Hoverboard Won’t Turn On – ( Easy Fix – Solved )

A hoverboard is something that everyone loves and takes care of. This is because hoverboards are quite expensive and it is not easy to buy a new one. But what if you push the power button on the hoverboard on a random day and find that it is not turning on.

There could be multiple reasons behind this issue. A few of them are minor, and you can fix them by yourself. Otherwise, you may need to visit an expert for a solution. However, you can only troubleshoot the issue when you figure it out.

The possible reasons why your hoverboard is not turning on could be

  • It might be an issue with the internal circuits and wiring of the hoverboard.
  • It could be an issue with the logic board of the hoverboard.
  • It could be a problem with the charger, charging port, or charging wires.
  • It might be an issue with the battery.
  • If a new hoverboard is not turning, it means a defective hoverboard is delivered.

Your hoverboard won’t turn on if any one of these problems exists.

This guide will explain how to figure out and troubleshoot these issues.

Hoverboard Won’t Turn On – Solution

1. Charging Problem-Solution

Your hoverboard won’t turn on if it is not charging properly. It could be an issue with the charger or charging port.

Here is how you can detect this problem

  • Plug-in your charger with an electric supply and observe the green light. If it is on, it means the charger is working.
  • Then connect the charger with the hoverboard and observe the light.
  • In ideal situations, the charging light remains red for some time and then turns green, indicating that the battery is charged.
  • However, if you do not see a red light, it means your charger is defective, and it assumes that the battery is fully charged.
  • You can confirm this problem by connecting it with another compatible charger if possible.
  • If this charger is working, it means the problem is with your charger, and it’s time to replace the charger.
  • Ensure that the new charger you buy is of high quality and is the same as the previous one. A low-quality charger can damage your hoverboard’s battery.
  • However, if you observe the same issue, it might be a problem with the hoverboard’s battery or charging port.

Misangled charging ports can also lead to charging issues. Carefully observe the charging port to see if the pins are at a proper position or not. If there is an issue, it means the charger and port’s pins do not line up properly, leading to a charging issue.

Usually, there are three pins in the locator tab. One pin is made of plastic that prevents damage if you plug the charger in the wrong position. Carefully observe the position of charging pins in the locator tab and connect the charger accordingly. If you observe the green light, it means the problem was a misangled charging port which is solved.

2. Battery Issue-Solution

Depleted or damaged batteries could be another issue that won’t allow your hoverboard to turn on.

  • You can easily detect these issues with the battery by following these simple steps.
  • Plugin the charger and start charging the hoverboard.
  • If you see a green light indicator, it means your charger is working.
  • Turn on the hoverboard.
  • If it flashes an orange indicator light, it means it’s a battery malfunction. Either you are using a damaged or low-quality battery.

A depleted battery is another possible reason behind this problem. For this purpose, you will need access to the battery.

  • Carefully remove the bottom cover of your hoverboard. You will need a screwdriver to take out around 10 screws at the bottom.
  • You can easily locate the battery inside the hoverboard, as it comes in a blue plastic cover.
  • Carefully remove the connectors from the battery, undo the wires coming from the light and take out the battery.
  • Connect the battery with a voltmeter. If you find the voltage is less than 36V, it means the battery is depleted, and it can not charge on its own.
  • The only solution to this problem is to get a new battery.

If you find voltage above 40V, it also means it’s also a battery issue. All the batteries have their own Battery Management System or BMS. This system is responsible for the proper charging and functioning of rechargeable batteries. This system comes into play when any issue is detected and automatically shuts off the system to prevent battery damage. If the voltage is higher than 40V, BMS automatically shuts off the power when excessive amperage is detected.

This is a repairable issue, and you should take this hoverboard and battery to professional electronic repair for a good solution.

3. Wiring Problem-Solution

If the battery and charging system is okay, it might be a wiring issue inside the motherboard. Carefully remove the bottom lid of the hoverboard using a screwdriver. Carefully observe the wiring connections inside the hoverboard. The most common issue found is with the wire connecting the charging port and motherboard. If the wire is disconnected or loosen, connect it again with the motherboard. Lastly, you should also know how hoverboards work to solve complicated sections easily.

Still, if you are not able to charge or turn on a hoverboard, it means the wire inside the hoverboard is damaged. Carefully observe for other frays or damage inside the hoverboard. Remember that wiring malfunction is a minor problem and can be repaired at a minimal cost. It is advised to visit the best electronic repair for the solution.

4. Motherboard Problem-Solution

The next situation that might be causing this problem is a defect in the motherboard. If the battery is working properly there is no charging issue, and all the wires are connected; it’s the motherboard that is not letting the hoverboard power on.

The motherboard is a pretty complex structure, and it is difficult to diagnose a problem with the motherboard. Also, the repair chances are very few. In most cases, you will need a new motherboard for your hoverboard. Although a motherboard is expensive, it is still economical to replace a motherboard than a hoverboard.

You should contact the hoverboard manufacturer for a motherboard replacement. If the hoverboard’s warranty period is over, you will have to pay for the motherboard. However, if you have an old model, there are very rare chances of getting a replacement.

If your hoverboard’s warranty period is not over, or it’s a brand new hoverboard, you should instantly contact the customer care service. You can also visit the manufacture’s website for notices about faulty parts. There are bright chances of getting a free replacement if the warranty period is not over. You may also get a refund or partial refund from the company if a defective hoverboard was delivered.

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Can you overcharge a hoverboard?

No, it is not advised to overcharge a hoverboard. Overcharging the hoverboard will put extra pressure on the battery, damage the battery management system, and even deplete the battery completely.

How do I know if my hoverboard battery is bad?

Connect the hoverboard with a compatible charger. Turn on the hoverboard; if it flashes orange instead of green, it means your hoverboard’s battery is bad.

Can a hoverboard battery be replaced?

Yes, a hoverboard’s battery can be replaced. It is recommended to buy a high-quality battery from the same brand if possible. To place a new battery, carefully remove the bottom cover of the hoverboard. Disconnect and take out the new battery and replace it with a new one.

Why will my hoverboard not turn on?

There could be many possible reasons behind this issue. It could be a battery issue, a charging problem, a wire malfunctioning, or a motherboard issue.

How do I turn on my hoverboard?

If the hoverboard is fully charged, you can simply turn it on by pushing the start button. Keep pushing for a few seconds, and you will hear a beep sound, and an indicator light will turn green. If it doesn’t turn on, you may try connecting it with a charger first.v

Final Thoughts

This guide explains the various reasons and situations you might face if your hoverboard is not turning on. To find the best solution, it is important to figure out the actual reason behind it & if you’re a beginner then try out some of the most recommended hoverboards for beginners. You can solve minor issues like a wiring issue or a charging port issue. But it is advised to visit the best electronic repair if you find a serious problem like BMS or motherboard malfunctioning.

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