How to make a Skateboard Ramp – Easy & Quiet in 2022

Here are some easy tips and methods that can help you to build a nice skateboard ramp at home so that you can save some money. In case you haven’t decided which skateboard to get, here are some cool e-skateboards you can buy for your ramp.

DIY Skateboard Ramp Tips at Home

Looking for a few useful tips to build a skateboard ramp at home and save some money? Then you are exactly where you are supposed to be because we will provide you with some simple tips that may come in handy for the construction of a skateboard ramp.

This article is all about some easy DIY techniques that you can do at your home in order to build a skateboard ramp. The entire process can be really fun but you need to keep your calm because it really needs a lot of patience as well as consumes time. So, this is a chance for you to test your creativity and how passionate you are about being athletic.

Step by Step Guide

The first and foremost requirement for constructing a skateboard ramp is to make sure that you have enough space at your home or any place where you are planning to construct the ramp. The best place for a ramp will be your courtyard and you also need to be considerate about the fact that this entire process is going to be really noisy and you surely do not want to disturb the people in the surroundings.

Other than that, there are certain factors that must be kept in mind such as weather because all these things are going to affect the longevity of the skateboard ramp since it is made up of wood. Moreover, usually, there is not enough space in the backyard and a skateboard ramp occupying all the space may annoy other people at home. So for this matter, you should build a small multifaceted ramp especially if it is your first time with all these experiments.

Afterward, you should make a rough sketch on a piece of paper because before doing the task practically, it is better to stay on the safe side and do some technical drawing. This will not only help you in drawing a mind map but also give you a clear picture of what you want to achieve.

Items Needed

1.Measuring Tape

In order to take correct measurements, you need to have a ruler or measuring tape. Arrange all these instruments beforehand so that your time will not be wasted and your attention will not be diverted while making the ramp.

2. Drill

Drill plays a pivotal role in the entire process because you will need to do a lot of cutting. So, the drill will help you in making holes.

3. Jigsaw/ Saw

A jigsaw is basically a sharp blade that you will need while cutting the shape of the wood. It is electric therefore less dangerous but if you are using a saw then you should be extra vigilant because it is too sharp.

4. Nuts and Bolts

Nuts and bolts are really small and metallic in composition. They serve the function of joining or holding things together.

5. Pen or Pencil

A pencil will be required for drawing a rough draft before taking any practical step. A clear sketch or mind map will make it easier for you to implement and take action towards the project.

5. Nails

A great number of nails will be required in the entire process to fix different pieces together. So, nails are of utmost importance.

Gather Information

Other than that, you must also do thorough research and discuss ideas with other people who you think are knowledgeable regarding this matter. After all the discussions, note down all the things that you need to purchase. For example, wood, nut, and bolt, measuring scale/ ruler, etc. While you go to the nearby store, do focus on the quality of the material so that it will be beneficial in the long run and to avoid getting injured.

One suggestion would be that you should go for pressure-treated wood because this wood is specially designed for such purposes i.e this wood is ideal to be used in playgrounds and also for skateboard ramps due to its unique properties.

Pressure-treated wood is extremely durable and lasts longer than you expect. Apart from that, this wood can bear a lot of pressure and can also be painted if you want. Another big advantage of prioritizing this wood for your skateboard ramp is that it is quite economical if you compare it with other woods.

However, if you are ignorant and do not spend some time on its maintenance then there is bad news for you because chances are that it may erode due to several environmental factors.

Safety Measures

Apart from that, focus on safety measures and for that, some good quality goggles are of utter importance. The goggles will protect your eyes from the particles such as dust or minute wooden pieces. Moreover, to protect the wood from corrosion you must apply a thick layer of polyurethane which belongs to the family of thermosetting polymers. These polymers are crucial as they provide protection against extreme temperature changes and prevent the material from melting. Polyurethane is found in the form of paints that are used on furniture for adding value to their long life. Plus, it is waterproof too so even if it rains, your skateboard ramp will stay protected.

Now begins the actual game. You need to make a square frame with the help of plywood (a kind of wooden sheet that is commonly used in the construction of furniture, commonly. It is used in beds, tables, and many other things) and for that matter, you can also go to some nearby metalware store ( also known as hardware store), if convenient.

The next step is to make a structure out of the plywood strips and pieces that can support your skateboard ramp. Afterward, you need to take the masonite strips, also known as wooden hardboards, and put them on the plywood structure that you created previously. Attach the masonite on the plywood structure firmly with the help of nails, nuts, and bolts. The next step is to fix a steel plate to the bottom of the entire structure that will result in forming a slop for your skateboard ramp.

Finishing Touch

Moreover, you can also use skalite instead of masonite if you want to focus more on longevity because skalite does not get affected by weather changes. However, skalite is quite expensive due to its good quality and also because professionals tend to use it often.

Now, you have reached the final steps. You must protect your skateboard ramp from harsh weather and preserve the ramp. You can use urethane, polyurethane, or tar paper. This will prevent water from seeping into the ramp through cracks or holes. Tar paper is an extremely effective and tough material that is commonly used while construction.

Moreover, it is waterproof too and is used in house roofs, acting as a shield. It prevents water seepage and resists the hot sun rays. Finally, you can cover your skateboard ramp with the help of a plastic sheet cover and if the ramp is portable then you can simply change its location.

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How much does it cost to build a skate ramp?

It entirely depends upon the size of the skateboard and the quality of the material that you are using to construct a skateboard ramp. On an average scale, the price range may vary. It can be between  20 dollars per square foot to 50 dollars per square foot, depending upon the area it occupies.

It can be more expensive if there is plumbing or sheet draining because you certainly do not want water to stick there and destroy the wood of your skateboard ramp. However, sheet drains are less expensive if compared to plumbing.

What is the best surface to skateboard on?

The best surface for a skateboard is the one that produces the least friction because friction can cause a lot of inconveniences. Your skating experience also depends upon the fact that how much grip you have and also on your prowess.

However, if you are looking for a skateboard that can bear the pressure then you must go for durable surfaces such as those made up of skalite. Other than that, if you are considering a small skateboard ramp for kids then plywood will also be fine. Plywood is more suitable if the skateboard ramp is set up indoors.

What is ramp armor?

Ramp armor is a top-tier material used as the skateboard ramp surface which remains unaffected no matter how hot or cold the weather gets. It is a waterproof material that makes the skateboard ramp durable and protected.

It is an extremely hard material that is meant specially for sports activities. It can easily endure all the pressure during skating.

Is Masonite good for skate ramps?

In general, masonite is a good material for constructing a skateboard ramp especially if it is indoors. However, masonite cannot resist drastic weather changes and can easily be damaged if it comes in contact with water. Other than that, masonite is inexpensive if you compare it with other materials. So, it has its own properties i.e. advantages and disadvantages.

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