Hover-1 H1 Review – [ Pros/Cons, Specs & Troubleshooting ]

A self-balancing scooter? Yes, in this digital era, many inventions are being made. With each passing year, our traveling is getting convenient day by day. Initially, we had a two-wheel bike, for which hard pedaling was crucial. Now, we are being blessed with two-wheel self-controlled smart boards that we can automatically control with advanced technological features incorporated in them.

Numerous brands are selling different kinds of hoverboards suitable for all ages. The Hover-1 H 1 is one such electric commuting scooter that has got popular in recent years and has produced excellent hoverboards for beginners. Do you want to give it to your close ones as a gift and not sure if it is worth buying? Then, here’s the detailed information about the Hover-1 H1 hoverboard that will answer all your queries. Make your loved ones’ day enjoyable!

Hover Hoverboard Electric Scooter

Rating: 4.6/ 5

Hover Hoverboard Electric Scooter

Initially, the hoverboard looked like new modern toys in the eyes of the people. But with passing years, people have been using it as personal transportation that takes individuals to their desired destination within a minute. Now you don’t need to travel on foot anymore. These advanced machines had made life easier.

Hover-1 is offering H1 hoverboards with cool and unique features. First of all, it is equipped with 21 centimeter solid wheels that give you excellent durability and smooth riding. It weighs around 23 pounds. As a result, you can easily carry it around (portable).

Moreover, it has a sturdy look. Because of its superb wheeling system, it can go around 9mph at its top speed. Though it will look average speed in the description, practically standing on a hoverboard and traveling with a 9-mile range of speed gives you a different feeling.

Furthermore, it has a 36 V lithium-ion battery that takes 2.5 hours to charge the H1 hoverboard fully. As a result, this powerful incorporated motor gives you the best riding that lasts for hours. Therefore, it is a perfect electric scooter that you excellent at riding on flat paths, but it is not ideal for uneven or gravel paths.

Sometimes you are forbidden to ride on a hoverboard during rainy seasons. But with H1, you can ride in wet conditions because of its IPX4 water resistance features. Hence, H1 hoverboard wheels give you the best durability. Also, it is equipped with outstanding features that give it a cool look.

Interesting, isn’t it? It comes with built-in Bluetooth features, so you can easily connect your smartphone and play your favorite songs. The LED lights incorporated in the H1 hoverboard change its rhythm whenever you play the next music.

  • [i2pc][i2pros] Dual connectivity
  • Logitech Flow software
  • Competent trackball
  • 20-degree tilt
  • Heavy
  • Only right-handed version
[/i2pros] Easily scratched
Not built for all type of terrain [/i2pc]

Overall, the Hover-1 H1 hoverboard is a fantastic technological machine with its modern features. This incredible piece of technology gives you a futuristic sensation. Its built-in Bluetooth feature allows you to play your favorite music whenever you want. Moreover, you can easily adjust its volume based on your preferences.  It is the best personal transportation that you can easily ride.

Why Should You Opt for a Hoverboard?

Our kids are busy all the time playing games, using social media and watching movies on Netflix because of the fast-moving internet. A hoverboard is an excellent alternative to keep your kids active. Like games, it has impressive features with built-in Bluetooth speakers, which will make kids’ day more fun and entertaining.

Whenever individuals are using the internet, they always sit in the same position for hours. So, it is the best way to keep your body in shape. It gives you overall balance as well as a good way to keep exercise daily. Likewise, you can easily use it as personal transportation if you want to go to nearby places like parks, schools, or the garden.

As compared to traditional skateboards, it gives you new ways to perform tricks. Sounds cool? Though it needs constant practice, you can efficiently perform tricks like leaning forward, bending knees, turning in circles, etc. Moreover, it improves your overall concentration and athletic skills. Hence, you can’t just ignore this remarkable piece of technology.

Safety Tips Before Riding an H1 Hoverboard

Before riding any vehicle, you should wear a helmet to avoid injuries. Likewise, an amateur rider should ride away from crowded places. It would be best not to start riding on public roads as a beginner because you are initially prone to get minor accidents. Hence, it is always recommended to ride away from the local public roads.

Always ride on the flat rodes. It would be best if you stayed away from the uneven or ragged pathways. Whenever you are riding across a public path, always follow traffic rules. At night time, always turn on your LED lights; it gives you a good range of vision in a dark time.

Always ride at an average pace as a beginner. If you are going at a fast speed, bumpy or uneven roads, it can cause you severe injuries. If your device has stopped working, never operate it yourself. You should seek help from professionals in this field. Further, make sure your device is fully charged before riding and keep it away from the minor children.


Are hover-1 Hoverboards good?

Surely, yes! Hover-1 H1 provides you smooth-riding, and at top speed, it can go around 9 mph. It comes with a solid wheel that gives you good durability. Though it is not ideal for all types of terrains, it still won’t disappoint you.

Do hover-1 Hoverboards catch on fire?

Well, all the devices are prone to catch fire. If hoverboards consume too much power, they will get overheated. As a result, they may explode and can cause severe injuries. But rest assured, most hoverboards come with UL-certified lithium-ion batteries that are safe to be used. If it is not a UL-certified battery, then you need to look for other options.

How do you know if a hoverboard is fully charged?

When the light turns green like your smartphones, you will know your hoverboard is fully charged. But if the charger has been plugged in for a while and is not charging, then you either need to change your charger, or you can contact a repair shop.

Final Thoughts

Hover-1 H1 is easy to ride and the best vehicle for a short commute. With its unique features, it gives you superb smooth riding. The in-built Bluetooth speakers with customizable LED lights provide, H1 hoverboard a stylish look, and you can easily listen to your favorite music while riding. Hence, it is the best choice if someone is looking for a self-controlling scooter that is easy to handle and is suitable for all ages.

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