5 Best Electric Skateboards Under 200 Dollars – [ Top 2022 ]

If you want a quality e-skateboard ride under budget. Then this quote might capture your mind; “you get what you pay for!” Remember all that glitters is not gold. When you test, practically an inexpensive electric skateboard may deliver the same quality or even better than an ultra-expensive one.

Initially, when electric skateboards were launched, they were overpriced along with some performance drawbacks, it was thought they were not going to last in the market for long. With all the improvements made over the years, companies also focus on making budget boards that offer a good price-to-performance ratio.

Electric-skateboards are all the craze for teenagers and adults. If you want to pick up the trend as a beginner, a least expensive yet highly amazing electric skateboard would be a wise bargain for you.

As a beginner buying an expensive skateboard is like buying a Bugatti as your first car. Considering a cheap one would be convenient if you are a newbie, later on, you can upgrade to a higher quality board.

While selecting the best electric skateboard under $200 in 2021 besides a low price, you will be considering range, speed, capacity, braking systems, safety, durability, batteries, and motors which are all essential parts of an electric skateboard. For your peace of mind, there are plenty of low-cost yet best quality options available in the market.

Something that delivers high quality and is going to last long will obviously be high priced, but all the quality doesn’t need to be expensive. Get your hands on these 5 best electric skateboards under 200$ in 2021 which are not only pocket friendly but offer outstanding features as well. Let’s begin!

Best Electric Skateboards Under 200 in 2021

  1. Voyager Neutrino – Best Selling Electric Skateboard
  2. Blitzart Mini Flash Electric Skateboard – Best Buy
  3. Best Budget: Hiboy S11 Electric Skateboard
  4. Nesaila 28” Electric Skateboard
  5. RazorX Cruiser Electric Skateboard

1. Voyager Neutrino – Best Selling Electric Skateboard

Voyager Neutrino E Skateboard Best Selling Electric Skateboard

Voyager Neutrino is a low priced electric skateboard that doesn’t put a burden on your pocket. For 2021 it is one of the top 5 best electric skateboards, and that’s surely for a reason. Its overall performance is outstanding as compared to its price.

Its design is brilliant, worth noting, and on-point. With a slightly raised tail, manual braking is quite easy and prevents your board from damage. Although hardwood is not used in the body, durability is not a big issue. Its carbon body does not mean it is less durable. The material used manages to strike a good equilibrium between lightweight and durability. It weighs only 9.5 pounds and you can carry it easily.

The build quality is sturdy enough to deliver excellent results while you skate. The water-resistant factor is another plus point means if you are going out in wet weather conditions like rain, feel free to go. Wheels of this electric skateboard are ideal for cruising or commuting. While riding Voyager Neutrino electric skateboard changing landscapes will not bother you, its shock-absorbing wheels can survive even the rougher terrains.

In terms of weight, it can stand up to 200 pounds. With the slim battery-motor combo, this board can reach speeds of 12.5 MPH and can cover a distance of up to 7 miles. The brushless motor ensures that less battery power gets wasted as heat. It can convert more of the battery power into the board’s movement. It is also equipped with a wireless remote to adjust speed fast or slow.

  • Top speed of 9 miles
  • Smooth power output
  • Can be carried around
  • Water-resistant
  • Very limited range
  • Conclusion

Being water-resistant, lightweight, durable, having weight capacity up to 200 pounds, shock-absorbing wheels, Voyager Neutrino is one of the best electric skateboards under $200 in 2021 and can be your next big deal.

2. Blitzart Mini Flash Electric Skateboard – Best Buy

Blitzart Mini Flash Electric Skateboard Top Class E Skateboard

Blitzart Mini Flash Electric Skateboard has a simplistic design. The deck is made of 5-ply maple wood. The top and bottom are covered with bamboo layers. which not only gives a look of a standard wooden skateboard but also provides more flexibility and sturdiness.

Blitzart Mini is one of the fastest electric skateboards under $200. Its board has sufficient space and width, so you can handle it properly under your feet. To make your ride more smooth and to keep your feet stable and firm the deck is outfitted with grip tape. This electric skateboard can support the rider up to a maximum weight of 250 pounds.

Its motor is a 250W brushless hub motor. A hub motor is lightweight and does not take much space leaving the skateboard more attractive and easy to carry. Carrying hub motors makes this skateboard more reliable and less problem-prone.

The kit also includes a wireless remote to switch between fast and slow mode easily. It also features reverse capability. The remote control is rechargeable with a wrist strap. It has a 24V, 4Ah Lithium-Ion battery and takes about 2.5 hours to charge fully. The top speed of the Blitzart Mini Flash is 12 mph. On a single full charge, it has a range up to 8 miles.

  • 250 watt brushless hub motor
  • Weighs only 9 lbs
  • Maximum weight capacity of 270 lbs
  • Charges fully in less time
  • Two speed modes
  • Low battery life

The battery of the BLITZART Mini Flash skateboard does not last long. Along with other features, its wireless remote control with fast and slow mode and reverse capability makes it a perfect under budget skateboard for beginners.

3. Best Budget: Hiboy S11 Electric Skateboard

Hiboy S11 Electric Skateboard

You are never too old to have fun. Hiboy Electric skateboard will let you explore the world in a fun way. It is both affordable and fun to ride. This skateboard is constructed from high-quality materials and upgraded technology. Its maple wood desk contributes sturdiness and flexibility making it suitable to ride even on bumpy roads. It weighs approximately 8.6 pounds. You can carry it easily anywhere.

It is fast and can go far. Upgraded technology makes accelerating and braking easy. The board does lack when it comes to climbing hills. The four ride and break modes is a unique feature which makes it the best beginner electric skateboard.

The Hiboy S11 is equipped with a single in-hub brushless electric motor that can generate a total of 350W power. The two rear electric motors with uninterrupted power can set in motion the board and its rider to speeds up to 12.4 miles per hour.

Its Lithium battery gets fully charged in 2.5 hours. On a single charge, the Hiboy S11 can give you a total ride of 6.2 miles. Unlike other skateboards, it has four riding modes to choose from. If you are trying an electric skateboard for the first time, start from the lowest riding mode as you gain experience and get used to riding a skateboard working your way up the ranks.

  • Extremely lightweight
  • 4 riding modes
  • 350W hub motor
  • Ergonomically designed remote controller
  • Not suitable for bumpy roads
  • Total range is quite small

The Hiboy S11 has low battery life and is not powerful enough for long routes. It is suitable as a practice board and for short commutes. Having features like lithium battery, 350W single hub motor that offers up to 12.4 miles per hour top speed, rechargeable remote, 4 ride modes the Hiboy S11 is one of the best electric skateboards under 200$ in 2021. It’s one of the finest skateboards of the year and can match up to electric skateboards under $1000 due to what it has to offer.

4. Nesaila 28” Electric Skateboard

Nesaila Electric Skateboard

Nesaila 28” Electric Skateboard is made for both adults and children, gives the best ride experience with its unique futuristic design. Its deck is made with 7 layers of maple. High quality 7 layers maple adds elasticity and toughness to the deck. The deck is covered with grip tape to keep the feet firmly placed on the deck.

It has three riding modes for beginners, intermediate level and experts. If you are new to skateboard riding adjust the riding mode for low speed then you can move up the level as u practice more. It also comes with reverse capability.

The Lithium Battery pack can be fully charged within 2 hours. It can reach a maximum range to 8 KM with a single full charge. You can reach your destination much faster with a top speed of 25mph. While you are on the road, it features a pair of red lights for your safety. It is suitable for all terrains. Its broad wheels ensure smooth rides.

Its max weight capacity of 280 lb makes it a preference for heavyweights in love with skateboarding. This lightweight model is easy to carry, weighs less than 9 Pounds. If you can spend a bit more, then you can get enhanced electric skateboards for 500 dollars too.

The functionality of its ergonomically designed remote controller is substantially better. The wireless remote control is equipped with four led indicators advantageous for long travelling. You can check driving speed from the LED display on the board.

  • Easier to ride
  • The deck is covered with grip tape for improved traction.
  • Top speed of 25 mph
  • Supports a max weight of 280 lbs
  • Ergonomically designed remote controller
  • Three riding modes
  • Takes 4 hours to completely charge up

As compared to other low priced skateboards Nesaila 28” Electric Skateboard is easy to ride. With the help of a wireless remote, you can accelerate or decelerate easily. With superior traction and flexibility, it suits both beginners and experienced riders. Lastly, if you want something premium then have a look at the top electric skateboards under $300 guide.

5. RazorX Cruiser Electric Skateboard

RazorX Cruiser Electric Skateboard

RazorX is one of the cheapest models that will take your skating to the next level. It is far from being the best, but its advanced electric cruiser model is pretty much decent. The deck is 29.7 inches long. Razor X is made of 5- ply maple wood. Maple wood is famous for making high-quality skateboards. Thus we have on the list another top-rated electric skateboard under $200 in 2021.

The deck does not include any bamboo, which is why the flexibility is not very impressive. The design gives the deck enough strength, sturdiness and a little less flexibility, making it the right choice for cruising. With its smart design, and being lightweight, this skateboard is perfect for carrying comfortably wherever you go.

A 125-watt motor pumps this electric skateboard. As compared with the other expensive skateboards, this much power is less than half of their power, but still, the 125-watt motor manages to deliver enough power for the best ride experience. Its maximum speed is 10 mph.

When the battery is fully charged, this electric skateboard can run continuously for up to 40 minutes which is quite less than other powerful models in the market with a continuous run time of up to two hours. But having this cheap, eco-friendly mode of transportation in hand can make those fewer miles more fun.

Its flexibility is not impressive but with its custom trucks and urethane wheels that grip the roads strongly still make it durable, reliable and stable. It has a maximum weight capacity of 220 pounds. With a 125 watt motor, this skateboard rides effectively on smooth plain surfaces. It is not ideal on rough terrains.

  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Enhanced stability
  • Consistent power output
  • Safe speed limit
  • Weight capacity is 220 lbs
  • No product warranty.
  • A bit noisy

RazorX is stable and consistent in performance. Among a lot of other more powerful electric boards out there, its low price factor is hard to beat. The hub motor offers better reliability; the deck has a grip tape that helps the skater to stay balanced. Its wireless remote helps to control the acceleration and deceleration. By ignoring some minor drawbacks, overall it’s a good buy for such a low price.


Do electric skateboards have brakes?

Yes, electric skateboards have brakes. You just have to pull the trigger on your remote control.

Can you do tricks on an electric skateboard?

Electric skateboards won’t be suitable for tricks because they are considerably heavy. And secondly, they are quite heavy so it won’t be easy to do tricks

Are electric skateboards safe?

Since the electric skateboards go through a complete safety test at the manufacturing point, they are considered to be safe.

Final Words

You definitely want to well-spend your hard-earned money. Be vigilant and Buy Best!  You don’t need to pay for overly priced electric skateboards when a number of the best electric skateboards under $200 are available in the market. There might be some advanced features lacking, but at the end of the day, you still end up with an enjoyable fun experience that’s what matters the most.

If you’re new to skateboarding and searching for an inexpensive e-skateboard Hiboy S11 Electric Skateboard is highly recommended. Its ergonomic wireless remote allows control of speed, range, and braking at the press of a button. With 4 riding and 4 brake modes switching between fast and slow mode is simple, making it ideal for beginners.

As we reach the end of this article, we are hopeful you have now the idea of the top models of best electric skateboards under $200 in 2021 in the market. Happy shopping & visit HomePage for similar guides!

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