5 Best Hoverboards Under 300 Dollars – Budget & Safe Picks

Do you want to enjoy a hoverboard fun ride by paying less? You don’t need to dwell on it; there is an ample amount of low-cost hoverboards out there to let you meet your desire. You can get a quality hoverboard for less price that will make your free time more fun.

As you know, quality verily comes with a price; the higher the budget, the more enhanced and upgraded features. But it does not mean the inexpensive hoverboards are any less than the quality hoverboards. They may be low in price, but still, they can deliver high performance.

If you want to learn how to ride a hoverboard, choosing a budget-friendly hoverboard is ideal for you. This way, you will not feel much concerned about the scratches, bumps, and cracks on your hoverboard and focus more on learning and enjoying it.

It is wise to start with a low-price hoverboard and, after mastering it, move on to an upgraded expensive one. The low price does not mean their performance is compromised; you can enjoy a safe and fun ride even on a tight budget. Put your hands on these cheap hoverboards for under $300 to start your fun ride journey.

5 Best Hoverboards Under 300 in 2021

  1. Swagtron Swagboard Pro T1
  2. Swagboard Vibe T580
  3. XtremepowerUS 6″ Self-Balancing Hoverboard
  4. SISIGAD Hoverboard
  5. TOMOLOO Wheel Self Hover Scooter

1. Swagtron Swagboard Pro T1

Rating: 4.1 / 5

Swagtron Swagboard Pro T1

The Swagtron T1 board is fun to ride. If you plan to ride a hoverboard but don’t want to spend too much money, Swagtron Swagboard Pro T1 is the right choice. It provides a range of up to 7 to 12miles. It is equipped with a 300-watt motor and lithium-ion battery and gets up to 8 mph of speed. The speed varies as it depends on your weight and the kinds of terrain.

This board has different riding modes. It is excellent for beginners as it offers a learning mode, so beginners don’t need to worry about speed control. They can easily adjust the speed. When you get a little used to it and ride it comfortably, you can switch to standard mode and reach the top speed to enjoy your fast ride.

Its construction is sturdy. The casing is made from ABS. ABS stands for – acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, which is a rigid plastic material. The mainboard has a silicone gel coating. The battery is also protected by Sentry-Shield aluminum alloy casing.

The hard rubber tires with aluminum rims weigh around 23 pounds. The tires are not ideal for riding the board off-road, so it’s better to stay off from the rocky ground, sand, and grass. This board is equipped with LED headlights, ideal for riding in low light. You can keep a check on battery levels with the help of five light indicators.

Speaking of safety, this board has two safety UL certifications – the UL-2272 and UL-2271. It’s Battery Management System keeps a constant check on the battery. The battery takes less than two hours to be completely charged. It has a minimum weight capacity of 45 pounds and a maximum weight capacity of 220 pounds.

  • Playful
  • Inexpensive
  • long run time
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Poor on rough roads and off-pavement
  • Lacks Bluetooth

The Swagtron T1 Pro is ideal for learners and experts with a decent 11-mile range and 8- mph top speed. Its UL certifications, Safe Stop tech, and BMS system make it the safest hoverboard under 300$ in  2021.

2. Swagboard Vibe T580

Rating: 4.4 / 5

Swagboard Vibe T580

Swagboard Vibe T580, with an impressive list of features, is one of the best hoverboards under 300$ in 2021. It has built-in Bluetooth speakers and an iOS/Android companion app. The Bluetooth speakers are not efficient but sufficient enough to let you ride with your favorite tunes.

The companion app is absolutely a great feature that allows you to unlock your hoverboard’s full potential. From the app, you can start your hoverboard, switch between the riding modes, control speed, set the acceleration or a speed limit, and keep a check on the battery while staying away from the board.

The Swagboard Vibe T580 is a few steps ahead when it comes to the top speed range than other low-cost hoverboards. It can attain a top speed of 7.5 miles per hour. with a complete charging time of two hours; this board can cover 8 miles per charge.

It has 6.5″ wheels, ideal for riding on flat terrains. The tires are finely rugged and wide enough for a smooth ride on plain surfaces. It is a lightweight hoverboard and weighs around 20 pounds. The non-slip foot pads provide a firm grip on the board. The LED headlights make it a safer choice in low light.

When it comes to safety, this board has UL2272 safety certification and smart battery management technology. SentryShield provides multi-layer protection. All these safety measures prevent overheating and potential over-voltage issues.`

This board has three riding modes: a learning mode, a standard mode, and an advanced mode making it ideal for kids and adults alike. It can support weight between 40 pounds and 220 pounds.

  • Three riding modes
  • iOS/Android companion app
  • Built-in Bluetooth speakers
  • Not able to tackle all-terrain scenarios

The Swagtron T580 offers more features at a lower price. With decent battery life, a good top speed of 7.5 miles, a built-in Bluetooth speaker, the iOS/Android companion app makes it an ideal hoverboard for commuting in urban areas. Lastly, if you want something at half the price then check our best hoverboards under 150 dollars guide.

3. XtremepowerUS 6″ Self-Balancing Hoverboard

Rating: 4 / 5

XtremepowerUS Self Balancing Hoverboard

Enjoy your outdoor adventures with XtremepowerUS 6″ Self-Balancing hoverboard. With safety as its primary concern is our next favorite hoverboard under $300. This hoverboard is a budget-friendly product with amazing features that you are definitely going to love.

High-quality material is used in its construction. The solid rubber wheels provide a smooth ride on plain, less bumpy terrains, but this board is not suitable for all kinds of landscapes. This hoverboard is sturdy enough and can support weight up to 220 pounds.

It is a lightweight board. Two LED lights change color as you go. The LED lights are beneficial for commuting in low light. This board is SGS safety certified, which means you will not face battery and charger common issues. It is not ideal for commuting longer trips

  • Budget-friendly
  • Max speed of 7.5mph
  • UL safety certified
  • It takes 3 to 4 hours to charge up completely.
  • No Built-in Bluetooth
  • Short-range up to 4 miles

If you want to try out a hoverboard to follow the trend, Gotrax Hoverfly ECO is the right choice for you. It is one of the affordable hoverboards under 300$. It is ideal for short and fun rides in smooth areas. `

4. SISIGAD Hoverboard

Rating: 4.4 / 5

SISIGAD Hoverboard

Sisigad is a choice of kids. The backlights on the wheel, front, and rear dashboards, and the RGB LED indicators to make this board very appealing for kids. The lights pulsate and feel like you are leaving light traces while you are riding.

It is an affordable choice and one of the best selling hoverboards under 300$. It features the latest self-balancing technology perfect for newbies and kids. Its solid rubber 6.5 tires provide enough grip to keep your balance, which is ideal for newbies.

The built-in Bluetooth speaker lets You connect to your mobile and enjoy listening to music during your ride. Make it your companion and enjoy your casual riding or commute for shorter distances. It has a maximum weight capacity of 260 pounds, which is an impressive weight limit.

Dual 300-watt motors provide a top speed of 9 mph. It has a powerful 4.4Ah lithium-ion battery, which needs 3 to 4 hours to charge completely. On a single charge, you can cover a distance of up to around 15 km. This range depends on the kind of terrain.

The SISIGAD hoverboard is UL 2272 safety certified, which makes it trustworthy and safe to use. Self-balancing technology and non-slip foot pad provide strong traction and stability, making it ideal for beginners. They can easily learn to get on, balancing, riding, and getting off the hoverboard.

  • Modern look and available in multiple colors
  • Solid construction and quality design
  • Great performance
  • High load limit (118 kg / 260 lb)
  • The long-lasting battery and UL2272 safety certification
  • Easy to ride – even for beginners
  • Standard price
  • Not waterproof
  • Bluetooth speakers, but the sound quality could be better.
  • No mobile app to review hoverboard stats

It’s an impressive all-round self-balancing board. The prominent features like LED front, bumper, wheel lights, Bluetooth capability, UL2272 safety certification, high load limit (118 kg / 260 lb), and Long-lasting battery make Sisigad stand out among other budget-friendly boards. Laslty, you can also try out the best electric hoverboards designed by Sisigad for better stability and performance.

5. TOMOLOO Wheel Self Hover Scooter

Rating: 4.5 / 5

TOMOLOO Wheel Self Hover Scooter

Tomoloo hoverboard is one of the cheapest boards that still maintain high-quality performance. It has a lightweight appealing design to the buyers along with excellent performance. This board weighs around 23 pounds,

This board has UL2272 certification. The material used in its construction features high-temperature resistance and fire retardancy. The high-quality material keeps it safe from overheating and catching fire.

You can take it along with you everywhere as it can be easily folded up. The 8.5-inch air-filled wheels ensure that you enjoy a smooth ride. A unique App control function makes it a more prominent hoverboard among others in the competition. Using your app from your phone, you can control speed and balance.

There is also a self-balancing mode. To switch between the learning mode and standard mode, press the power button for three seconds. After turning on the board, the self-balancing mode activates automatically by putting one foot on the rubber pad.

For riders’ convenience, this board comes with three riding modes, which makes it ideal for beginners and an advanced ride. It is equipped with a lithium-Ion battery. The charging time would take you only 3 hours to fully charge the battery. A single fully charged battery gives a range of 18.6 miles.

It has a dual braking system. The dual 300w motor provides a top speed of 15.5 mph. The wheel features 5 LED lights that sync up with the music. The rubber tires are waterproof, which provides enough traction on the wet surface. The battery area and the charging port are well concealed to avoid water penetration, making it an ideal hoverboard if you want to ride in rainy weather.

  • Advanced mainboard program
  • High-temperature resistance and fire retardancy
  • Powerful wheels and durable tires
  • A top performer for children and beginners
  • UL22772 safety certificate
  • Easy to scratch, dent, and damage the outer shell

Tomoloo is a fantastic affordable hoverboard with features like Bluetooth speakers, customizable LEDs, and a mobile app. It is a decent performer in terms of speed and range. If its expensive for you then have a look at slightly cheaper options under 200$.

Final Words

Hoverboards are all the craze for kids and adults. The 5 best hoverboards under $300 in 2021 listed above are not only budget-friendly, but their impressive features make them reliable choices. The basic features of these inexpensive hoverboards are not much different from the expensive ones. Hoverboards are all meant for fun rides. As far as the basic purpose of hoverboards is concerned, these cheap boards serve it best.

Hoverboards are all the craze for kids, and you don’t want to buy them an expensive one for sure as they don’t know how to operate it properly. There is a possible chance that they break it pretty fast, so buying an inexpensive hoverboard is a wise choice. That lets them cruise down the street and also keep them safe.

If you are looking for an all-around self-balancing board, TOMOLOO Wheel Self Hover Scooter has more features than other boards in the same range. Its prominent features are Bluetooth speakers, customizable LEDs, UL2272 certification, 5 LED lights that sync up with the music, and a mobile app that makes it stand out among other low-cost hoverboards.

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