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Is your expensive hoverboard malfunctioning? One of the reasons this might be happening is because it needs to be recalibrated. But don’t worry, calibrating your hoverboard is an easy process and usually takes less than a minute.

If your hoverboard is wobbling or shaking unnaturally when you use it, or if it is teetering off to the side despite you trying to get it to move forward, then you need to calibrate your hoverboard. This is because after long and continuous use of your hoverboard which is necessary for balance, as the gyroscopes of the board can get out of sync. Thus, they cannot send data accurately to the main logic board, so your hoverboard does not work properly. Therefore recalibrating your board will essentially reset the gyroscopes, making them able to transmit accurate data to the logic board.

How to Calibrate a Hoverboard

There are multiple ways you can calibrate a hoverboard, all depending on the type and model of it.

1. Using the power button

The standard and the easiest way to calibrate any hoverboard is with its power button. For this, you have to follow these steps

  • First, turn off your hoverboard using the power button.
  • Then place your hoverboard on a flat surface
  • Next, press and hold the power button for a few seconds till you hear a beep.
  • After this, you will start to see the LEDs on the hoverboard flashing. This indicates that the hoverboard is now calibrating.
  • Leave the hoverboard to calibrate for around 30 seconds.
  • After this, all you need to do is press the power button again, and you have successfully calibrated your hoverboard.

You need to make sure of a few things when you are calibrating your hoverboard with this method. Like, the place you have set your hoverboard for calibration is completely even and leveled; otherwise, it would not be able to calibrate properly. You also have to make sure that the foot paddles are aligned with each other and the ground. Also, you have to ensure that your hoverboard is not upside down, as that can also mess with the calibration. You also need to make sure you turn the hoverboard completely off using the power button and not the remote, as the remote puts it into sleep mode instead of turning it off. Another thing you have to ensure is that the hoverboard is not plugged in for charging when you attempt to calibrate it. Also, while the hoverboard is calibrating in the second last step, do not touch or move the hoverboard as it will mess up the calibration.

2. Using Bluetooth

Some hoverboards can also be calibrated through Bluetooth, although this is a very dangerous process. This is because the Bluetooth chips are very sensitive, and so they can get badly damaged if the calibration is not done right.

  • First, you have to download the hoverboard controller app. This app is specific to the company and model of a hoverboard, and so you have to download the one that is for your hoverboard.
  • Next, you have to turn on the Bluetooth of your hoverboard and connect your phone with it through the app
  • Again, you have to make sure that your hoverboard is on a leveled surface, otherwise, the calibration won’t go right.
  • Then you have to open the app on your phone and look for the “calibrate the unit” option.
  • After selecting it you would have to follow the directions that will be given to you by the app
  • Then you just need to turn off the hoverboard and wait for around ten seconds
  • All you need to do now is to turn on your hoverboard and you are done.

Again, this process is very risky because sometimes, even if the calibration is done right, the Bluetooth chip might still get damaged. Therefore it is recommended that you calibrate your hoverboard through the power button method that is mentioned above.

3. Using the remote

Although there are a few hoverboards that do have an option of calibration with their remotes, the process of doing so is different for each model. So if you are planning to calibrate your hoverboard using the remote, then you need to look at the manual, which will provide instructions for remote calibration. And so, all you need to do then is to follow the steps provided, and you will be able to calibrate your hoverboard. You can also try an easy fix if your hoverboard isn’t turning on.

Testing out calibrations before using

After you have calibrated your hoverboard, you need to check if the calibrations are done right before you start using the hoverboard normally. This is so that if the calibrations are not done right then, you are able to catch it early and try to calibrate it again. Otherwise, if you attempt to use the hoverboard normally and it is not fixed, then you can actually hurt yourself and further damage the board.

To test if your hoverboard has been calibrated, you need to ride the device but slowly and gently. Move forwards and backward to make sure that the board does not teeter to the side. Also, move in a circle to check the sensitivity of the turns and turn left and right and compare the speed of the turns. And even ride the hoverboard up a slope to check if it still shakes.

If everything is back to normal, then your hoverboard has successfully been calibrated, and you can ride the board the way you wish. But if there is still some issue with the way the board is moving, then you need to calibrate it again. If the hoverboard still isn’t fixed after being calibrated three times, then there must be some problem with its mechanics, and you would have to take it to an expert to get it fixed.

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How long does it take to calibrate a hoverboard?

Calibrating a hoverboard usually does not take longer than a minute. But if you are not able to successfully calibrate the device the first time, then you might need to make multiple attempts. And so that might take a few minutes longer.

Do you have to calibrate a hoverboard?

Hoverboards need to be calibrated after periods of time because rough or prolonged use can get the gyroscopes out of sync that can cause issues while riding.

How do you know that you need to calibrate a hoverboard?

When hoverboards start having issues like shaking, veering off to the side instead of going straight, or turning at different speeds, then you should calibrate them.

Wrapping up

Every hoverboard, sooner or later, will need calibration, and the older a hoverboard will get, the more frequently it will need to be calibrated. Therefore you need to know how to calibrate a hoverboard.

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