8 Best Downhill Longboards – [ Professional Picks of 2022 ]

Downhill longboarding is a stunning skill-based sport that is becoming popular these days. Many enthusiasts do not want to impress others by mastering this skill. For this, of course, you need a longboard having the specification to fulfil the requirements of downhill riding. The market is saturated with longboards, but all of them do not support the downhill riding style. There are many factors to consider, like size, shape, and accessories.

Keep in mind that stability is the decisive factor for downhill longboards. In simple words, you need an exceptionally stable longboard for downhill riding. This article has reviewed the eight best downhill longboards in 2021 that are highly stable and dedicated to providing exceptional downhill riding performance.

Top 8 Best Downhill Longboards in 2021

  1. Atom Drop Deck Longboard – Best Downhill Longboard
  2. Best Buy: Magneto Longboards Bamboo
  3. Best Budget: Playshion Drop Through Longboard
  4. Best for Beginners: MINORITY Downhill Maple Longboard
  5. Sector 9 Lookout Complete Longboard
  6. Quest Skateboards Zero Dark
  7. Lrfzhicg Longboard Bamboo Cruiser Longboard
  8. Sector 9 Aperture Sidewinder Drop Through

1. Atom Drop Deck Longboard – Best Downhill Longboard

Atom Drop Deck Longboard Best Downhill Longboard

Atom drop deck longboard is specially designed to provide exceptional stability and long-distance downhill riding. The ultra-low riding longboard has specialized features that keep it stable on multiple terrains, giving you the best longboarding experience ever. Being a drop-deck longboard, this is an ideal choice for downhill riding. It sits close to the ground, gives you a close center of gravity so that you aren’t blown away by the faster speeds. Moreover, this is a great longboard if you want to master the art of longboarding.

When it comes to speed and stability, deck length is an important feature to consider. This longboard features a 41” long deck. This length is ideal for beginners as it promises stability. But if you are used to the faster speeds, you may feel this longboard is a bit slower for you. The 9.1” width of the deck is a sweet spot for many, and it helps you take smooth turns and prevents wheel bites.


Furthermore, 100% maple construction makes it one of the sturdiest downhill longboards on the market. It also uses maple lamination, which makes it highly resistant to moisture, stains, fading, and tearing. The baseplate angle is 50 degrees making it ideal for sharp turns, carving, and cruising. Although this angle does not provide that level of stability as a lower angle base plate, it still works great for downhill riding.

For extra stability and precision, this longboard comes with ABEC-9 bearings. ABEC-9 bearings are the finest bearings used in longboards, as they meet the high speed and high-speed performance and adapt to the most restrictive precision. Grip tape is an essential component of the longboards, as they help you stick to the board comfortably. Thankfully this longboard comes with an 80-s grip tape that gives the perfect grip to the riders. Manufacturers offer a one year warranty for this longboard, which means you can buy this product with confidence.

  • Exceptionally stable
  • Highly durable
  • Excellent for long-distance riding
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Wheels feel a bit softer

It is an entry-level downhill longboard, but it is not a compromise on quality. Highly durable construction and maple lamination make it highly resistant to wear and tear for years. Moreover, it provides exceptional stability, making it an excellent choice for the people who have just begun learning this art.

2. Best Buy: Magneto Longboards Bamboo

Magneto Longboards Bamboo

Next on the list of Best Downhill Longboards in 2021 is Magento Bamboo Longboard. The Magento Bamboo Longboard is an all-in-one longboard dedicated to exceptional performance and tackling higher speed with maximum stability. Magento longboards’ best thing is that they are competitively priced, offering higher quality at lower prices. It is one of the most potent downhill longboards on the market. The most crucial part of a longboard, the deck is constructed with Canadian wood maple. So we can expect excellent durability and flexibility from the deck.

Moreover, it features a bamboo-fiberglass construction, which means it is rigid and lightweight, giving you the best longboarding experience. Carbon fiber is also used in the deck’s construction. It is responsible for even weight distribution and provides you with stability and balance while downhill riding. It comes with a drop-through deck, geometry. This geometry is beneficial for getting exceptional stability, as it keeps the center of gravity as low as possible. This feature makes this longboard ideal for downhill riding.

The dimensions of the deck are also essential to consider. It comes with a 38’ long and 9’ wide deck. The length is ideal for taking sharp turns, making it ideal for downhill carving. In addition to perfect dimensions, this longboard also features a concave shape with an arched chamber. The arched chamber makes the longboard extraordinarily responsive and provides superior stability on the board. Moreover, the concave shape feels extremely comfortable for the rider’s feet.

The high-quality aluminum tracks keep the board higher from the ground and provide stability while riding on the bumpy terrains. It features a 7-inch truck, which is not a perfect size for downhill. They do not offer exceptional stability as the wider trucks offer. Wheels are a bit softer, but they do perfectly during downhill riding. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that you need to tighten the truck and wheels for a ride to ensure stability. ABEC-11 bearing meets all the essential requirements for high-speed performance.

  • Excellent stability
  • Flexible yet sturdy deck construction
  • Durability promised
  • for a comfortable grip
  • Narrow trucks-not ideal for beginners

This drop-through deck design provides the lowest center of gravity and exceptional stability required for downhill riding. Due to bamboo-fiberglass construction, it is a lightweight yet solid longboard. Moreover, deck geometry and carbon-fiber construction give an excellent grip, and it feels incredibly comfortable while riding.

3. Best Budget: Playshion Drop Through Longboard

Playshion Drop Through Longboard

Playshion Drop through longboard is an affordable downhill longboard that comes under $70. This is a sweet-spot for many beginners and enthusiasts who have just started their longboarding career. It features a 39-inch long deck, which is a recommended length for downhill riding. Longboards between 38-41” are light stable, and they promise safe and smoother downhill longboarding. Moreover, it features a symmetrical design that helps prevent wheel bites.

8-ply male wood is used for maple construction. The deck is constructed with sturdiness and flexibility in mind. This longboard feels sturdy at the same time; it is highly stable-thanks to added flex. Furthermore, this is a highly durable longboard that is highly resistant to wear and tear. This longboard can bear weight up to 220 lbs. The 70 mm polyurethane wheels are also stable and comfortable. These wheels also enable you to ride at fast speeds with maximum stability.

Sturdy aluminum trucks also add extra power and keep your ride smooth and steady. ABEC-7 bearings and 90a rigid bushing are also ideal for precision and taking sharp turns. Having these tightened bushings on the truck, you will be able to take stiffer turns like a breeze.

  • 30-inch long deck for stability
  • Durability And flexibility
  • 70 mm wheels for comfort
  • Highly affordable
  • Bearings and wheels are not top-quality.

This is an affordable downhill longboard that is specially designed to provide exceptional stability and comfort. If you want to learn downhill longboarding, this lightweight and flexible longboard is highly recommended. Hardened bushings with a durometer of 90a are beneficial for taking sharp and stiff turns. Overall, it’s one of the best longboards under $200.

4. Best for Beginners: MINORITY Downhill Maple Longboard

MINORITY Downhill Maple Longboard

Minority Maple downhill longboard features a drop-deck geometry that makes this longboard perfect for downhill riding, cruising, and downhill racing. Deck’s dimensions are 40lx10b, which are ideal for getting maximum stability during downhill riding. A 40 inch wider deck keeps your body stable, while a length of 10inch gives you maximum room while taking sharp turns. This feature makes this longboard perfect for beginners as well.

It features a flexible, lightweight, and rock-solid deck. Made with top quality cold-press ply-maple wood, it’s one of the sturdiest longboards. This construction makes it sturdy and flexible and feels extremely balanced during downhill riding. With this rock-solid construction, this deck can handle a weight of up to 220 lb. Moreover, the concave-shaped deck perfectly ock your feet, giving you the confidence to kill the waves.

Trucks also play a crucial role in any longboarding. This longboard features reverse kingpin 7-inch trucks. The base plate’s angle can be adjusted between45 degrees to 50 degrees, giving you flexibility in riding. If you love to ride at faster speeds, you can adjust the baseplate angle at 50 degrees, and it will take you to the next world. This feature makes the longboard ideal to tackle multiple speeds on various types of terrains. The carbon-steel construction of the truck axle can absorb shocks, making your rides smoother and joyful.

The bushings in the truck have a durometer 78a. These soft bushings are highly responsive and beneficial for taking turns. Keep in mind that the softer bushings are less stable, and if you are a beginner, consider getting harder bushings instead. Moreover, the low-gravity construction makes it highly stable as you switch to higher speeds. Moreover, the symmetrical design prevents wheel bite and results in even weight distribution. Wheels with ABEC-9 precision bearings fulfills all requirements of downhill riding, making your ride sound and safe.

  • Drop-deck concave deck for stability
  • Flexible baseplate angle
  • Maple ply-wood lightweight construction
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Soft bushings are less stable

With concave design and drop-deck geometry, this is undoubtedly one of the best dancing & downhill longboards in 2021. The lightweight and flexible construction lets you ride at multiple speeds, smoothly and fearlessly. The exceptional stability and grip make this longboard ideal for downhill racing.

5. Sector 9 Lookout Complete Longboard

Sector 9 Lookout Complete Longboard

Sector 9 lookout longboard is a complete longboard with a vast moving area, is a perfect longboard for downhill riding, dancing, and cruising. The large deck provides room for movement, making this longboard ideal for beginners and learners.

The plus point of this longboard is its sturdy construction. The deck is made entirely with vertically laminated bamboo piles. It is a unique material that is far better than a cold-pressed bamboo deck with maple in the core. It provided maximum flexibility, rigidity, and stability to the board, making it ideal for downhill longboarding. The long-distance pushing is a real breeze on this board.

This giant longboard is ideal for big riders. It can handle a weight of up to 220 lbs. Some riders may find it a bit bulkier to carry around or for commuting. But it is a lightweight longboard, and it is impressive to get the longboard with 42” x 9.6” dimensions weighing only 8 lb. Moreover, it has an incredible carving ability, thanks to the entire bamboo construction. It is more flexible and lighter than any other maple longboards. Interestingly, the added flex helps you deepen your carves, pushing yourself back and adding pace.

The deck and wheels’ unique geometry and shape also help it stand out as the best budget downhill longboard. The deck’s concave shape provides incredible grip to your feet and keeps them in position as you push. It Features a direction deck that is narrower at the back but wider at front. This feature is beneficial for easy pushing and equal weight distribution. Moreover, the large cutouts prevent wheel bites, making your ride smooth and steady.

Moreover, its impressive rigidity and flex enable it to absorb all shocks and provide excellent performance at fast speeds. ABEC-9 precision bearings are added that guarantee the stable and reliable performance of the deck. Although it’s a bit bulky for in-town cruising, it still offers excellent daily use and commuting features.

The only downside of this longboard is its price. It costs around $300, which means it is out of reach for many people.

  • Vast moving area
  • Impressive flex and rigidity
  • Durable bamboo laminated construction
  • Comfortable long-distance pushing
  • Some riders feel it bulky and oversized.
  • Expensive

This longboard is a large board with 41 x 9.6 inches dimensions. It provides vast room for movement, making it ideal for beginners who want to learn downhill longboarding. The 100% bamboo laminated construction adds impressive flex and rigidity to the deck, making it a highly durable and stable downhill longboard. Lastly, stopping your longboard perfectly is an art as well which you should learn if you want to take it seriously.

6. Quest Skateboards Zero Dark

Quest Skateboards Zero Dark

It is another affordable and stylish downhill longboard that features impressive geometry and design. It is a top-quality longboard that is equally suitable for experts and young enthusiasts. Its 40-inch long deck is highly stable and provides sufficient room for movement to the riders. This length of the deck is ideal when you are looking for a longboard for downhill riding.

It is a long-lasting and highly durable product. The deck is constructed with premium quality cold climate 7-ply maple wood. It gives it a light and flexible construction and gives the maximum grip to the rider. It weighs around 8 lbs, which is an average weight for a longboard of 40-inches.

In addition to the best deck, it also features top-quality 70 mm wheels. These wheels are exceptionally great for downhill longboarding as they come with a medium durometer. The 80A durometer keeps you taking sharp turns while also maintaining stability. These wheels, coupled with a reverse-kingpin setup truck, provide a highly stable and reliable setup for downhill longboarding.

This longboard is a drop-through deck longboard, which provides a low center of gravity. These longboards are suitable for maintaining balance at a faster speed. To add more stability and ensure safety at higher speed, it also features ABEC-7 bearings. Due to this ideal geometry, it is very easy to push around and offers easy manoeuvrability.

  • 40-inch long deck for stability
  • Drop-through design for balance
  • Reverse-kingpin truck setup
  • Easy to manoeuvre
  • Low-quality wheels

Quest skateboard’s Zero Dark is a perfect longboard for beginners and experts for downhill riding. Having a drop-through deck style, ample construction, and 70m wheels is undoubtedly the best downhill longboard. Moreover, it is very competitively priced and offers excellent features in return for money.

7. Lrfzhicg Longboard Bamboo Cruiser Longboard

Lrfzhicg Longboard Bamboo Cruiser Longboard

It is another excellent choice for downhill riding. This is dedicated to providing exceptional stability, comfort, and control for downhill boarding. This longboard deck comes in a highly durable and classy bamboo-fiberglass construction. Bamboo piles make it light and flexible, while fiberglass provides the required power and strength. The excellent flex is beneficial for absorbing shocks making it an excellent choice for bumpy terrains.

This longboard is extremely strong and can bear weight up to 250 lb. Big riders can also consider this option. Moreover, the grip tape is also included to provide extra grip to feet and keeps the feet in position as they carve out for sharp turns. Moreover, it comes with a 7-inch aluminum truck. This truck is made with gravity grade cast aluminum, which is one of the finest materials used in trucks. These trucks enable this longboard more weight and add strength and stability to the longboard.

The best part of this downhill longboard is its APEC-9 precision bearings. These bearings are rigid and give you better control over your rider. Spacers and washers are added in earrings for easy wheel changing. You will also get a high-speed lubricant, making your longboard extremely smooth and flawless.

  • Bamboo-fiberglass blend
  • Excellent weight holding capacity
  • The incredible quality of bearings
  • Maximum stability and flexibility
  • Low-quality grip-tape

This is a competitively priced longboard that features robust construction. The 40-inch longer deck ensures maximum stability and flex, making it the best downhill longboard. Because of its impressive downhill performance and stability, we rated this product as one of the best Best Downhill Longboards in 2021. Lastly, if you want to find out more without breaking your bank then check our best longboards under $150 guide.

8. Sector 9 Aperture Sidewinder Drop Through

Sector 9 Aperture Sidewinder Drop Through

Sector 9 Aperture is a portable and compact size longboard that is ideal for high-speed downhill racing and carving. Keep in mind that this longboard is not suitable for beginners, as it offers less stability than other large longboards. It features a 36-inch long and 9 inches wide deck. These dimensions make the longboard highly stable.

By putting a small amount of energy, it reaches the highest speed. Being short in length, it is not as stable as its long counterparts, so you can’t expect much stability from this longboard. Therefore it is not recommended for beginners. For impressive performance, this longboard is equipped with 69mm Nineball Slalom wheels having a durometer of 78a. These wheels are softer, but they provide extra grip in the terrain. Longboards may feel a bit slower because of soft wheels.

But these wheels can absorb all the wheels and shocks, giving stability, making it the best downhill longboard. It features ABEC-5 bearings. These bearings are rigid and provide precision, but they are not reliable ABEC-9 bearings. The 7-Ply maple longboard is extremely durable and responsive. Maple construction makes it lighter and stable, gives excellent grip, and adds impressive stability.

The feature that helps this longboard stand out as the best downhill longboard is its Gullwing Sidewinder truck. The dual pin set provides exceptional stability and manoeuvrability, making it perfect for steep hills.

  • Compact size for portability
  • Soft wheels for excellent grip
  • Durable ply-maple deck
  • Aerodynamic design
  • Not ideal for beginners
  • Expensive

This is an ideal longboard for downhill riding, as it provides exceptional stability and grip-thanks to its 69mm soft wheels. Due to dual kingpin setup trucks, taking sharp turns and getting stability at fast speeds is guaranteed on this longboard. It is an expensive longboard for the features it offers, and you must need exceptional downhill longboarding skills to ride on this longboard.

Buyer’s Guide

Buying a new longboard could sometimes be confusing, especially when you are buying for the first time. There are many technical terms related to the longboard that have a high impact on its overall performance. It is critical to understand the basic features of a longboard before buying. It will help you choose the right longboard for you. Here is a simple guide on how to select the best downhill longboard in 2021.

Mounting Style

Deck mounting style plays a critical role in the performance of a downhill longboard.

The best downhill longboard features a drop-through deck. Drop-through longboards are the most stable longboards. They provide a lower center of gravity, sit close to the ground, and are ideal for safe and stable downhill ride. Moreover, their symmetrical shapes with large cutouts prevent wheel bites and guarantee a smooth and stable ride. They also make pushing easier and do perfectly for downhill riding. Due to exceptional stability, they are also highly recommended for beginners.

Top-mount longboards are also found extremely beneficial for downhill riding. In this mounting style, the truck is directly mounted at the bottom of the deck. This deck mounting style is also ideal for getting stability at faster speeds. These longboards have extraordinary turning capabilities and are best for cruising and carving also. To ultimately benefit from the features of a top-mount longboard for downhill riding, you need to master the skill of downhill riding.

Drop-down longboards are also highly recommended for downhill longboarding. They are impressively stable as they offer a platform for foot below the truck. This results in exceptional stability and even weight distribution.

Size of Deck

Deck length is another critical factor for downhill performance. The longer size decks offer more stability but slower speeds. These longboards are ideal for downhill riding as they give you enough room for movement and make it easy to ride downhill.

Shorter decks, on the other hand, do good for downhill riding, but they are a bit tricky to use. They are not highly stable, and you can’t ride on a short longboard until you master the skill of riding at faster speeds. For downhill riding, it is recommended to get a longboard between 38”-41”.


Wheels also play an essential role, and they are responsible for managing speed and smoothness. For downhill longboards, soft wheels are strongly recommended. They provide an excellent grip on the ground, making your ride safe. Always go for wider wheels, as they are more stable than narrower wheels and provide maximum stability on the rough and uneven terrains. Wide and soft wheels also help you maintain balance at a fast speed.


Reverse kingpin and dual-kingpin trucks are ideal setups for longboards. Aluminum and Cast-iron are reliable materials for truck construction. A baseplate angle between 40-45 degrees is recommended for downhill riding. Anything above 45 degrees could be challenging to handle. Some trucks also come with customizable base plates, and you can adjust the base plate’s degree according to your choice.


Flex is another essential feature to look for in downhill longboards. The flex of the longboard primarily depends on the construction of the deck. Bamboo construction is highly flexible. A flexible longboard can absorb shock and makes your ride safer and smoother.


Longboards cost as low as around $60 and as high as a few hundred dollars. Low-budget longboards usually do not offer long-distance riding and exceptional stunt performance. These longboards are recommended for beginners and children. Moreover, for professional racing and stunt play, you must go for a sturdily built and well-engineered longboard.


A downhill longboard needs a sturdy construction with perfect geometry. It must offer maximum stability at fast speeds. All the models above fulfil all the essential requirements for downhill riding. They differ in quality and design, making them suitable for people having different skills and budgets.

Our top-three picks from the list are

  • Atom Drop Deck Longboard with 41-inch long deck and baseplate angle of 50 degrees for extraordinary stability
  • Playshion Drop Through Longboard is the best budget downhill longboard for children and beginners.
  • Sector 9 Lookout Complete Longboard, made with 100% laminated bamboo piles for its exceptional flexibility

For ultimate fun, you just need to master longboarding skills; however, you can begin with the highly stable and low-demanding models. It is recommended to lubricate the bearings occasionally and tighten the nuts in the truck and wheels for a safe ride.

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