7 Best Folding Bikes – ( Top Rated Foldable Picks of 2022 )

Catching the bus or train, going to the school at the eleventh hour, or just quickly commuting around the town has never been as easy as it is with a folding bike. Folding bikes provide the quickest and easiest way to cover the miles wherever you want to go. You can swiftly fold it, making it compact enough to fit in the car or public buses when not in use. These bikes are as powerful as the regular bikes, if not more. They are more or less the same as the traditional bikes; the main difference is in the size and the foldability. The main issue of storing a bicycle or transporting it when not in use has been solved with the invention of foldable bikes.

They are usually smaller in size, fully adjustable, comfortable, and deliver great performance. Most of these folding bikes come with multiple gear options so they can handle a variety of terrains. They also come with great weight capacity, which makes these bikes good for almost all age groups. The foldable bikes are also good to go on uphills due to the wide range of gear options. We have listed the 7 best foldable bikes so you can pick your favorite one.

Best Foldable Bikes

  1. Vilano Urbana Single Speed Folding Bike – Lightweight Folding Bike
  2. ZIZZO VIA – Portable Bike
  3. KESPOR K7 Folding Bike for Adults – Compact Folding Bike
  4. EB7 Plus Folding Electric Bike with Removable Battery
  5. EuroMini Folding-Bicycle
  6. Xspec 20″ 7 Speed Folding Compact City Commuter Bike
  7. IDS Home unYOUsual U Transformer

1. Vilano Urbana Single Speed Folding Bike – Lightweight Folding Bike

Rating: 4.3/ 5

Vilano Urbana Single Speed Folding Bike - Lightweight Folding Bike

The first product from our best folding bikes review list is the ultimate Vilano Urbana. It is the most lightweight commuter bike you will come across. This bike elevates your cycling experience and allows for easy transportation. It comes loaded with jaw-dropping features, among which the comfort it provides is on the top. It has a classy design, and the frame is built from aluminum, which makes it a lightweight and portable folding bike.

In addition to that, it has a durable built and has a great weight capacity. The maximum weight it can handle is 200 lbs, which is amazing. The assembly and folding of the bike are extremely convenient. You can easily assemble the bike by following the instructions given in the user’s manual. This product folds quickly and can easily be stored in tight spaces when it is not in use. Moreover, it allows for easy transportation in cars or public transport.

Moreover, it provides a smooth ride around the town with its durable tires. It also comes with a rear rack and mounts for a water bottle, which makes things easier. It allows for smooth paddling and has the most comfortable saddle ever. You can also effortlessly adjust the heights of the handlebar and seat for your convenience. They adjust tightly to prevent any unwanted happening and allow for fun-filled smooth commuting.

  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Provides a smooth ride
  • Single-speed

Overall, this compact, lightweight, and durable folding bike will be a bang for the buck. It is affordable, has easy assembly, and provides a smooth ride. You can easily transport the bike when not in use. Moreover, this bike folds and becomes ultra-compact so that you can store it in tight spaces. Lastly, the bike is ultra-durable, making it a long-lasting product.

2. ZIZZO VIA – Portable Bike

Rating: 4.6/ 5

ZIZZO VIA - Portable Bike

Next in line is the fantastic folding bike that will blow your mind with its super fun features. First of all, the super classy, lightweight frame of the bike speaks for itself. Most of the parts of this bike are made with aluminum alloy that contributes to durability and lightweight. The main highlight of this folding bike is its 7-speed Shimano Tourney derailleurs. It allows you to ride on any given terrain with its multiple gear system and robust tires.

It is also equipped with a shock-absorbing technology that prevents the derailleurs from getting damaged. Moreover, this folding bike comes with V-brakes for both front and rear sides. These brakes offer a tremendous and smooth stopping power. It folds to become so compact that you can even fit the bike in your cars for convenient transportation. The overall body of the bike is ultra-durable, and the tires are robust, which makes it a multi-terrain bike.

In addition to that, the bike also comes with front and rear fenders that shield your clothes from the debris. You can also easily adjust the height of the handlebar and seat to match your comfort level. This bike is great for commuting and cruising around the town. You can also open the doors for adventures as it is a multi-terrain folding bike. The assembly and adjustment of the product are elementary. All in all, this is one of the best folding bikes for the amazing features it provides.

  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Easy assembly
  • 7-speed Shimano derailleurs
  • Sliding of seat reported by one customer

Overall, this full-featured folding bike will take your cycling experience to another level. It has a lightweight aluminum body that makes it easy to ride and adds to the durability. Moreover, it comes with 7-speed Shimano derailleurs that allow for versatile commuting. You can ride the bike on multiple types of terrains and have the most fun-filled ride.

3. KESPOR K7 Folding Bike for Adults – Compact Folding Bike

Rating: 3.9/ 5

KESPOR K7 Folding Bike for Adults - Compact Folding Bike

Having the most durable frame, the KESPOR K7 is the latest version of the MASPOR bikes. It is designed in such a way as to achieve maximum mobility with ultimate smoothness. The bike is suitable for almost all age groups and comes with an amazing weight capacity. It has dedicated fenders on both wheels to protect you from debris hits. Moreover, it has a 7-speed gear that allows you to ride the bicycle on almost every terrain.

In addition to that, the bicycle features 20-inch rims with a strong base alloy that makes the ride even. There are dual disk brakes as an added feature, and the quality is top-notch for a bike like this. The frame is all made of aluminum alloy that is both lightweight and strong. It is a foldable bike with top quality Shimano twist shifters. Moreover, it comes with Shimano rear derailleur TZ-50 making it one of the best folding bikes. The bike is ideal for short commutes and camping etc.

Moreover, the bike fantastically folds and becomes extremely compact, making it easy to store. You can effortlessly assemble the cycle yourself with just a few simple steps. The bike can stand a wide range of riders in terms of their weight; that is, it can hold 230-pound max. The seat is made very comfortable to easily fit riders from minimum of 5 feet to over 6 feet tall. Lastly, it comes with a lifetime warranty making it the best foldable bike to purchase.

  • Lightweight bike
  • Easy to assemble
  • Great weight-bearing capacity
  • Durable body
  • Overpriced

The product is a bit pricey but comes with amazing features, to begin with. Most of its parts are made with durable aluminum that contributes to its lightweight. It is a compact bike that folds and becomes 31x14x26 inches in dimensions. You can easily transport and store it wherever you want. Lastly, the bike comes with 7 speed Shimano twist shifters making it a versatile folding bike.

4. EB7 Plus Folding Electric Bike with Removable Battery

Rating: 4.3/ 5

EB7 Plus Folding Electric Bike with Removable Battery

The EB7 plus foldable electric bike is setting new trends in the biking world. The bike has a removable rechargeable battery that helps to go up to 19 miles on a single charge. Additionally, it maintains a cruise speed of 18.6 miles an hour. It has enough power to climb a 25-degree inclination on battery power. Similarly, the bike has an active 7-speed gear system with a reliable ride control that everyone craves. Moreover, It has a variable throttle that has the sole purpose of getting the power from the battery to the chain and wheel.

In addition to that, the battery can be replaced with a new one when needed. The battery is well secured and can be accessed by a key. This casing protects the battery from water splashes and moisture from getting in. The bike performs astounding on the rough terrain, all thanks to the enhanced rear suspension. The disk brakes are cherry on top that gives you that bold stopping power.

In addition to that, the durable body of the bike makes it long-lasting and one of the best folding bikes. The 350W rear hub motor gives the bike all of its power to handle multiple terrains with efficacy. It takes less time to charge and gives you a long battery backup. Lastly, this folding bike comes with a year-long warranty so that you can have a worry-free purchase.

  • Removable battery
  • Long battery backup
  • Fully adjustable
  • 7-speed gears
  • It has height limitations.

Overall, this folding e-bike is going to be the bike of your dreams with all those praiseworthy features. First of all, it comes with a 7-speed gear shift making it good for multiple terrains. Moreover, it comes with a removable battery and 350W hub motors that give the bike a lot of power. The battery backup is long-lasting, and the top speed of the bike is 18.6 mph. Lastly, this bike is extremely durable and lightweight making it easy to transport and carry.

5. EuroMini Folding-Bicycle

Rating: 4.6/ 5

EuroMini Folding-Bicycle

The Euro mini Zizzo campo is one of the best folding bikes loaded with the most advanced technology. The lightweight frame makes the bike ideal for any purpose, be it a leisure jaunt or commute. EuroMini has the Shimano tourney derailleur gear shifting mechanism that makes it one of its kind. That wide range of gear shifts makes the bike diverse and can be used on all sorts of terrains. These gears are rust-resistant, coated with a high-grade cassette and chain to make your ride akin to gliding in the air.

In addition to that, this folding bike requires little effort to push the pedals. Also, the derailleur is attached to the frame that absorbs most of the shocks and prevents the shifters from damages due to the impacts. Moreover, The Shimano Revoshift grip shifters are the ones to control the gears. These shifters are ultra-responsive and are directly integrated into the handlebar. All of this mechanism makes shifting the gear convenient when you are on the go.

Furthermore, EuroMini folding bikes come with an easy single folding aluminum alloy stem. It makes it ultra-convenient to take the bike down by folding it in no time. The handlebar can also be easily adjusted to whatever position you want to match your height and comfort. The seat of this bike is also adjustable, which helps you in maintaining your posture. Also, this bike is built with robustness in mind to make it last longer. Lastly, it has a maximum of 240 pounds of weight holding capacity, which is great.

  • Easy folding
  • 7-speed gear shifts
  • Comfortable saddle
  • Fully adjustable
  • The instructions are hard to understand

Overall, this bike is a great pick for those who fancy grip styled shifters. This bike is equipped with Revoshift grip shifters that allow you to change the gears seamlessly. Moreover, the bike has 7-speed Shimano Tourney derailleurs that allow you to ride it on all terrains. Lastly, this bike has a durable build, is easy to assemble and fold.

6. Xspec 20″ 7 Speed Folding Compact City Commuter Bike

Rating: 4.1/ 5

Xspec 20" 7 Speed Folding Compact City Commuter Bike

Next in line is the ultimate Xspec speed folding bike that will blow your mind with its fantastic features. You can easily fold the bike in seconds; also, the assembly is effortless. The folded dimension of Xspec 29x14x13, which means it can easily accommodate in the trunk of the car. This folding bike is equipped with advanced technology that makes it stand out among its competitors.

Xspec Speed bike comes with a 7-speed SL-TX30 shifter and RD-TZ50 rear derailleur. It allows for a smooth ride, and the bike can handle multiple kinds of terrains. Moreover, the V brakes allow for smooth stopping power wherever you want. The bike is extremely lightweight, weighing only 36lbs, which adds to the overall convenience.

The saddle of this bike is ultra-comfortable and fully adjustable. It can perfectly fit riders of heights ranging from five to over six feet. In addition to that, the bike has a great weight holding capacity. A rider weighing up to 220 lbs can easily ride on the bike. The overall built quality of the bike is top-notch. The tires are ultra-durable and offer a smooth and stable ride.

  • Convenient usage
  • Great weight capacity
  • Highly adjustable
  • The 7-speed shifter and rear derailleur
  • Assembly is a bit hard.

Overall, the bike offers good features at such a price tag. It comes with 7-speed shifters and rear derailleurs that allow for a diverse riding experience as well as there are electric bikes which you can try with ease. Moreover, it has a great weight holding capacity that makes it perfect for almost all age groups. In addition to that, this folding bike has a durable construction making it an everlasting product. Lastly, the robust tires allow for a smooth and stable ride.

7. IDS Home unYOUsual U Transformer

Rating: 4.3/ 5

 IDS Home unYOUsual U Transformer

The last product from our best folding bikes review list is IDS Home folding bike. The main highlight of the bike is its front and rear semi-alloy V brakes. The brakes allow for a powerful yet smooth stopping ability. It can be stored in tight places when folded, which also makes it easy to transport.

In addition to that, the bike comes with Shimano 6 speed shifters and derailleurs that allow for a smooth, steady ride. The shifters are grip styled, which makes it extremely easy to change the gear. Moreover, the bike is easy to set-up; it only takes a few steps for the assembly. You should always get it checked by a professional when you have assembled it to fix any loose screws.

It also comes with rear racks and fenders that add to the overall convenience. In addition to that, the bike has a bell installed on the handlebar, which allows you to give an alert call. IDS home folding bike comes with WANDA 20’’x 1.75 tires that offer the smoothest ride you can ever imagine. Lastly, the bike is very well machined with durable construction and everlasting performance.

  • It has grip shifters.
  • Shimano 6 speed shifters
  • WANDA tires
  • Easy set-up and folding
  • Issues with pedals reported

Overall, the bike is effortless to carry around due to its lightweight and compactness. It comes with 6-speed grip styled Shimano shifters that allows for a diverse riding option. The frame of the bike is ultra-durable, and the tires are robust that offer a stable riding experience. Lastly, this folding bike is easy to assemble and fold. Lastly, before using any bike you can have a look at our guide of how special bikes work.


Is a folding bike worth your money?

Yes, folding bikes are worth the money you spend on them. The folding bikes make daily commuting ultra-convenient as you can easily transport them since it’s a folding bike that can be stored with great convenience.

Are foldable bikes good for long-distance?

Folding bikes are as good as ordinary bikes. They are lightweight, powerful, and durable. You can very well use the bike for long distances; all you have to do is select the right bike for yourself.

Can folding bikes go uphills?

Most of the foldable bikes come with a wide range of gear options, making it good to go on multiple terrain types. Choose low gears to go on inclined paths such as hills or steep mountains. Therefore, purchasing a folding bike that comes with multiple gear options will let you go uphills.

Bottom Line

Folding bikes are the trendsetters and allow for opening doors for convenient bike riding. They allow for easy storage and convenient transportability. Foldable bikes are smaller, powerful, high performance, and ultra-durable. They fold to become compact, which makes them easier to store or transport when not in use. The above-mentioned products are all top of the line and allow for a tremendous commuting experience. Some of our top picks from the above listing are mentioned below.

  • IDS Home unYOUsual U Transformer, for its durable WANDA tires and portability
  • Vilano Urbana Single Speed Folding Bike, for its lightweight and affordability.
  • ZIZZO VIA, for its easy assembly and durable construction

In a nutshell, a foldable bike is a step ahead for convenience and portability. These bikes are setting new trends for your cycling and commuting experience. The products mentioned above are all manufactured by top-ranking brands. The durability of the products is unsurpassable, and the performance is unmatched. All in all, they are some of the best folding bikes with supreme features.

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