How to Jump on a Mountain Bike – [ Higher | Beginner Guide ]

If you are a mountain biker and looking for more fun to experience through your biking skills then learning how to do jumps on a mountain bike can be very exciting for you. Jumping is fun, but many bikers find it dangerous because they feel like losing grip or being unable to balance their body and bike’s weight.

How To Do Jumps On A Mountain Bike

How to Jump on a Mountain Bike Beginners

When it comes to jumping on Mountain Bikes you’ve to do it courageously and cautiously. The very simple idea of doing jumps on a mountain bike is to learn how to balance your weight and shift the force while jumping. Let’s get in detail to let you know how you can do jumps on a mountain bike.

1. Check Your Bike

The very step of getting ready is to check your bike as it is very important for you to jump safely. The landing of the bike requires much more force than generally riding a bike on mountains. So it is highly crucial to check your bike first to avoid any mishap. If you think that your bike condition is not very good for the jumping process, get it to a nearby garage to check it and get it in the required condition.

2. Practice Jumping First

As you might be familiar with the famous saying that practice makes a man perfect. So before starting to do jumps on your mountain bike, you will need to practice trying to jump. Jumping on a mountain bike can be risky for inexperienced ones, and one might get hurt. So it is advised to practice biking and jump a little before setting off for it.

Some tips here are,

  • Start practicing on artificially made tracks and slops.
  • Start from a simple one at first and keep moving to a bit complicated ones.

3. Plan Your Track

One of the hacks here for you is to plan your route. If you have any place in your mind, visit that place to see how you can take off for a jump and land off safely. If you are not sure it is a safe track, look for another safe one. Be very careful as any small rocks or stones can lead to big accidents.

4. Set Off For Jump

Suppose you are done with the above steps. You are ready to set off to do jumps on your mountain bike. Note that you should not exceed the moderate speed, especially when it is your first attempt at officially doing jumps on a mountain bike. Also, moderate speed is considered ideal because if a biker is too slow, he might not complete the jumping task. In short, look for your biking speed and select a moderate range for a jump.

5. Bend Down A Little When Front Wheel Reaches The Ramp’s Edge

Bending Wheel

Once your front wheel reaches the edge of the ramp, stop pedaling more. Bend your body and move it a bit towards the front, not crossing the handlebar. Tighten your grip on the handles.

6. Change Your Position As The Back Wheel Approaches The Edge

When your bike back wheel reaches the edge, i.e., the lip of the ramp, you have to change your position from leaning forward to standing up a little. In such a way, you are transferring the weight from your hands to the back portion of the body to your feet. Be careful about your hands on the handle and feet on the pedal. Don’t let your hands or feet lose their grip. This position is the perfect way of pulling the bike with you up.

7. Keep Your Balance During Flight

Now that’s a crucial step while you are in the air. You must enjoy your flight while keeping your hands and body in position. Don’t lose your grip, and don’t stiffen your body but still, if you couldn’t manage your body’s weight or balance and fells. Then repeat the above steps and prepare yourself to jump again.

8. Land Cautiously

To land cautiously, you will need to go back to your ready position. When you were setting off for a jump, keep your hands and feet at the right angle to the handle and pedals. Keep the bike straight and wheel parallel to the ground; shift the weight back to the front to get your bike in position to the ground.

Moreover, to avoid any brakes and shocks to you and your bike wheels land on the ground such that the wheels come in contact with the ground at once together. When your wheels touch the ground, apply some force to the bike downward and keep your grip loose such that the pedals and hands are ready to absorb the shocks coming their way.

9. Avoid Applying Brakes

The last step is to keep your bike wheels rolling up. Do not apply brakes simultaneously. Reduce your speed slowly to come out of the jump safely and carefully.

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Can you jump a hardtail mountain bike?

Yes, a hardtail is great to do jumps on a mountain bike.

Can you jump 29ers?

Yes, but it is not as easy as 26ers.

Can you downhill with a hardtail?

Yes, you can go downhill with a hardtail.

Why are mountain bikes so expensive?

Mountain bikes are expensive because they are designed on high-quality components and technologies.

How tall should you be to ride a 29er?

An ideal height to ride 29ers is 5’6.


Doing jumps on a mountain bike can be fun and exciting only if you know how to. To extend your fun and enjoyment through jumps on a mountain bike, we have mentioned easy and good learning steps above in this article. We really hope that this article has helped you out. Please share your feedback with us and keep visiting us for more content.

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