How to Convert a Bicycle into Electric Bicycle – [ DIY 2022 ]

Everyone wants to go with the flow of new trends and fashion. So, it’s the right time to get rid of old and traditional bikes and move a step towards an electric bicycle. In this article, we will guide you on how to convert a bicycle into an electric bicycle. Through this, you get to keep your bike preserved and evolve. However, before that, it is good to know the basic difference between the traditional bike and the new electric bike.

The major difference between a traditional or old-fashioned bike and advanced electric bicycles is the motor, control panel, and battery. The motorbikes are fast, more convenient, and user-friendly vehicles. There are some major kinds of e-bikes out there in the category of e-bikes. The first type is called Pedal Assist, which is equipped with a traditional-like pedal. Then comes the Throttle Assist, which is the easiest type of e-bike as it does not require paddling. It is more like a motorcycle or scooter. The third or the last one is Speed Pedelec or the Pedal Assist bike. It requires pedaling to run but is powered by a motor that provides high-speed acceleration.

How to Convert Bicycle into Electric Bicycle

Switching to an e-bike is an expensive option if you buy it directly from the market. But converting the old bike is the cheaper and best way to get into the flow of trends. You only need to buy a normal kit that contains a wheel with a motor and a removable battery. This is actually an affordable solution to get an e-bike. We are going to help you transform a normal bike into a good-looking and best-performing modern electric bike.

First, replace the front wheel of the existing conventional bike to convert it into an e-bike. There are several wheel sizes or brake choices available in the market from which you have to select one which is more convenient for you. The kit basically includes a wheel or tire, thumb speed control, a battery with charger, and a fitting kit. You will also find an instruction manual which is quite comprehensive but a good gesture to tell you how to dismantle the motor. However, some kits have awful manuals with no proper guidelines.

The wheel of an electric bike is driven through an external power source, i.e., 240 watts. The battery provides a 36 Volt 3200 milli-ampere power back. The battery plugs into the hub and also has a USB port for power. The charger plugs onto the battery and charges the e-bike. The charging state is confirmed via lights. Honestly, a battery is one of the most valuable parts of the kit. So let’s discuss its construction first.

The shell of the battery is held together with the help of screws. Inside, there are 10 x 18650 cells connected in series. The 18650 battery is considered great but is slightly expensive. Next, there is a PCB system for battery management and balancing of cells. Now, what is PCB? The PCB is also called Protection Circuit Board and is the heart or core of a Lithium-ion battery pack. It protects the battery pack from over drainage, overcharging, or over-discharging. Therefore, it is essential to get rid of battery explosion, damage, or fire. The case comes with a sealing gasket which provides weatherproofing features.

After selecting the right kit with the perfect battery, wheel, and other essentials, it’s time for installation. Installing the kit is not a big deal. Just remove the front wheel from the existing bike and then slot the new one from the kit into the front forks. Secure the hub by using washers and nuts properly. After doing that, it’s time to test the wheel by turning the power on, spinning the wheel, followed by throttle opening. Then, the thumb throttle is fitted into the handlebars. However, if you’re running out of space, then an extension bar permits the throttle lever to be arranged by the thumb.

Over and above that, you need to fit a phone holder and connect the cables. Finally, you get a look with cables wrapped to the frame, a holder gripping your mobile phone, and a USB port for charging. After getting this complete arrangement, you can download the application called iMortor2, which is available on the play store or app store.

Once the power is turned on, it communicates to the wheel by Bluetooth connectivity. It asks you for a normal password which defaults to 6666. A configuration screen or display shows the units, which you can set to either miles or kilometers as per your convenience. In the instruction manual, you can see the specific number of poles like different cruising modes. For example, if you want to turn on simple cruise control, hold down the thumb throttle for some time. Then, the power level is set, and you can release the lever. In this way, the motor continually operates until you press the lever again.

There are typically three settings on the main screen for getting maximum speed ranging from a one-two, and three. The third one is the highest speed setting simultaneously. At the maximum speed, the e-bike can cover 9 miles in more than 40 minutes.

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How much does it cost to convert a simple bike to an electric bike?

A conversion kit for transforming the old-style bicycle into an electric bike ranges from $300 to $900. Typically, this is approximately what a basic kit costs. However, you can also find the cheaper products in this category. If you’re going to purchase the best kit, then there are many factors which need consideration before price. It is important to consider battery type, wheel size, and price.

Can you add a motor to a bicycle?

As we mentioned earlier, the kits used to convert an ordinary bicycle to an e-bike typically include a controller, battery, and a motorized hub. The motor included in this kit needs to fit on the front or rear wheel. It’s a choice, but the front wheel is a better option because it will provide better traction comparatively. Make sure the motor is compatible with gearing and derailleurs. The motor and rechargeable battery is actually what makes a major difference between traditional bicycles and electric bicycles.

How fast does a 1000w electric bike go?

In general, an electronic bike with a 1000 watt power source is more powerful and faster than usual. It can carry 190 pounds of weight even if riding upward on a hill. It doesn’t require pedaling or any effort because of its power. According to an estimate, a 1000 watt electric bike can cover 32 miles in no more than 60 minutes. It runs at a speed of 50 km/h. A 1000 watt electric bike is a great option for youngsters who love speed.

Do electric bikes go without pedaling?

The electric bikes are of both kinds: pedaling and non-pedaling. In North America, some electric bikes are sold which don’t require pedaling. These e-bikes come with an advanced operating system and function by throttle turning simply. However, if you are going up on long and steep hills, you have to pedal a little. As such, there is no need for effort in such bikes. If you’re interested in enjoying a ride rather than doing it for health or calories burning, then those non-paddle e-bikes are best suited for you. These are advanced and more convenient.

What are the disadvantages of electric bikes?

Electric bikes are advantageous, trendy, convenient, and much more, which we have discussed. But of course, every product does have some drawbacks, and e-bikes are not an exception. The e-bikes are conclusively pricey. Also, it comes with a battery which needs to be charged. The riding range is low. For some bikers, especially children, these bicycles are heavy. The maintenance and repair also cost you more than traditional bikes. Last but not least, e-bikes have low resale value as compared to old-style bikes. So you see every product has advantages and disadvantages both. But, you have to consider it according to your demands and requirements.

What is the difference between a moped and a motorized bicycle?

A moped bicycle is somehow similar to a motorized bicycle, as it is also equipped with an engine and pedals. The moped bicycles are convenient for commuting and riding in town. At the same time, motorized bikes offer a large range of applications.


Our final thoughts on the e-bike and transformation kit are quite positive. The installation and setup are very convenient. There is no trouble in between. It only takes three hours to transform your old-fashioned bicycle into a truly amazing electronic bicycle which is just beyond expectations. The e-bikes are not just trendy but offer you greater convenience, ease of handling, and joyful rides. Along with that, the transformation gives you a chance to restore the aesthetics of your existing bike rather than selling it or wasting it. Converting and evolving the old bike is a great idea and a good activity to do in leisure or quarantine time. We tried our best to provide you with the right information regarding how to convert a bicycle into an electric bicycle.

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