How to Make Skateboard Wheels Faster – [ Smoother – 2022 ]

Do you want to make your skateboard wheel faster? There are ways that can help you fix this problem without changing your favorite skateboard. Moreover, you can perform different tricks, and your skateboard will have better transportation.

A skateboard structure is pretty simple. It consists of a deck made up of Maplewood, grip tape, hardware, bearings, truck, axle nuts, and wheels. Anyone can make a skateboard with the availability of these few materials. With the help of screen printing, you can actually decorate your own skateboard.

According to a survey, skateboarding is in 3rd ranking for being a popular sport like basketball and baseball. Many countries arrange various events, competitions every year where teenagers showcase their talent. In 2020, skateboarding might have been a part of the Olympics. Unfortunately, the Olympics could not take place because of a pandemic.

Skateboards are quite handy. They are portable. You can carry them in your bag as well. Skateboarding can be fun until you feel something is off about your skateboard, like slow wheels. Slow wheels can ruin your whole experience and joy of skateboarding.

To make your skateboard wheels faster, you do not have to change your favorite skateboard necessarily. Instead of buying a new skateboard, you can take your skateboard to a shop to fix this problem for you. However, you can yourself change the wheels of a skateboard to make them faster.

How to Make Skateboard Wheels Faster

Here are some of the ways you can make your skateboard wheel faster. The first thing you can do is to check and lose the tightening of Axle nuts. This will result in a faster and smoother ride. However, with loose tightening, you may not perform tricks with your skateboard.

For a faster ride, you may consider changing the wheels of your skateboard. Replacing smaller wheels with bigger ones. Smaller wheels are good for taking startups and accelerating the ride further. Big wheels are faster to ride due to their large circumstance and radius. Bigger wheels like Powell-Peralta G-Bones seem a better option.

How to Make Skateboard Wheels Faster Smoother

With larger wheels, make sure that they are of high quality. Wheels made with Urethane material are durable with a stronger core. They tend to have faster and smoother rides. Cheap wheels tend to get slow over time.

It would help if you considered the hardness of a skateboard wheel. Go for harder wheels that reflect more energy, have good speed and momentum than softer ones. On the other hand, softer wheels absorb more energy and become flat over time. Furthermore, wheels with harder quality have more durometer.

Go for a smoother road with an aerodynamic pose. Bumpy roads result in less speed and momentum. You might have a good skateboard with high-quality wheels, but sometimes roads can affect your ride.

You can also skateboard faster by crouching and squatting down, adjusting your body position. This way, the surface area will reduce with less air resistance resulting in speed.

You should pay attention to your skateboard cleaning once in a while. Check out its bearings, clean out the dirt because, with riding, they tend to get dirty. If you don’t take care of them, then it will result in slow speed with time.

Cleaning out the bearings demands less effort. Separate the skateboard from the wheels and take the bearings out. Fill a half bowl with acetone and soak your bearings in that bowl for ten to fifteen minutes. After that, take an old toothbrush and scrub the bearings smoothly until it gets clean.

After cleaning the bearings, dry them out either with compressed air or a dryer. Once they dry completely, then apply a lubricant like Bronson speed which is specially designed for bearings. Do not use WD-40 lubricant that may cause rusting of bearings.

Lubricants help to reduce friction and allow the wheel to roll more smoothly and fastly. Apply 1 or 2 drops of lube on the bearing and wipe off the excess with a rag or cotton material. Put all the parts of the skateboard back in place.

As the quality of the wheel is important similarly, the quality of bearing is equally important. Bearing comes in two types. One is metal bearing while the other is ceramic material. I always prefer ceramic ones. They may be costly, but they are a lot durable, resistant to dirt, and have less friction.

When you’re using quality bearings, then you can remove spacers. The purpose of spacers is to hold bearings together to avoid the breakage of bearings. Since quality bearings are hard to break so, there is no need for spacers. When installing bearings, make sure that they are well fixed. If not, then it will result in a slower ride.

Avoid side-to-side movements. It will not increase the speed rather; it will create more distance; hence it will make your ride slower. Riding in a straight path will increase the speed making your ride faster.

Skateboard riding has many benefits. Since you have an entire body moment while skateboarding, it makes your body quite flexible. It also helps in burning your calories down, a great sport for shaping your body. It brings stability to your body. You can also build your career in this sport since it’s now part of the Olympics.

There is a difference between skateboarding and longboard. They are not just different in appearance but also in functions. Skateboard has only a popsicle deck shape. When it comes to longboards, they have a variety of deck shapes.

On skateboards, only one person can ride. Longboards can have two persons, but it needs lots of practice to achieve that kind of proficiency. Skateboard is a very likable option as it supplies agility and handy features. On skateboards, you can perform multiple tricks smoothly compared to longboards. Longboards have better stability and durability.

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To improve and make your wheels faster, ensure that you are taking good care of your skateboard. Changing smaller with a larger wheel can make them faster. It will become stable with less friction. It will also have more momentum and speed as well.

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