How To Customize a Hoverboard – ( 5 Easy DIY Hacks 2022 )

If you want to keep things straightforward then the most basic way to customize your hoverboard is to use skins or stickers. In case you want to try something totally unique you should spray paint your hoverboard. Meanwhile, if you want to do everything from scratch & give your hoverboard a personal touch then I’ve got something cool for you in this guide.

Do you want to spice up your hoverboard with personal customization? Since people like to customize their stuff to give them a unique and personal touch. A maximum number of the basic hoverboards are dull and inclusive. If you and your friend bought the same model, then you cannot differentiate them. Luckily, there are some easy ways to customize your hoverboard in a little budget.

How To Customize A Hoverboard

Hoverboards are fun for kids and adults also. Kids, however, like colorful and funky designs for their hoverboards. Fortunately, some companies manufacture colorful hoverboards. For teens or adults, the hoverboards’ colors might not be that much important, but bright hoverboards can change their entire riding experience. For this, we have mentioned a few simple tricks below to customize your hoverboards in a budget-friendly way & if you are still to buy one, then have a look at the top hoverboards for beginners.

1. DIY Customization

Currently, many people enjoy DIY projects the most. They follow DIY methods, whether painting a wall or building a decoration piece out of wood. DIY projects are becoming a new trend and a hobby for creative people around the globe.

In addition to this, DIY projects are a budget-friendly way of customizing your hoverboards. You can easily design your hoverboards with the stuff available at your home, or you can also buy cheap material from the local stores easily.

The hoverboard customization is a good way of letting out the creative self. Rather than getting something ready out of the shop, you can get full control over the stuff and customize your hoverboard yourself. Along with this, it is also an enjoyable activity through which you can make your day creative and fun with your little ones. Some of the tools that can help you with the DIY methods are,

  • With an X-Acto Knife and self-printed duct tape, using these tools, you can customize your hoverboard according to your taste. Gently, wrap the duct tape all over the hoverboard or over the areas you want to cover. Cut off the excess tape from the hoverboard using the X-Acto knife. You can also cut off the duct tape covering the footpads, charging pads, and LED lights with the knife’s help. Lastly, if the duct tape starts peeling off from certain areas, you can easily remove the tape from the entire area and replace it with a new design.

2. Adding Stickers

You can add stickers for a cool and funky appearance of your hoverboard. The suitable place for placing stickers is wheels. Especially if you want a unique look. Also, look for a proper design first, align the stickers and duct tapes properly to get an amazing result. There are numerous online sites where different types of stickers are available for DIY projects.

3. Adding Hoverboard Skins

Adding hoverboard skins is the same as changing the case of your smartphone. The easiest way of getting a customized hoverboard skin is to go on an online site like Amazon and search for the latest hoverboard skins. These skins are very easy to apply, and all you have to do is buy the exact skin for your hoverboard model. Type the model of your hoverboard and search. There are a number of designs such as floral, space, camouflage, funky, and many more. Purchase the one that you find best for your hoverboard.

4. Painting Hoverboards

For an extra creative look, you can also paint your hoverboard. Painting your hoverboard will save a lot of tools and visits to the stores. It is a bit of time taking an activity that you can do if you have extra time. Rather than using stickers and duck tapes, you can paint your board with different spray paints. The basic three items that you are going to need are,

  • Spray paints
  • Paint tape
  • Sandpaper

The first two are mandatory, and the sandpaper is an optional tool for painting hoverboards.

Follow the following steps for a better result,

  • First, apply tape on the area that you don’t want to paint. Cover LEDs, rubber foot pads, buttons, and especially the connectivity and charging ports.
  • For high quality and durable finish, make sure that your hoverboard is smooth. The surfaces don’t have any scratches or dings. If there is some, use the sandpaper first and then apply the paint spray.
  • After following the above steps, start spraying your hoverboard. Apply the first layer and let it dry. After that, go for a second layer.
  • You can go for a single color or mix the colors to get a different customized look.

5. Mix And Match

Lastly, you can repeat all the above steps and go for a mix and match customization. The mix and match is a great way for people who like painting, adding stickers and skins. For a bright look, paint your hoverboards with bright colors, add stickers to space. In addition to this, add skin to your wheels for a final touch.

Benefits of Customizing Hoverboards

One of the hidden benefits of customizing your hoverboard is that after a few years, the hoverboards are decolorized and dented. By applying the above methods of customizations, you can successfully reduce the risk of discoloration and scratches as these methods act best as protective layers over the body of hoverboards. You can also make your own hoverboards and all you need to do so, is covered in our guides.


Are Hoverboards good or bad?

Hoverboard risks: fires and exercise deprivation.

What age is appropriate for a hoverboard?

The official age requirement for most hoverboards is 8 years old and up.

Do Hoverboards still explode in 2021?

Yes, but the number of explosions has been limited.

How fast do Hoverboards go?

The average hoverboard has a top speed of around six to eight miles per hour.

Does riding hoverboard burn calories?

Yes, a half-hour ride can burn up to 300 calories.

Why does my hoverboard beep when I go fast?

If you exceed the maximum speed of your hoverboard, the board becomes dangerous to ride. And it starts beeping.

Can you lose weight riding a hoverboard?

You can easily achieve weight loss by riding your hoverboard.

Wrapping up

Customizing a hoverboard is a fun and simple activity through which you can get the look you love. All the above methods are very cheap and budget-friendly. So, don’t forget to have fun while practicing all these activities at your home with ease. We hope this article has answered all your concerns. Please share your feedback with us and keep visiting our website for more content.

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