How to Make a Skateboard Rail – [ Welding, Pipe DIY – 2022 ]

Once you have perfected your skateboarding skills, you can do a variety of experiments with it. Skateboarding is a fun activity that allows you to break away from the monotony of life. Not only does it boost your adrenaline, but it also releases happy hormones such as serotonin in your body, which make you feel good. Do you know you can create your own skatepark from the stuff present in your homes?

How to Make a Skateboard Rail

How to Make a Skateboard Rail Welding

This article is all about making your own skateboard rail that will allow you to perfect your skateboarding skills. With little help and some elements that are easily available, you can very conveniently build a skateboard rail. You need a little care while working with tools and screws while you are making a skateboard trail. Now let us discuss in detail what steps you need to carry out to make one.

Material Required

As you know, skateboard rail has the most basic design you can ever imagine. You need to carefully assemble the steel legs and pipe so it stays durable. For that matter, you will need certain tools and elements for its construction that are easily available in your homes. If not, you can easily purchase these products from a local garage or factory. So the things you will require for building a skateboard rail are as follows.

  • A steel pipe with that should be 6 to 7 ft long and 3 to 4 inches in diameter which is a standard measurement. You can also opt for other materials such as wood. Moreover, the length and diameter also depend on your personal preference.
  • Wooden or Steel Legs for the rail should be 1 to 2 ft in height and 4 inches in diameter.
  • Steel Feet to balance the rail that should be 10.5 inches in length and 3 inches in width.
  • Welding machine, only if you have expertise in using otherwise you can get the welding part done by a workshop.
  • Precautionary equipment such as goggles and gloves.
  • Screws, bolts, and drill.

The Procedure

As far as the assembly is concerned, it isn’t as complicated as it looks. You can very well do it yourself if you are an expert in welding. However, we recommend taking all the raw material to the workshop so you can get it done by the professionals. Now, let’s get to the whole process; you might also want to watch a pictorial representation of the assembly.

You may alter the length and width of the above-mentioned products according to your own desire. Now, cut the ends of the feet that have to be attached with the steel pipe in a round shape. After that, you need to attach the legs with the legs by drilling holes in the feet. You can attach them using screws and bolts. The feet fix with the surface using long screws. Lastly, screw and weld the steel pipe over the legs and check for durability. Lastly, you should also check wheels of your skateboard before trying & learn how to make them faster.

Few Things You Need to Consider

Once you have assembled all the products, you need to make sure everything is very well put together. Check for stability; make sure there is no movement. You can also use foam pads beneath to prevent the rail from slipping. You can use skateboard wax for better performance and ultimate traction. Lastly, check for durability because that’s the one thing you should never overlook.

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How much does a skateboard rail cost?

The cost of a skateboard varies according to its size and the materials used for its making. Typically, a low-end skateboard rail will cost you about 20 to 23 dollars, but it wouldn’t be heavy-duty. On the other, high-end, high resistant, and heavy-duty skateboard rails will cost you up to $200.

Can you make a skateboard rail yourself?

As simple as it looks, skateboard rail is not something you can DIY unless you are an expert welder and have knowledge about it. If you know how to handle tools and welding machines, you may try making one. However, it is advisable to get your skateboard built by a professional so that the durability isn’t questionable.

Can you make a wooden skateboard rail?

Yes, you can make a wooden skateboard trail which also is durable. You can do the same procedure as you have done with making a steel skateboard trail. You will need more or less the same tools for building the wooden skateboard rail.

Is a skateboard rail dangerous?

Skateboard rail might be dangerous and cause serious accidents if you aren’t skillful enough. To have a safe and sound performance, you need to perfect your skills first. Once you are skillful, make sure you have all your protective gear while showcasing your skills.

Do you need a special skateboard for the skateboard rail?

You don’t have to purchase a special skateboard for skateboard rail or ramps. You can very well perform with a regular skateboard. All you need is some skills and tricks for your performance, be it with a regular skateboard or an electric one.

Final Thoughts

Skateboarding is a fun-filled sport that requires a lot of cognitive operation and skill learning. Once you have learned the skills, you can showcase those skills on several platforms. You don’t have to spend your money signing up for a professional skateboard park membership. You can build your own skateboard rail at home if you know welding and product screwing together. All you need is a steel rod used to slide your skateboard on. Legs and feet to fix the steel pipe on it, which provides support. You can purchase the products from local workshops and get them welded from local factories.

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