Are Hoverboards Safe? – Major Incidents & Safety Tips – 2022

Being highly popular among the users, hoverboards have attained a certain love and have become a fun and thrilling activity for many people. Hence, with this fun comes a great concern for safety and protection that is the foremost requirement for many when it comes to hoverboards or even bikes and skateboards. Therefore, this article answers your question related to hoverboard safety, i.e., Are hoverboards safe? And how can you make your devices safe from explosions or other safety concerns?

Are Hoverboards Safe?

After gaining the ultimate success, hoverboards are the center of attention among players for adventures and thrills. Yet, at the same time, the main focus in all these years has been the safety of the hoverboard. Hence, for this purpose, the modern and contemporary models have incorporated self-balancing and two-wheeled technologies that ensure better safety standards. Now, as compared to the old designs, these devices are better and come with a variety of features that are here to mitigate the chances of any accidents.

Starting off with 2015, when these boards were a new technology, despite a greater thrill and perfect adventure, there were many accidents recorded in these years. Thereby, with the increase of fear of danger, the manufacturers in the recent designs are conscious of the safety standards that can serve the users well.

What is a Hoverboard and Why Its Safety is Important?

First things first, it is important to understand what a hoverboard is and why it is significant to maintain the safety of these boards. Technically, these devices work on the mechanism of “self-balancing on two-wheels design” and are referred to as self-balancing scooters. Hence, with these boards, you can move forward by leaning inwards and backward by leaning back with subtle movements with your feet and legs.

Consequently, they are highly famous among the users and can be used as a kind of workout with a balanced mechanism. Yet, there are many problems associated with these boards (with battery, weather conditions, overcharging, and so on) in regards to safety. Having a safe and secure board can minimize any danger of physical harm or accidents and adds peace of mind for the users. Hence, it is of paramount importance that your device is safety certified and can serve you better with ultimate protection and safety.

Do Hoverboards Still Catch Fire or Explode?

Until several years, hoverboards were famous for their exploding and combusting with sudden accidents and dangers of batteries exploding. It is mainly caused by problems with the battery or the overall bad-quality of electronics. Most of these boards usually use lithium-ion batteries that have the capacity to overheat and can present an issue of explosion and related accidents instantly. Using lithium-ion batteries even in smart devices and other technologies can present a problem of the explosion that can be a huge issue when it comes to hoverboard safety.

How to Prevent it from Explosion?

Although these cases are rare in nature, the danger and possibility were still there that caused many users to feel concerned over the matter. Likewise, the Consumer Product Safety Commission was set in 2016 to investigate further the causes of these accidents and the general safety of all the hoverboards. Hence, it was recommended to set criteria for safety in these devices that can ensure peace of mind for users with absolute safety that can be a permanent solution in this regard.

Hence, a certification known as UL 2272 was established, so any model having this certification will have a perfect safety mechanism with less or no chances of flames or any explosion. In this regard, you can go for batteries that are not lithium and offer high protection with premium construction that can save you from any accidental damage.

What are the Main Safety Concerns?

Although there are fewer chances of an explosion in the new models, here are some problems that you might face in terms of safety regards;

Falling Off

Falling off and getting hurt is probably the most common and significant danger while riding a hoverboard. Most commonly, these devices come with a maximum speed of around 10 mph that is considerably faster than a normal bicycle, and present an issue of falling off more than any normal vehicle of such kind. To mitigate this threat or minimize the injury that comes with it, try to include safety gear in your kit, including helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist pads) that can give you proper protection in case you fall from the board.

Traffic Accidents

Be it a scooter, a bike, or a hoverboard; there is a great chance of accidents while riding on the streets or out on the roads. Hence, always make sure you are not riding your hoverboard in the streets or near a traffic area that has the potential to cause any traffic accident.

Weight Distribution

Most of the time, these devices come with a weight between 45-50 pound range and have the maximum capacity to support 300 pounds. These limits are set to ensure better safety and protect you from any hazardous accident. However, these limits might vary from unit to unit, so you should consult the website before going further to mitigate any chances of damage or physical harm. One thing you must also consider is that the children below this weight limit will face a greater problem while riding the hoverboard; hence always make sure you are supported by the limits according to your respective website.

The Steepness of the Hills

Here, usually, most of the hoverboard models come with 30 degrees resolution that is not enough to operate while going up and down a steep hill and can cause an accident. However, there are no height limits that can present a problem for users; however, you must keep the distance of four inches between the board and the surface. Otherwise, if you are tall, you have a relatively chance of falling off and hurting your head while going up or down.

How to Make Your Hoverboard Safe?

While having too much fun and adventure with your hoverboard, many users tend to undermine the safety of these devices that do a lot of harm. Therefore, it is extremely important to ensure the safety of your hoverboard and your protection while riding these units. Hence, here are some of the things you might consider while riding the hoverboards;

Overcharging your Board

First and foremost, do not overcharge your battery. It is the foremost factor to prevent any explosion yet is violated so common by the users. Hence, there are many people who have a habit of charging technologies overnight that are doing more harm than good and have the capacity to put you in danger. Hence, if you do not want to burn your house, simply do not overcharge your hoverboard.

Also, you are making your battery compromised again and again because overcharging your board can make your battery weak. Hence, to avoid this, and if you want to prolong your battery life, try to set the alarm between the interval in which you are charging your board.

Inspect your Battery and UL 2272 Certification

There are many inexpensive, fake lithium-ion batteries that are not efficient and can cause a problem of the explosion. Coupled with this, a compromised battery can also pose a threat of physical damage to the board. Hence make sure your battery is compatible with the UL 2272 certification that is perfectly in accordance with the safety standards defined by the American commission report on hoverboards.

Riding on Different Surfaces

To ensure the protection and safety of your hoverboard, make sure you are not using the hoverboards where it is not meant to be. Hence, always check the surface you are riding on, as the boards are specifically designed to work on smooth, even, and dry surfaces effectively. Uneven pavements, steep hills, and even mountainous terrains can not only ruin your board but also presents an issue of you falling off and hurting yourself. However, if you still want to enjoy adventures on steep hills and uneven pathways, try to go for the one that is specifically designed for this purpose with a proper safety kit.

Exposing it to Different Weather Conditions

Similarly, exposing your hoverboard to extreme weather conditions can present a large threat for you as it can damage your device largely. Hence, more specifically, when you expose your board to rain, there is a greater chance of damaging your device that will not be covered by the warranty. Hence, try to tuck it with a protective cover whenever you are outside, and if there is a chance of rain.

Going Overboard with Weight

There are many different types of hoverboards for different conditions and users based on their requirements and usage. Hence, a smaller board is famous among people with lightweight, and the bigger ones are specifically made to cater to the demands of heavyweight. Furthermore, keep in mind that these limits and numbers vary from brand to brand and among different models that you can check on the respective website for guidance.

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Are hoverboards fire safe?

There are many hoverboards in the market that are UL2272 certified and offer high safety when it comes to catching flames or causing an explosion. However, any hoverboard that is using an inexpensive battery that has been overcharged or uses a lithium-ion battery for working can present a greater threat of causing a fire or explosion. Thereby, to ensure your safety and protection, you can use an alternative that uses a premium construction battery that can serve you well and make sure you are not overcharging it.

Are hoverboards still dangerous?

Compared to the older models in 2015 or 2016, the contemporary hoverboards are safe and present fewer chances of any accidental damage. Modern hoverboards are UL2272 offer a safe product with a high-quality battery with a safety kit and a larger weight capacity that can help you with protection and safety during the whole ride. Additionally, these new design comes in different sizes that are ideal for small kids and even adults.

How can you mitigate any chances of combustion in hoverboards?

To mitigate any chances of combustion or explosion in the hoverboards, it is important to have a device that is UL 2272 certified and offers rare chances of flames or fire. You can also use a product that comes with a battery that uses ion other than lithium that offers you great protection. Finally, do not overcharge your board as it can seriously harm your battery life and can offer you an instant explosion.

What are the safety issues of a hoverboard?

Apart from the explosion or striking a fire, there are several security issues that can cause unrest among users. These include surpassing the weight capacity, overcharging your hoverboard, using it on different terrains where it is not meant to be used, and finally, falling off from the board. In the end, traffic accidents are a common factor that you must consider while riding this self-balancing scooter and always use a safety kit.

Final Thoughts

Finally, if you want to enjoy the thrills of this adventurous ride, it is important to ensure your absolute protection and safety while riding. From the traditional boards with no safety kits and lithium-ion batteries, the manufacturing of hoverboards has come so far with innovative features and the incorporation of safety kits that can help you with the ultimate protection during the whole ride.

In the end, it is always important to have a proper safety mechanism that can help you with comfort, ease and adds peace of mind. Hence, invest in a product that is worth your money and time and can serve you well with properly established systems.

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