How to Build Your Own Mountain Bike – ( DIY Checklist 2022 )

Whether you want to experience the feeling of building your own bike or are just curious about how to assemble the frame and apparatus of a bike, building new equipment is an interesting experience. Despite the low cost of assembled bikes available in the market, the fun of building your own tool seems more rewarding than anything else. Therefore, this article provides some insights into the equipment through which you can build your own mountain bike without over-straining yourself.

How to Build Your Own Mountain Bike

The best part about building your own material is the control over the quality of components and features of the product. Moreover, you can also display your creativity in the process and generate outstanding results according to your preference. Furthermore, the satisfaction one gets by creating a masterpiece of their own can not be compared to anything else. However, certain factors must be taken into account in this regard.

Cost Reduction

One thing you should keep in mind while beginning your journey is the cost of the apparatus required to assemble the bike. As mentioned earlier, there is no doubt that assembled bikes are cheaper than unassembled ones. The reason for this is the high cost of components involved in assembling the unit.

Manufacturers often buy these materials in bulk, and therefore, the overall cost is lower. However, when you individually buy the apparatus, it costs more and hence increases the cost of the product. However, there are always some exceptions, and you can purchase cheaper frames or look for inexpensive tools. Often frames are less expensive than the rest of the unit. Therefore, one should start by buying frames before other components.

The easiest technique to save money in the process is integrating used parts in the unit. These parts are cheaper and can be renewed with a little bit of work. For example, brakes can be renewed by incorporating new pads. This will not only make the whole method affordable and budget-friendly but will also allow you to experiment and show your creativity.

Expert’s Guidance is Necessary

Although assembling a bike is not a difficult task. But, it is advised to seek expert guidance for efficient results. Seasoned bikers have experience in the field and can provide you with useful information and the right advice. You should start from bike shops to understand the mechanism of assembling your equipment, and these places can also be useful for finding spare parts and connecting with fellow riders.

Significant Components

There is a diverse range of components involved in the assembling of mountain bikes. These include; frame, wheels, front fork, pedals, crank, seat, gears, brakes, and other related parts. Each of which is discussed below in detail.


The frame is of utmost importance and must be considered carefully while purchasing the apparatus for assembling the mountain bike. These are made up of a wide variety of substances, including steel, carbon fiber, and aluminum. Frames are available in diverse sizes and designs and are generally used to support other parts of the mountain bike. Therefore, it should be selected cautiously to avoid unwanted hassle.


After the frame, wheels are another important part and have a huge impact on the performance of the product. Wheels should be high-quality and durable to avoid any physical damage. Mostly, wheels designed for mountain riders are thick and tough to withstand the harsh environmental conditions and rough terrains.

Rim, spokes, and hubs combine together to form the complete structure of the wheels. Similarly, these are available in a variety of sizes and are constructed using various materials, including aluminum, metal, etc., for sturdiness despite their lightweight. Hence, ensuring the quality and performance of the material.


The seat is of great importance as it is associated with the comfort level of the ride. The seat can increase or decrease the efficiency of the unit and should be adjusted perfectly for your riding position and style. Furthermore, poorly adjusted seats might lead to backaches, soreness, or other posture issues.

In addition to this, factors such as weight and height of the rider, body position, and riding stance must be carefully analyzed. Then the seat should be adjusted depending on these characteristics. For mountain bikes, the seat should be aerodynamic, solid, and thin for better output. Therefore, it should be installed properly and comfortably in the product.

Crank and Pedal

Crank is the third important component and is characterized by connecting the foot pedal to the chainring. Therefore, allows the users to move the bike effortlessly. Cranks are particular in terms of terrain and style of riding. Thus, it should be cautiously selected depending on the area where the bike will be used.

For a ride in mountainous terrain, power and speed are extremely important and shall never be neglected. Furthermore, cranks and pedals are interconnected and are directly connected to the user’s feet. These pedals are available in multiple options that include caged, clipped, and platform. Mostly, manufacturers recommend caged pedals for beginners because they offer quick bail-outs.


Brakes are specifically designed for controlling the speed of the unit and stopping the power. Brakes are extremely significant and should be carefully considered for efficient results. Mountain bikers ride at relatively higher speed and require high-quality brakes in this regard. These materials should be durable and not prone to damage.

Moreover, there are two main categories of brakes which can be selected on requirements. Rim brakes are inexpensive tools and are lighter than their other counterparts. These are secondary brakes and involve the contact of pads with the rim of wheels to slow them down. Therefore, they are highly important.

However, these units are moisture sensitive and do not perform very well in wet conditions. Contrary to this, disc brakes are associated with the center of the wheel and are more expensive. Moreover, these tools are also heavier and are mostly integrated into products designed for mountain bikes.

Mostly, hydraulic disc brakes are preferred because of their incredible versatility and high power. Lastly, all the above mentioned equipment can be carefully assembled together using screws and following the user manual. However, it is advised to perform the task under the supervision of someone experienced in the specified field. Lastly, if you’re into folding bikes, then have a look at our guides.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it cheaper to build your own mountain bike?

Although it is often perceived that custom-built bikes cost more than pre-build bikes due to the high cost of individual components, however, the associated cost can be reduced by using second-hand materials for assembling the unit and looking for cheaper frames. Therefore, the price of the overall product depends on the type of materials used in the construction.

Is it easy to build a mountain bike?

Assembling a mountain bike is not a difficult task but requires expert guidance. Therefore, it is advised to build your tool in a bike shop for better outcomes. Moreover, the assembler needs mechanical knowledge and shall be aware of the equipment to make everything work together.

Is building a bike worth it?

Building your own bike is worth the try. The reason for this is the quality of the tool along with the customization. When you create your own product, you have free access to the material used in the construction and, therefore, can experiment with a wide variety of options.

Can I assemble the bike myself?

Yes, you can assemble the bike yourself. There are some parts of the bike that are extremely easy to assemble and do not require much effort. However, if you are assembling the whole apparatus, it is advisable to do it under the guidance of someone experienced in the field to avoid unnecessary trouble.

When you order a bike online, does it come assembled?

No, when the bikes are shipped for delivery, they are in unassembled form. Thus, they require professional assembly when they reach the desired destination and shall be carefully considered before purchasing online.

What size bike do I need?

The size of the bike varies with height and is highly dependent on the weight of the individual. Therefore, a person with a height ranging between 4’11 inches to 5’3 inches shall have a frame size of 13 to 15 inches for efficient results.

Summing Up

Building your own mountain bike provides you with free excess to desired changes in the system, along with choosing the materials that should be used in the process. In addition to this, based on individual preferences, the price of the bike can be decreased or increased along with its quality and comfort level. The article provided some insights into the important tools required to assemble a mountain bike, along with techniques to lower the overall budget. Hence, it is highly recommended to assemble your mountain bike for the best results.

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