7 Best Longboards for Dancing in 2022 – [ Top Rated Picks ]

Are you hunting for the best longboards for dancing in 2021? Want to show off your skills in front of your friends? Longboard dancing has emerged as a prominent hobby and sport in recent years. The process is a combination of skating and dancing, which involves the skillful display of balance over a skateboard, especially at the uneven surface and high altitude.

Longboard dancing should not be confused with kickflips, slides, shuvits, and ollies, which are some famous tricks used by skaters. Instead, it is a form of flatland tricks that allow the consumer to lift their body around the longboard to perform dance moves. Therefore, it is vital to look for a longboard that is good in quality and provides support and stability.

The articles provide some insights into the 7 best longboards for dancing in 2021 available across the market. In addition to this, a detailed guide on what should be taken into account while looking for a dancing board is also included.

7 Best Longboards for Dancing in 2021

  1. VOLADOR 40inch Maple Longboard – Basic Cruiser
  2. Best for Beginners: Loaded Boards Longboard
  3. Quest – Totem Longboard Skateboard
  4. JUCKER HAWAII Original Longboard Skateboards
  5. MINORITY Downhill Maple Longboard 40-inch
  6. Revolution 101 Balance Board Trainer
  7. Eggboards Mini Longboard – Sustainable Compact Skateboard

1. VOLADOR 40inch Maple Longboard – Basic Cruiser

VOLADOR 40inch Maple Longboard Basic Cruiser

VOLADOR 40inch Maple Longboard – Basic Cruiser is a specific tool for beginners and provides ultimate support to the consumer. Erected with 8-ply hard maple with cold press properties, the product is durable and does not get damaged easily. Aluminum alloy based trucks and carbon steel based bolts of the board provide a stable and safe dancing experience.

Moreover, the concave shape and modern design of long dancing boards offer fast acceleration to players and reduce the chances of getting hurt. The skating board trucks can be adjusted to 45-50 degrees to increase maneuverability and perform difficult dancing moves. Weighing only 6.5 pounds, the product is lightweight and can be carried out with ease.

Furthermore, the lightweight of the tool does not burden or feel heavy to skaters during dancing. This feature increases the efficiency and performance of the dancing board. Exceptional performance and cost-effectiveness are two major reasons for the product’s huge market demand. The VOLADOR 40inch Maple Longboard is available with the price tag of $109.99 and can be easily afforded by the majority.

  • Durable and lightweight
  • Perfect for beginners and experts
  • Adjustable trucks for maneuverability
  • Inexpensive
  • Quality Concerns
  • Difficult to assemble
  • Uncomfortable for dancing

This VOLADOR 40-inch Maplewood Longboard product is not only durable but also recyclable. Therefore, it is an ideal choice for beginners as well as experts.

2. Best for Beginners: Loaded Boards Longboard

Loaded Boards Bhangra Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Complete

Often referred to as the sweet dancing board, Loaded Boards Bhangra Bamboo Longboards are among the finest skating boards available in the market. Lightweight and environmentally friendly in nature, the product is constructed using bamboo. Equipped with top quality material and elegant design, these tools provide enhanced durability and strength.

Along with this, the concave-shaped construction and 8.5 inches length provide a smooth ride and increased surface area for movement. One prominent attribute of the Loaded Bhangra dancing boards is their ability to support various skating skills. This attribute enhances the equipment’s versatility and allows a diverse range of skaters to perform freestyle tricks.

The multiple performance flex integrated into the system provides a variety of dancing options for users. Flex < 1 is suitable for skilled riders and provides space for more aggressive dancing and skating options. Flex 2 offers balanced riding options for beginners and is suitable for more responsive skating abilities.

Similar to the above-mentioned longboard, this model also protects the rider against wheel bites. Available at a market price ranging between $395 to $499.99, the product lies towards the higher end of the price spectrum.

  • Environment friendly and lightweight
  • Durable and stable
  • Multiple flex options
  • For diverse range of skating tricks
  • Expensive
  • Quality Concerns

Available with multiple flex options, Loaded Bhangra Bamboo Longboards are suitable for a variety of tricks. Hence, it often fall towards the higher end of the price spectrum. Lastly, you should also know how to stop on a longboard easily to avoid any major impact.

3. Quest – Totem Longboard Skateboard

Quest Totem Longboard Skateboard

This 107cm Longboard Dancing Skateboard is ideal for people of diverse age groups and can be utilized by the majority of skaters. The longboard has a deck length of 6 inches and provides a perfect platform for displaying outstanding dancing styles.

These boards are suitable for many because they are incorporated with patterns on the back to prevent the performer from falling. The patterns are included below the skating boards and are responsible for heat transfer between the boards. Hence, heat maintains the balance and prevents the consumer from falling over.

Stable and durable in nature, the dancing board is made up of a combination of 7 ply Maple hardwood with cold press abilities and bamboo. This characteristic offers ride suitability for people with different skill levels and is exceptionally ideal for beginners.

Additionally, medium-sized wheels make it easier to balance the tool on uneven surfaces after performing a specified dance move. The price of Quest Totem Longboard Skateboard 36”, Natural is $57.02, and the product is categorized as a low price range tool. It is one of the best longboards under 100 for dancing in 2021.

  • Suitable for diverse age groups
  • Patterns to prevent falling
  • Bamboo and Maplewood construction
  • Durable and easy to balance
  • Low Quality
  • Poor bearings and wheels

Quest Totem Longboard skateboards feature bamboo construction. Moreover, the inclusion of patterns on the board enhances durability and equilibrium. Thus, making the product favorable for people of diverse age groups. Lastly, it’s a perfect longboard to perform tricks.

4. JUCKER HAWAII Original Longboard Skateboards

JUCKER HAWAII Original Longboard Skateboards

JUCKER HAWAII Original Longboard Skateboards are constructed with Maple hardwood and Bamboo. These materials make the tool extremely environment friendly and provide strength and durability to the product. The design and erection of the dancing longboards display a perfect Hawaiian look to the consumers.

42 inches in size, the skateboard is suitable for beginners as well as experts. Along with this, the aluminum-based 7 inches large truck with silver stone embellishment and 78 A soft wheels offer a balanced ride on rough paths. The dancing board feels comfortable to ride and provides smooth moves.

The Maple Hardwood and Bamboo constructed deck of the JUCKER HAWAII model is characterized by increased maneuverability and provides an enhanced surface area for unrivaled dancing tricks. The product is available with a price tag of $159.95 and can be easily afforded by most consumers.

  • Lightweight and Durable
  • Bamboo and Maplewood construction
  • Environment Friendly and comfortable
  • Inexpensive
  • Enhanced maneuverability
  • Cracking of the front surface
  • Safety Concerns

This product is extremely lightweight and environment friendly. Additionally, it has the ability to maneuver effortlessly and is available at a reasonable price.

5. MINORITY Downhill Maple Longboard 40-inch

MINORITY Downhill Maple Longboard 40 inch Drop Deck

MINORITY Downhill Maple Longboard 40-inch Drop Deck is perfect for increased acceleration and fast riders. The longboard possesses low gravity development, which allows maximum speed without compromising the safety of the skater. Therefore, the longboard is a necessity for downhill rides.

Lightweight and easy to carry, the board is made up of natural material, including 8 ply Maple hardwood, which contributes to its durable and compact properties. Similar to the VOLADOR Maple longboard, this model also displays aluminum and carbon steel erection for trucks and axles.

Besides this, around 45 to 50-degree adjustable trucks provide more flexibility to dancers while using the longboard. The 34-inch long wheelbase and the 10-inch wide deck of the skateboard combine together to absorb the shock from hitting the floor. Thus, preventing the dancer from tripping over due to the shock.

Finally, the product reduces the wheel bite that might be a case in ordinary longboards and is recyclable. This is attributed to the Maplewood construction materials utilized in the manufacturing process. The market price of MINORITY Downhill Maple Longboard is $79.89.

  • Lightweight and Recyclable
  • Ability to absorb shock from falling
  • Adjustable trucks for flexibility
  • Perfect for a downhill race
  • 220 lb. Carrying capacity
  • Poor Packaging
  • Vulnerable to breakage
  • Gets scratches easily

MINORITY Downhill Maple Longboards are a perfect tool for downhill racing. The product displays 220 lb. of weight carrying potential. Thus, is not prone to damage easily.

6. Revolution 101 Balance Board Trainer

Revolution 101 Balance Board Trainer

Revolution 101 Balance Board Trainer is an extremely efficient tool for dancing around and exercising on your skateboard. Available with a roller instead of wheels, the product is ideal for maintaining balance. Furthermore, both the board and roller are extremely lightweight and do not feel a burden to the user.

The front of the dancing board features a cushioning effect and feels soft. This allows the consumers to use the board bare feet without getting hurt or feeling uncomfortable as the board is mounted on top of a roller instead of regular wheels. Thus, there is a minimal chance of floor scratching as compared to other dancing boards.

Another significant advantage of roller based skating boards is the ability to balance oneself easily. This provides exceptional coordination, equilibrium, and stability while riding at high speed, especially during difficult dance moves.

Additionally, the product is suitable for a variety of surfaces and for a wide range of activities, including dancing, exercise, ollies, etc. The Revolution 101 Balance board is available with the price tag of $129.95 and is light on the pocket.

  • Integrated with rollers
  • Does not scratches the floor
  • Durable and portable
  • Suitable for a variety of activities
  • Not suitable for concrete floor
  • Slippery and difficult to balance

Revolution 101 Balance boards have replaced wheels with rollers. This enables the rider to spin at a fast speed without scratching the floor. Therefore, the product is also suitable for a large number of activities other than dancing.

7. Eggboards Mini Longboard – Sustainable Compact Skateboard

Eggboards Mini Longboard Bamboo Wood Sustainable Compact Skateboard

Eggboards Mini Longboard Bamboo Wood – Sustainable Compact Skateboard is a lightweight, portable tool. The product is suitable for both adults and kids and offers great stability while skating. The small size of the dancing board makes it appropriate to place it inside a backpack. Additionally, a mini skateboard is also suitable for carrying around in an airplane.

The bamboo construction of the product increases the recycling abilities of the product and prevents it from cracking. The trucks are made up of aluminum that provides stability to the rider and maintains balance. Moreover, decks and wheels are also stable and have the ability to endure weight.

ABEC bearings integrated into the dancing longboard enable the wheels to spin for long intervals and enhance maneuverability. Last but not least, the product features an elegant and modern design and is available in a beautiful gray and wood color. Hence, it perfectly adds five stars to one demeanor.

Eggboards Mini Longboard Bamboo Wood – Sustainable Compact Skateboard is available at the price range of $108.80 with a 22% discount on amazon. The original price of the product is $139. Therefore, it is a medium price range for dancing longboards.

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Compact and stylish
  • Ability to endure heavyweight
  • Enhanced maneuverability
  • Not suitable for hilly areas
  • Slow and extremely small
  • Easily to scratch

This product displays a unique erection with a modern outlook.  Featuring the ability to endure heavyweight, the Eggboard Bamboo Longboard is compact. Thus, does not break or flex under high pressure and is a recommendation for skilled dancers.

What to Consider While Looking for Best Longboards for Dancing – A Comprehensive Guide

There are some important factors that need attention before purchasing a longboard for the purpose of dancing. These factors range from the process of buying to the price and features of a typical dancing longboard. Some of the prominent aspects that must not be overlooked are;

The purpose of the Longboard

The first and the foremost step while looking for a longboard is to identify the need for it. It is important for a buyer to know the purpose of buying. If one is looking for a dancing board, it is advisable to buy boards that are highly stable and possess shock-absorbing abilities. However, it does not hurt to buy a board that has multiple purposes and can be used for other skating activities.

Visiting a Longboard Shop Never Hurts

It is also significant to visit a longboard shop and physically select the desired product. This helps in identifying the quality of the dancing board, along with its balancing abilities. It is also wise to try riding the board once before buying for a clearer idea of the selected tool’s performance and abilities.

Size of Deck

The size of the deck matters to a great extent for skateboard dancers. It is also crucial for safety reasons as the wrong deck size might result in falling. Small decks, i.e., 108 cm long, are suitable for beginners but might not be enough for advanced moves.

Experts and skilled dancers that perform difficult moves require larger skateboards, i.e., greater than 124 cm, for greater surface area. The increased surface area provides more room for movement and reduces the chance of falling.

Stability of Deck

Other than the size of the deck, stability is also a prominent attribute. Stability is an important factor for a longboard dancer. Drop through deck boards offer good stability and an enhanced platform for dance moves. These features are even more amplified in a double drop through the longboard.

However, the tool might become heavier due to the inclusion of more wood layers. This contributes to withholding the pressure and increasing the stability of the skateboard. Another reason for the addition of wood layers is to provide support for wheels.

Wheels Matter a lot

The size and weight of the wheel are essential and vary for different activities. Typically, heavier wheels provide ample opportunities for flatland tricks. It is a well-known fact that flatland tricks are mostly used while dancing on longboards.

Therefore, heavier wheels allow the board to spin for a long time in a single attempt. It is an ideal choice to use soft wheels for performing dance moves. This contributes to stability and prevents the consumer from falling.

On the flip side,  most longboard dancers also use short wheels as they protect against wheel bite. Some notable examples in this regard include Sector 9 Butterballs and ABEC 11 Flashbacks.

Trucks of the Dance Board

Trucks of the longboard should also be taken into account while purchasing a longboard. A truck that offers flexibility and maneuverability is better than a regular one. Additionally, the trucks should also allow longboards to spin at different angles for versatility.

Is it Worth the Price?

Last but not least, it is essential to consider your budget before setting out to purchase a dancing board. It is not wise to invest in a longboard that is neither reliable nor stable. Moreover, if you are a beginner and not familiar with advanced tricks, there is no need to spare extra money.

In such cases, it is an intelligent approach to buy reasonably priced boards that can fulfill your requirements instead of looking for expensive specialized longboards for experts. If the features you are paying for are worth the price, it does not matter to spend a few dollars on the product.


Despite a large number of longboards available in the market for consumer convenience, it is difficult to search for the best longboard for dancing. There are plenty of features that you must consider for selecting a suitable dancing board for yourself. Based on this review, it can be observed that the following products are preferred over others.

  • JUCKER HAWAII Original Longboard Skateboards due to their durable, compact, and environmentally friendly nature.
  • Eggboards Mini Longboard Bamboo Wood – Sustainable Compact Skateboard for its ability to withstand the weight and enhanced maneuverability.
  • VOLADOR 40inch Maple Longboard – Basic Cruiser because of its versatility and inexpensiveness.

Therefore, if you are into longboards and flatland skateboarding tricks, the above-mentioned longboards are my ultimate recommendation. These are not only performance but also cost-efficient and are ideal for people of different skill levels.

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