How to Install Skateboard Trucks – Put & Set Up Trucks DIY

Skateboarding is a popular activity among youth and adults. It allows you to perform plenty of amazing tricks. Moreover, skateboarding can be the best gift for kids on their special day. If you want a round across a neighborhood, nearby market, or visit a friend’s house, skateboarding is remarkable equipment that is perfectly used for short commutes.

If you are new to the world of skateboarding, then obviously, you want to know about the various parts of skateboarding. All in all, assembling all these parts is a very straightforward and fun activity. One such simple activity is installing a skateboard truck or buying trucks online for replacement. Hence, you can easily adjust the parts based on your riding style.

Installing a truck is fun and hardly takes 10-20 minutes. Moreover, assembling these parts will enhance further knowledge about skateboarding? Hence, gather your skate tools and get ready to install the skateboard truck!

How to Install Skateboard Trucks?

Installing skateboard trucks is a convenient and effortless method. With a simple skateboard tool kit, you can finish installation in 10-20 minutes. Let’s check these easy steps.

  • First of all, make sure you have all the necessary hardware that is required for a truck. You can easily find it in a nearby skateboard shop. The skateboard contains two trucks; hence you will need 2 trucks. All in all, these two trucks usually include 2 wheels. Make sure you have everything for truck assemblages like nuts, bushing, washers, and bolts.
  • If your skateboard has a new grip tape, you can make 4 holes on each side with some sharp object. But if holes are already there on the grip tape, then you can skip this process.
  • Now turn the board upside down. Take four bolts and start inserting them in a grip tape. You can flip your skateboard to see if the bolts are perfectly sticking through the grip tape’s holes or not.
  • Now put the truck on these 4 nuts that are sticking out of the holes. Make sure that bolts are perfectly sticking out. Also, make sure you are lining the truck in the appropriate position.
  • Take a nut and slide all of them through the bolts. Tighten these nuts with the help of a wrench and screwdriver. If you want a fast process, you can also tighten them using a power drill.
  • Repeat the process and attach the second truck. Trucks vary in height; hence make sure you are getting the right truck for your board.
  • Add the four wheels on the truck, and get ready for some incredible spin. Your truck installation is all set!

Benefits of Skateboarding

Skateboarding isn’t just a fun activity, but it also provides tons of health benefits too. Let’s check it out!


In skateboarding, you constantly need to change your position. Hence, it strengthens your knees, leg, and foot coordination. Moreover, it is the best way to keep your body in good shape. It is also the best full-body workout.

Focus and Reflexes

While skateboarding, you constantly need to be aware of your surroundings. Hence, it increases your focus and concentration. As it involves full-body coordination, it enhances your reflexes and offers flexibility.

Burn Calories

Skateboarding for an hour burns 350 calories. So, it is the best method to lose tons of fat. The more you ride, the more calories you lose.


First of all, skateboards are highly compact and lightweight. Hence, you can easily carry it around. Moreover, it is the equipment for passing through crowded places. Likewise, if you want to visit a school, office, or friend’s house, you can comfortably ride through skateboarding.

Build Confidence

As a beginner, you might be scared to stand on a skateboard. But after some time, you will have much confidence to opt for an advanced level, and you will come out as fearless.

Safety Tips and Precautions

  • While skateboarding, as a beginner, you are bound to fall initially. Hence, make sure you wear a helmet all the time to avoid severe injuries.
  • If you want protection from cuts, scratches, or bruises, hence make sure to wear a knee and elbow pad.
  • Always ride on a flat road, parks, or ground. Never ride in crowded places, roads, or streets.
  • Avoid skating in wet areas. Also, avoid wearing headphones while you are skateboarding. Further, make sure to obey all the traffic rules.
  • Always keep a skate tool kit with you all the time. Never ride at night time or in dim places. Master basic steps first. Later you can opt for an advanced level.
  • Always buy a high-quality skateboard. If you find any defective part and can’t fix it at home, make sure to take help from a professional.
  • As a beginner, always ride at a slow pace. Before riding, thoroughly check your equipment and make sure it is in top condition.
  • Avoid using a cellphone while riding and make sure not more than one person is riding.
  • Always get the right and comfortable skateboard shoes. Also, whenever you are riding, always look in a forward position.


Is it hard to assemble a skateboard?

If you follow the guidelines correctly, then assembling a skateboard is a quick and easy process. For example, you can easily install a skateboard truck in 10-20 minutes. Hence, follow the manual or guidelines, and you will do it just fine.

Is riding a skateboard easy?

Initially, you will feel a bit scared, but you can quickly learn the basic steps if you practice for a week. But make sure to follow the appropriate guidelines for a beginner, and you will be a pro in no time.

What is a Skateboard?

A skateboard is a compact sports equipment that is made of maple wood. Likewise, this feature makes it highly durable. This 4 wheel skateboard is pushed with one foot while the other foot remains on the skateboard for balancing. Moreover, this is perfect for short commutes and allows you to perform many impressive tricks like the ollie trick or kickflip trick.

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Final Verdict

If you are new in the skateboarding world, knowing skateboarding is an essential factor. Assembling skateboard components is a more accessible and straightforward process. The guidelines for skateboard truck installation are effortless and straightforward. Hence, read it and get ready for some fantastic skateboarding!

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