them up with a knife or a razor.

Step 5

Now get the new grip tape and remove its adhesive. Hold the tape above the skateboard deck and place it in the center position. Hold the grip tape that is not sticking to the deck yet with one hand, and start pressing the grip tape with the other hand so it is sticking up perfectly.

Step 6

As you want grip tape to stick perfectly in a middle position, you might need to hold the grip tape with one hand. Also, make sure to avoid creating any sort of air pockets. Make a quick store by giving it an outline around the skateboard’s nose and tail. You can make this outline with the help of a blunt metal, razor, or knife.

Step 7

Start timing the excessive grip tape that is sticking out with the help of a razor or knife. Then, you can take that extra grip tape and use it to make the edges more smooth.

Step 8

Finally, take a nail and start making holes through a grip tape. After that, take a screwdriver and poke it through the holes to eradicate the trip that is present in the holes. Now put the trucks and wheels on the skateboard and get ready for some fun skateboarding.

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Final Verdict

Overall, replacing skateboard wheels and grip tape is a quick, effortless step. Moreover, you can replace these components in a short amount of time. Hence, you don’t need to take your old tattered skateboard to the local shop anymore. Instead, you can easily replace them at home by following the guidelines mentioned above. So, Upgrade your skateboard now!

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