Tomoloo Hoverboard Review – [ Pros/Cons & Specs in 2021 ]


Everybody loves hoverboards, whether they’re kids or adults. Whenever some innovative technological product comes to the market, we want to buy it because of its cool and unique features. A hoverboard is one of them and this hoverboard is beginner friendly as well. They are new to the market and have been selling crazily. Though … Read more

Razor Hovertrax 2.0 Review – [ Weight, Speed, Battery ]

Razor Hovertrax 2.0

Are you looking for an auto-leveling scooter that ensures the safety and is among the top-rated hoverboards for beginners? Then you need Razor Hovertrax 2.0. Razor, an American brand, is quite a known brand known worldwide for selling its impressive quality scooters. They have introduced a budget-friendly hoverboard. Living in the digital world, our ways … Read more

Hover-1 H1 Review – [ Pros/Cons, Specs & Troubleshooting ]

Hover-1 H1 review

A self-balancing scooter? Yes, in this digital era, many inventions are being made. With each passing year, our traveling is getting convenient day by day. Initially, we had a two-wheel bike, for which hard pedaling was crucial. Now, we are being blessed with two-wheel self-controlled smart boards that we can automatically control with advanced technological … Read more

5 Best Hoverboards Under 150 Dollars – Cheap & Safe Picks

Best Hoverboards Under 150

Are you looking for a hoverboard with premium features and great performance but concerned about its cost? You definitely don’t need to worry about the budget anymore. There is a huge variety of inexpensive, fabulous and top-quality options out there. They may be light on your pocket, but when it comes to performance, they can … Read more

Are Hoverboards Safe? – Major Incidents & Safety Tips – 2021

are hoverboards safe

Being highly popular among the users, hoverboards have attained a certain love and have become a fun and thrilling activity for many people. Hence, with this fun comes a great concern for safety and protection that is the foremost requirement for many when it comes to hoverboards or even bikes and skateboards. Therefore, this article … Read more

Hoverboard Won’t Turn On – ( Easy Fix – Solved )

Hoverboard Won't Turn On

A hoverboard is something that everyone loves and takes care of. This is because hoverboards are quite expensive and it is not easy to buy a new one. But what if you push the power button on the hoverboard on a random day and find that it is not turning on. There could be multiple … Read more

How To Customize a Hoverboard – ( 5 Easy DIY Hacks 2021 )

How To Customize A Hoverboard

If you want to keep things straightforward then the most basic way to customize your hoverboard is to use skins or stickers. In case you want to try something totally unique you should spray paint your hoverboard. Meanwhile, if you want to do everything from scratch & give your hoverboard a personal touch then I’ve … Read more