How to do a Wheelie on Mountain Bike – [Easy for Beginners]

How To Do a Wheelie On Mountain Bike

Whenever we ride a bike, there’s a never-fading smile on our faces. Mountain Bikes are an excellent option for exploring the wilderness or riding on technical terrain. Moreover, we all love doing cool tricks on our bikes. This makes you look like an excellent bike rider. Riding a bike is a lot of fun, but … Read more

How to Ride a Mountain Bike – [ A Beginners Guide | 2022 ]

How to Ride a Mountain Bike

Have you grown passionate about riding a mountain bike for beginners but don’t know where to start? Don’t sweat it; we will provide a detailed account of how to ride a mountain bike for beginners. If you are a beginner, you must know how mountain biking is distinct from regular road biking. Road bikes are … Read more

Hardtail vs Full Suspension – [ Bike | Beginner Guide 2022 ]

Hardtail vs Full Suspension

Are you shopping for a mountain bike and cannot decide between a hardtail and full suspension? The main difference between a hardtail and full suspension is rear shock, as hardtail bikes lack it. Moreover, the suspension a bike contains has an effective effect on the controlling, traction, and comfort of a ride. Hardtail Vs. Full … Read more

How to Jump on a Mountain Bike – [ Higher | Beginner Guide ]

How to Jump on a Mountain Bike

If you are a mountain biker and looking for more fun to experience through your biking skills then learning how to do jumps on a mountain bike can be very exciting for you. Jumping is fun, but many bikers find it dangerous because they feel like losing grip or being unable to balance their body … Read more

10 Best Electric Bikes Under 1000 – ( Top Picks of 2022 )

Best Electric Bikes Under 1000

If you want to have a galvanizing cycling experience, you have to get your hands on an electric bike. Electric bikes lift your mood by opening several doors for adventures. They are best for multiple terrain types due to their extreme power, lightweight, and high performance. As the name suggests, electric bikes are partially driven … Read more

How Mountain Bikes Work – ( Everything Simplified – 2022 )

How Mountain Bikes Work

Bicycles are a mode of transportation that is more effective because it consumes relatively less source, i.e., petrol, and has a minimum contribution to air pollution as compared to other vehicles. According to statistics, a bicycle has 90% efficiency because it accelerates with the workforce, i.e., the force of your legs. Many of us already … Read more

9 Best Electric Bikes Under 1500 – ( Top Picks of 2022 )

Best Electric Bikes Under 1500

Are you on the lookout for a reliable and best electric bike under $1500? Electric bikes are the most innovative and eco-friendly mode of transport. They are ideal for the daily commute, challenging adventures, recreation, and for doing some fitness work. These bikes are equipped with powerful motors and reliable batteries, which makes them exceptionally … Read more

9 Best Electric Bikes Under 500 – ( Top Picks of 2022 )

Best Electric Bikes Under 500

Do you want to push your limits with an electric bike? Electric bikes have become so popular these days, as they are a convenient and eco-friendly mode of transportation. E-bikes let you cruise at faster speeds without compromising on physical fitness. These bikes are useful for traveling around the town, off-roading, beach riding, hunting, mountain … Read more

Hybrid Bike vs Mountain Bike – [ Exercise, Speed, Difference ]

Hybrid Bike vs Mountain Bike

Bikes come in different forms and models. A bike is the perfect human-powered commute that takes us to our favorite destinations anywhere at any time. It is an ideal vehicle for going on adventures or exploring the wilderness. We always love to go cycling with our favorite loved ones. Not all types of bikes can … Read more

What Mountain Bikes Are Made In the USA – [ 2022 Guide ]

What Mountain Bikes Are Made In the USA

Wondering what might be the best mountain bikes made in the USA? Mountain bikes are characterized by the amplified grip and stability, exceptional durability, sturdy frame, powerful tires, and versatility. These units are manufactured throughout the USA by small and medium-scale production units. The product manufactured by these brands are some of the best available … Read more

Can I use a Mountain Bike on the Road? – 2022 Guide

Can I use a Mountain Bike on the Road

Do you want to go for a road trip but you are only available with a mountain bike? The first question which comes to your mind is, can I use a mountain bike on the road? The answer to this question is yes, you can. Mountain bikes are specially designed for bike trails, off-road cycling. … Read more

How do Electric Bikes Work – [ Simplified – 2022 ]

How do Electric Bikes Work

An electric bike is a modern and more advanced version of your regular road bike with some extra features that boost its power. If you wonder how electric bikes work, we will discuss them in detail in the following account. If you look at the electric bike structure, you may not tell it apart from … Read more

How to Build Your Own Mountain Bike – ( DIY Checklist 2022 )

How to Build Your Own Mountain Bike

Whether you want to experience the feeling of building your own bike or are just curious about how to assemble the frame and apparatus of a bike, building new equipment is an interesting experience. Despite the low cost of assembled bikes available in the market, the fun of building your own tool seems more rewarding … Read more

How to Mountain Bike in the Snow – [ Beginners – 2022 ]

How to Mountain Bike in the Snow

Mountain biking is an excellent activity for adventurous people, but are you sad that you have to put your bike away when winters come? Or are you scared that you will get hurt in the slippery snow tracts? Or you get cold very easily and have to give up on your hobby during winters? Or … Read more

How to Choose an Electric Bike – [ Battery, Assist, Kit ]

How to Choose an Electric Bike

You must be fed up with excessive sweating by covering long distances on your bikes. Paddling can be time-consuming and a reason for body ache. The use of electric bikes has solved these problems and the technology used in them is beneficial in many ways. Electric bikes contain motors that get started after paddling for … Read more

How to Change ( Replace ) or Remove Electric Bike Battery

How to Change & Replace Electric Bike Battery

If you are worried that your finest electric bike will stop while riding it then you must look into the battery because it can be an issue with the battery of your electric bike. You must have reached the limit of the lifespan of an e-bike. To solve this issue you need to change your … Read more

7 Best Electric Bikes Under 3000 – Mountains & Commuting

Best Electric Bikes Under 3000

Do you want to get to your destination in less time and easily instead of standing in a long line of traffic? The best electric bike is a symbol of modern technology that allows you to travel safely and quickly. Excellent electric bikes provide ease of use. Electric bikes are the perfect means of transportation … Read more

How to Fix Gears On a Mountain Bike – Adjust them in 5 Mins

How To Fix Gears On A Mountain Bike

Many times you may experience issues shifting gears on your mountain bike. It is a common problem that your mountain bike might not give back the transmission you want it to deliver. It occurs due to small issues here and there, which you can fix once you have diagnosed the problem. After diagnosis, you can … Read more

Understanding Bike Gears – Front, Back, Adjust etc Explained

Understanding Bike Gears

The process behind the bike gear seems relatively simple but is actually quite tricky at the same time. The process involves pushing the lever by exerting some effort, which makes it easier to pedal. Selecting the appropriate gear for the bike is not a cup of tea and is a time-consuming process. There are a … Read more

How to Replace Mountain Bike Pedals – Remove & Install

How to Replace Mountain Bike Pedals

Did your excitement for your new mountain bike just got spoiled by the realization that the pedals are not right? You must have been extremely frustrated and disappointed having to wait longer to get the pedals replaced; you haven’t even considered doing that yourself, have you? Maybe you did, but the challenge might be feeling … Read more

How to Fix Hydraulic Brakes on a Mountain Bike – DIY Adjust

How to Fix Hydraulic Brakes on a Mountain Bike

Are the hydraulic brakes on your mountain bike malfunctioning? Want to save yourself a trip to the mechanics and fix the problem yourself? Well, in that case, we have got you covered because, in this article, we are going to be explaining the different ways how to fix hydraulic brakes on a mountain bike. Because … Read more

How to Ride an Electric Bike Safely – [ All You Need | 2022 ]

How to Ride an Electric Bike

Riding an electric bike is not only fun and adventurous but can improve your health and is considered a serviceable outdoor activity. With hill climbing, shocking turns, and thrilling experiences, you can enjoy your life fully with these electric bikes that are usually convenient to use and come in different sizes. However, knowing how to … Read more

How to Reset Bosch Electric Bike – Battery, Display – DIY

How to Reset Bosch Electric Bike

Electric bikes nowadays are piquing the interest of people and are replacing traditional manual bikes. Manufacturers like Bosch are known for their great electric bikes with unique features in the world of e-bikes. Due to their durable, reliable equipment, they have achieved a dominant reputation in the mid-drive e-bikes. Bosch does not manufacture bikes. However, … Read more

What Size Mountain Bike do I need? – 2022 Guide

What Size Mountain Bike do I need

A question that commonly comes into everybody’s mind is which mountain bike size will be best for me? To enjoy a ride to the fullest, you need to choose the proper bike size. Each bike company has its own size chart. Whether you purchase a bike from the market or online, you have to be … Read more

How to Fix a Loose or Wobbly Crank On a Mountain Bike

How to Fix a Loose or Wobbly Crank On a Mountain Bike

Is the wobbling crank of your mountain bike making it difficult for you to ride it properly? Well before taking it to the mechanic, why don’t you try these methods listed below to tighten it up yourself? This can not only help you save a few bucks but also let you understand the mechanics of … Read more

How to Mountain Bike Uphill – [ Easy Tips & Guide 2022 ]

How to Mountain Bike Uphill

If you are the one that loves uphill bikes on mountains but always loses their breath and is unable to get to the top, here are some tips for you that can help you to improve your climbing and build your stamina towards it. How To Uphill Mountain Bike 1. Stabilize Your Breath Before starting … Read more

Pros and Cons of Electric Bikes – [ Adv & DisAdv in 2022 ]

Pros and Cons of Electric Bikes

Are you in a dilemma about getting an electric bike? Then this will be the perfect guide for you as I have come up with some pros and cons of the electric bikes after testing and reviewing them. With the recent successful invention of electric cars, now electric bikes are also in the line. The … Read more

How to Install Shimano Gear Shifter – DIY in 2022

How to Install Shimano Gear Shifter

Your bike gear shifter wears out with time. When your bike isn’t shifting the way it used to, then it is a sign that you need to replace your old shifter and install a new pair of shifters. There are tons of good-quality shifters available on the market; one of them is Shimano Gear Shifter. … Read more

How to Install an Electric Bike Conversion Kit – Add Motor DIY

How to Install an Electric Bike Conversion Kit

In the modern-day, people want to have things that are more convenient for them to use. Due to the advancement of technology, gas and petrol cars are being replaced by new inventions like hybrid and electric cars. Similarly, traditional bikes demand has been replaced by electric bikes, which is one of the recent inventions. However, … Read more