What is a Good Age for Hoverboards – [ Safety Tips in 2022 ]

Christmas or birthday events are special days to surprise your children. If you can’t decide what present is suitable for them, so, how about giving them a hoverboard?  A self-balancing scooter is a perfect gift for your child. With its ultra-advanced features and excellent design, it becomes a center of attention. Hoverboards are the best robotic version vehicles that give you futuristic feelings.

You can’t help but buy this cool beauty. But wait! you are not sure what is the suitable age for hoverboarding? Hoverboards vary from person to person. Then worry not, we will provide you with detailed information that will answer all your queries. Read On!

What is a Good Age for Hoverboarding?

The official age to require a hoverboard is 8 years old. Hence, hoverboards can vary depending on the size and year of the child. It is always recommended to follow the precaution while riding a hoverboard strictly. A 6.5 wheel is the ideal hoverboard for kids because hoverboards with large wheels are primarily suitable for adults. We’ve also covered a guide on hoverboards for 10 year old kids, in case you are going to buy one in future.

As a parent, when you are choosing a hoverboard, you should keep the following instructions in mind:

  • Diameter of a wheel
  • Equipment with high-quality material and that can withstand harsh weather
  • Battery capacity
  • A hoverboard that can bear your kid’s weight

Hence, the wheel diameter and batteries are the main things that should be kept in mind. It would be best to look for a battery around 3500-4000 mAh ( a standard battery). Because that way, a hoverboard will provide you a smooth and comfortable ride. You should also look at the weight of a hoverboard if your kid has to carry it himself. Hence, keeping in mind these tips, you can purchase an ideal hoverboard for your kid.

What are Hoverboards?

Hoverboards are the two-wheel electric scooter that is used as personal transportation. You can easily ride it by leaning forward, backward, or twisting around. It operates with certified lithium-ion batteries; thus, riders don’t need any push or pedal like traditional skateboards and in case you are looking for one, then here are the top electric hoverboard picks for you.

Benefits of a Hoverboard

In this digital era, your kids are getting lazy day by day due to social media’s excessive use. Hoverboards are the best excuse to make their day more entertaining. It can enhance your child’s concentration and overall balance; thus, it improves your kids’ overall reflexes. Hence, it is an excellent alternative to exercise.

Likewise, it can be used as a personal commute if you want to cover a short place. It enhances the mental and physical health of a kid. Also, as you need to stand straight on a hoverboard, it will improve your posture. This electric scooter will make your kids’ day more fun. The first question which comes in the mind of most people when they think of this gadget is, are hoverboards safe enough? Let’s find out.

Safety Tips While Riding a Hoverboard

1. Wear a Safety Helmet

Thoroughly check the hoverboard. Faulty hoverboards can lead to severe injuries. Likewise, it is always recommended to wear a safety helmet. Because as a beginner, a child is bound to fall when he tries to ride a hoverboard. A helmet can protect you from getting head injuries.

2. Ride-on Flat Surfaces

Never ride a hoverboard on the main road. Similarly, always ride a hoverboard on flat surfaces. The uneven or bumpy surfaces can be fatal for you. Also, as a beginner, practice in the parks or open ground. In case you want to love off-roading then have a look at our top picks of off-road hoverboards, which can enhance your experience safely.

3. Practise is the Key to Success

The first skill to ride a hoverboard is to balance yourself. It would be best if you tried again and again until you mastered how to balance yourself on a hoverboard. Whenever you are riding a hoverboard, always look forward. Whenever you are about to get off the hover, your foot should always land backward. Further, you can’t learn to balance yourself in one go. Practice continuously! As they say, practice makes everything perfect.

4. UL-Certified Batteries Usage

Further, when you are riding a hoverboard, make sure that batteries are fully charged. Please don’t leave your hoverboard to charge more than needed because they are at a greater risk of catching fire that way.

5. Seek Help from a Professional

If a hoverboard stops working, never operate it yourself. Make sure to contact the repairing shop or seek help from a professional. In addition, make sure hoverboards’ batteries are UL-certified. Otherwise, they can easily catch fire. Likewise, make sure your kid rides at an optimum speed until he becomes a pro in riding a hoverboard.

6. Manuals are Essential

The most crucial instruction you should follow is to thoroughly read the manuals that come with a hoverboard. It provides you with detailed instruction, how hoverboards work. Furthermore, make sure to accompany your kid while he is riding for the first time.

7. Not Suitable for Varied Weather Conditions

Lastly, hoverboards are not designed for all types of weather. Though some waterproof hoverboards can withstand wet conditions because of their solid, durable wheels, it is best to avoid riding on gravel, wet or snowy paths. Hoverboards like Halo c, Hummer, Swagtron companies are providing waterproof hoverboards. They are equipped with water-resistant features. It can become your best pal when you want to ride over steep, grass, or dirt terrains.

How Can a Kid Ride a Hoverboard?

  • Make sure that child is wearing all sorts of equipment to protect them from injuries.
  • The first key point is to put both of your feet on the hoverboard and stand straight.
  • Look far away and Lean forward to make the hoverboard move.
  • When you turn to the right side by pressing the left pad forward, you will turn left while pressing the right pad forward.
  • Stay with them until they learn to balance themselves.
  • Lastly, make sure that you choose the best kid’s hoverboard in the market for them, so they are more safe.


Are Hoverboards worth it?

Hoverboards are a cool piece of innovative vehicle with advanced features that are best for short commutes. Though they are expensive, it doesn’t need any fuel or gas to run. Just charge your hoverboard and hop on to ride.

What age is appropriate for a hoverboard?

According to different research, 8 is the best age to ride a hoverboard. But hoverboards can vary based on different ages. Just practice, and you will be a champ in a few weeks.

Do you need to wear a helmet on a hoverboard?

The helmet is the must-tool that protects you against severe head injuries. Therefore, you should always wear helmets for your safety. With all that, it is also recommended to wear pads for elbows and knees to prevent getting wounds when you fall.

Final Words

To conclude, though, various brands are selling incredible hoverboards. But, purchase the hoverboard for your child according to his/her appropriate age. Hoverboards are the best option to make your kid’s special day more joyful. If you want your kid to ride like a pro, make sure to follow the safety precautions mentioned above. Make your kids’ life more adventurous!

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